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November 02 2007

Joss to be interviewed on "Attack of the Show" tonight. This daily (and quirky) show is on the G4 network which is geared towards the internet & gamers crowd. From their site: "We’ll talk with comic book writer extraordinaire, Joss Whedon."

During last night's show, the first news story they featured was titled "Joss is Boss" and was all about the Dollhouse announcement.

Yeah! And thankfully Blair Butler will be doing the interview instead of AOTS host Kevin Pereira.
The interview covered absolutely nothing new. Unless you're watching AOTS anyway, don't waste your time and just skip it.
Well if is the first video interview of Joss talking about Dollhouse, it may be of some interest to the Josshistoryfanatics here.
Dollhouse isn't mentioned, it's all about the Angel DVD box set.
I'm always interested in Joss' interviews, more insight the better!
The interview appears to have been filmed before the Dollhouse announcement. That's the only reason I can think of for the conspicuous absence of even a mention.
Figures. Mrs. Haunt and I watch this show every day (and for the record K-Per is freakin' hilarious, so as much as I adore Blair Butler I'd also have enjoyed seeing Kevin do the interview) but this one we DVR'd and haven't watched yet.)
Yeah, but isn't Kev anti-Joss fans? I've only ever got disdain from him when a Whedon project is mentioned.
Jesus... I'm never going out of town again...

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