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November 03 2007

Antarctic Browncoat Halloween. Whitney, who recently arrived in Antarctica, and a few of her Browncoat friends dressed in 'verse costumes for Halloween. In Antarctica! Posted with her permission.

Whitney, a member of the SoCal Browncoats' yahoo group, made her way to Antarctica not long ago. I was very impressed with her embarking on this adventure! For Halloween she worked on some of her fellow Browncoats to dress up with her. She said "the only costume-y thing brought down was my Jayne hat. Everything else was found or made down here. We're ingenious folk!" Check out "Wash"'s penguins in lieu of dinosaurs.

It just makes me smile to see Browncoaty fun in the far reaches of the planet :) Her blog has more info.

That is beyond awesome.
Yes this is truly really cool... See what I did there? Cool? Get it? Get it?

Yeah... two greatest passions Firefly and Antarctica! Thanks for posting the pic. Do you think Whitney would share more of her adventures there? How perfect..Firefly has been in space and now ( I assume there is a copy there too) in Antarctica.
That is a fantastic pic! Too bad there's no Zoe, Simon, or River but at least Vera made an appearance. This version of Kaylee is just as adorable as the real thing.

I wish they'd done more pics of them re-enacting various scenes or poses from the series. That guy who dressed up like Wash looks more like me (when I shave my head and the beard) than Alan Tudyk.

That does it. If that guy in Antarctica can do it, I can do it here in Texas. Wash is my favorite character but I figured I don't look anything like Tudyk so I couldn't play the part, but next Halloween come hell or highwater I'm going as Wash. I'll convince my gf to dress up as Zoe. I'm wearing a hawaiian shirt now! LOL! It's even got pineapples on it!

I sure hope Joss gets to see that pic. I bet it'd be a real treat for him to see just how far This Little Starship That Could has reached in humanity's hearts.

This helps my argument that it's possible to see other people in the roles. The further we drift in time from Serenity, the more difficult it would be to get the entire cast back together for any future productions. I know most people can't see anyone but Alec Baldwin as Jayne, but I argue that the story's the important thing. If ever this bird gets back off the ground, I'd be willing to see other faces take on new roles. I just wanna see her fly again. I'd even like to see more attempts at fanon projects.
This is so very cool! Thanks for sharing!
Anarctica, outer space...I'm getting the impression that browncoats are adventurous types. Nice to know you can find them wherever you go. Not that I go those places. But, if I could. Nice.
I'm smiling ear to ear at the topic. An Anarctican browncoat, who would've thunk it? :)
Jaynes_Missus: Do you think Whitney would share more of her adventures there? How perfect. Firefly has been in space and now (I assume there is a copy there too) in Antarctica.

She has some more stuff on her blog. While you're there you can drop a line and encourage her to post more when she can. When she posted on our yahoo group about going to frikkin' Antarctica, I was blown away. What an adventure.

There are indeed Firefly DVDs circulating in Antarctica according to Whitney. To outer space and the farthest reaches the 'verse goes :)

ZachsMind: That does it. If that guy in Antarctica can do it, I can do it here in Texas.

That was exactly my thought! While I completely respect the hard work and craft of screen matched costumes, they can be a tad intimidating. It's about the spirit of it and fun!
Thats pretty impressive! I love how the pic looks familiar, even though I've never seen the people or the place before. It's got the Firefly-feeling to it.

And Antarctica! Absolutely a goal worth reaching for.
I'd still have to shave off my beard, and I'd probably try bleaching my hair for the occasion. Just for grins.
The yellow truck thang in the background must be their mule. :) Shiny!
Can you see Alec Baldwin with a cunning hat and Vera? Better stick with Adam. (couldn't resist)

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