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November 02 2007

(SPOILER) Comic Book Resources preview of BTVS #8. CBR has several pages of part 3 of the "No Future For You" arc, written by Brian K. Vaughan.

I feel like i've already seen these, did they release these earlier?
Some are new ones. And is the picture of Buffy and Satsu another alternate cover?
The Dark Horse preview that got linked to a few weeks ago only had three pages, so this is a really pleasant treat.
Satsu (whoever that second girl is with Buffy in the 2nd picture) has an Equality Now symbol on her bandana. Awesome!
Love the preview and the issue 11 cover.Can't wait for Wed.
Faith still remembers what Angel taught her, I see. Rather than going for the kill, she's trying to save her.

I imagine the Scoobs won't be too happy about the attempted redemption, though.
Who's writing #11?
Joss is writing 10 and 11 I believe.
Joss, why does Buffy have a hatchet/hammer swinging blade-down from the handle on a loop from her leg? That looks very dangerous.
Gotta love the cut from Faith's line about "dear old dad" not caring if she lives or dies to Giles obviously caring very much.

Just in case you forgot that Giles is the father figure here.
He cares enough to call in a Dwarf with an enchanted hammer. That's full-service mentoring.

(And probably excellent research for playing D&D with Andrew again.)
It just gets better and better. I really wish BKV was slated to do a few more arcs on this book. I'd be happy to see Meltzer (ugh) or Loeb go and some extra Vaughan come in.

One thing that's bothering me, though. Warren Ellis noted on his mailing list recently that the upcoming screen writer's guild strike will prohibit members from writing pretty much any other form of media for the duration of the strike, specifically including comic books.

Since I know Joss supports the strike, could this have an effect on BTVS?
Well, Joss is doing the upcoming 10th and 11th issues, but the writing has already been done, I believe, at least on the 10th. But even if he's done with those, Drew Goddard would be affected, since he's doing the next four after that. Since the last writers strike went on for over five months, this could be a huge factor in getting out the comic.

Wow, I'd never considered the fact that the comics might suffer because of the strike. This just makes me sad.
I'm fully behind the strike and the reasons it had to happen but it seems to me that stopping writing for absolutely all forms of media is a little pointless. I mean, what is being proven to the television and studio execs by holding up the production of comic books? Admittedly, writing is writing, no matter the end product, but this seems a little like stretching the point to me.

Hitting companies like Dark Horse or Marvel in the pocket isn't helping anyone in this matter. It's not as if they have a say in changing anything that this dispute is about.
Plus it kinda-sorta conflicts with what I read as the rumors of the strike were just gearing up. It was said then the union rules specifically prohibit writing for or doing deals with the struck companies. I don't see how that can involve other businesses; I mean, DC is woned by Time-Warner but most of the others are independent, and as for book publishers i don't think the studios or networks own any major ones anymore. (I think Viacom dumped Simon and Schuster long ago but i can't be sure.)
Sorry guys, I was wrong. I went back and found the email I was thinking of this morning, and here's what it said:

"bad signal

Something interesting to me turned
up in Variety this morning. The
Writers Guild of America West, the
union for film and tv writers, has
released its strike rules. They're
in the process of negotiating their
working conditions for the next few
years with the studios. Usually,
what happens is that the WGA relies
on the Screen Actors Guild or the
Directors Guild to make headway,
and then the SAG and/or DGA sells
them out. This time around, WGA
are playing what the Yanqui call

The strike rules declare that writers
may not write animation or "new
media" content. This is interesting
because WGA has no jurisdiction over
animation or new media. Further,
they state that any non-union
person found writing animation or
new media during the course of a
strike will be barred from ever
joining the Guild.

For me, this is a little like a guild of
chefs not only banning me from
cooking at home, but also barring
me from ever entering a restaurant
should I be found out.

Therefore, if the WGA struck
tomorrow, and the notes on the
last CASTLEVANIA polish came next
week, in no time at all I will have gone
from the guy who delivered food to
striking firemen to a scab. Funny
old world.

I understand the WGA's need to go
in hard, and there are serious issues
to be tackled. But criminalising me
for going about my business, that
the WGA has no say over...hell, I've
written two animated films
(MINDBRIDGE, unproduced, and
CASTLEVANIA, pre-production) and a
cable tv pilot and I don't even
qualify for membership in WGA.

Bad enough some git associated
with the SF Writers of America called
me and my friends scabs for
releasing work for free on the net.
Now I'm being called out as a scab
by a union who doesn't even cover
the work that I do.


-- W"

So no, the strike shouldn't have any bearing on the comic. It just prohibits writers from doing any "animation or 'new media' content".

Hope I didn't start a panic.
Ah, you have now righted any wrongs you may have set loose upon the world, NekoDono. ;-)
Thankgod I was getting a little worried then, it is bad enough having to wait a month between comics let alone five months.

The new panels are great. It is interesting that Faith believes this was always about Buffy and not about the world. I'm inclined to think she is wrong, that it isn't just about Buffy but it shows she is still jealous of Buffy despite their understanding after 'Empty Places.'
Why shouldn't she be jealous? Even after you take away all the horrible things Faith did, she'd still have reason to. Buffy has friends and a loving family. Faith has a drunk for a mother, and no one back home who really cares about her. I don't want to validate Faith's envy, but you have to admit it would be hard not to have those feelings.

And honestly, we don't know that this isn't about Buffy either.
"Her. It's always about her."

I'm not sure if that was supposed to be funny... but I thought it was. In a dark way. But funny. Here Faith's been steeling herself to be an assassin, and who does her target discuss endlessly? Buffy Summers. In a killing way, but still.
"My operative was born for this mission."

Assassination? Giles thinks Faith is a born assassin? Is this Giles, with his low opinion of Faith, compatible with the Giles who told Faith she was doing a good job during S7? And how many questions can I put in one paragraph?
(Hesitantly) Um...five?
What? Only five? Me? Are you kidding? Who couldn't do more than that?

....... Hmmm. Apparently you got it right. I'm tapped out.

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