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November 04 2007

Want to meet Jane Espenson? She'll be marching at Universal. Jane will be marching Monday morning. Posted at her blog: "And if any of you are in Los Angeles, and want to show support, or just learn more about the issues, please come out and join us. I personally intend to be at (well, just outside of) Universal Studios tomorrow from nine to one, along with other writers from Battlestar, Eureka, CSI and Desperate Housewives -- drop by and say "hi." Or drive by and honk."

And screenwriter Alex Epstein suggest stopping by as a great way to schmooze with the top writers. Show your solidarity and meet your favorite writers!

Updated: Please feed the writers! We're taking collections to send pizza to the strike line. Details in the comments.

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I live in Texas, so that's a bit out of the way for me, but I'll be with them in spirit.

Y'know, I bet this strike is gonna have the best worded picket signs ever in the history of anything. ...and Espenson's HOT.
Fans turning up to show support would be great. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a quasi-fan convention where people turn up just for autographs.
Wasn't it Tim Minear who said that they should all march with blank signs??? That would really make a statement.
Crossoverman, maybe it would be good if thousands (or even dozens) of fans DID show up: they would make it clear that writers are not replaceable non-entities, but are important creative artists who do bring fans to a show!
Wow, do I ever wish I lived in LA so I could go to this. Sounds like its going to be amazing experience, rock on whoever is gonna go.
How about this: several fans dressed as the "Hush" Gentlemen show up with blank signs or tape across their mouths show up at the picket lines. One, however, could have a sign saying "Screaming won't make us go away, a new contract will". So, any writer wants to try that, go ahead.

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Hey anybody up for another ad campaign, from the fans to the writers this time. Telling them we support them and are with them in spirit. I think it's time to let the producers know that we are paying attention and we are supporting the writers.
I think it's time to let the producers know that we are paying attention and we are supporting the writers.

This is a great idea, RavenU.

What's been most amazing since the announcement of "Dollhouse" and how quickly a new fandom is forming is that it really comes back to the fans of Joss respecting his writing, his craft. Yes, we will have to wait longer because of this writers' strike - but we are also committed to the show - before knowing anything more than the premise, because we love the writer. (And also, there's Eliza Dushku fans, too.) But this sort of grass roots support for a show that is nothing more than a pitch and a premise should show Prod Cos and Studios that we love writers and what they do.
Kinda short notice, but anyone interested in getting up a collection and sending some pizzas over to the front of Universal Studios?
Chris, I'm in. Sod it. If somebody sets up a Paypal and offers to order the pizzas it should be good to go. Jane's demo is tomorrow morning till afternoon (although there will be people there all day).

The address is:
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

They're meeting at the Metro stop on Lankershim & Campo de Cahuenga (NW corner).

FOX demo tomorrow is at:
10301 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Meeting Point: Main Gate on Motor Ave. & Pico Blvd.

I've no idea if anybody Whedonversey will go to the FOX demo, but it wouldn't surprise me.

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Anyone in the area that could handle delivery? Otherwise we'll just phone it in.

Better to send to the strike line or the meeting spot?
Here are all the strike points and meeting places. I urge anyone in the area to stop by and show your support, march along with 'em, and bring water bottles and food.
I'd throw in some bucks for pizzas. If I were in CA, I'd offer my Paypal account.
Anyone in the area that could handle delivery? Otherwise we'll just phone it in.

I can do it. If we order delivery, it will probably have to be from a chain, blah. And there should definitely be one with anchovies for JE.

I think it's time to let the producers know that we are paying attention and we are supporting the writers.

I want to help there, too, Raven. Keeping in mind I'm no Internet wiz, let me know what I can do.
Wish I lived somewhere in the area so I could show my support in person. But I like RavenU's idea. The writers need to know how much we appreciate them.
You up to being point on this, dreamlogic? I'm willing to Paypal cash your way if you can.
If I were in L.A. I'd go down and picket with them. Ordering them pizza is a great idea! Let us know how it goes. Make sure when you deliver it that you tell them it's from the fans at Whedonesque. Let them know we're all rooting for them.

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I'm with C.A. on this if dreamlogic wants to take pizza point, I'll toss a few bucks toward that effort. I am looking some of the former ad guru who did the ads back during the old days.
Dreamlogic, you should be clear about what you can manage. If you say yes and we put the word out, you're bound to get a lot of attention fast and before that I'd like to make sure it's OK.
No idea how Paypal works, but if someone gets a pizza fund going, I'll contribute.
I've checked out and it looks like it will let me order online. I'll try it tomorrow and see if it accepts my (UK) credit card for a delivery in LA.
You can never have too much pizza, right?
Sorry for the delay. I'm having some connection problems. Also wanted to check on the status of my paypal. It's good. I can take the money and buy and deliver the pizza. But I'd like some details to be worked out first. Such as:

How much pizza?

How much for an individual contribution?

Where to buy the pizza (locals)?

Do we want a sign to say who it's from, and if so do we want to pay for that from the funds?

This is a great idea, everyone! It would be interesting to know how many writers are picketing at each studio. I wish we knew exactly where other writers were going to be. Will Joss be outside Universal, too? For instance, screenwriter John August is picketing outside Paramount.
I'll be there in spirit.
My thoughts?

Unless we have an insider with the WGA and the master assignment list we don't know how many people will be at the studios picketing, but I think it's safe to say that on the first day, attendence will be high. I'd like to see a pizza pool start for the Universal lot, with fans with different show preferences organizing for other lots (mainly because I don't think dreamlogic wants to spend the day driving pizzas all over town :) ). If we collect a ton of cash for the pool, add water bottles or sodas or we could contribute it directly to the WGA.

I'd go with local pizza, personally. Same reason I make cards instead of buying Hallmark.

If a sign is necessary, I don't see where we need more than " is with you" or something on posterboard. We're not looking to impress, just to support.
dreamlogic, i think a sign is a great idea! of course i have no idea how such a thing could be made. i will happily contribute to the fund for both sign and pizza. alas i cannot be there in person, LA is just a few too many states away!
I'd be willing to chip in a few bucks to send them some pizza. Let us know who to Paypal it to. :)
I'm in for pizza and/or Variety ad, anything to support our BDHs er writers.... And dreamlogic is right, don't forget the anchovies, Jane Espenson will appreciate anchovies!
Make sure you add some veggie pizzas to the mix. I'm sure some of the picketers will be vegetarians.

I wish I could contribute to the fund but I'm poor and the holidays are coming up. The most I can do is root for the writers and be with them in spirit.
Just an FYI. Writers will also be picketing in NYC at Rockefeller Plaza and 49th Street. I have no idea who will be there, of course.
How much pizza?
Depends on the number of people picketing.

How much for an individual contribution?
$10, however many donate will determine the number of pizza as well.

Where to buy the pizza (locals)?
Whoever is good as well as close to the various studios.

Do we want a sign to say who it's from, and if so do we want to pay for that from the funds?
Flyers on the pizza boxes.
Something like.... "Your fans from You feed our need for good entertainment we desided to return the favor our way. We also want you to know that we the fans support your effort."

I think we should concentrate on FOX and UNIVERSAL picketers, right now.

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this is awesome, but I have one question, do you have to set up a paypal account in order to contribute? Is there any other way?
If you use a credit card you don't need to setup a paypal account.
I talked to the guys at my regular pizzeria. They make a decent, nothing fancy hand-tossed NY-style. They said they can have a large order ready any time around lunchtime as long as it's called in in the morning. Their large 1-topping goes for $13.50. So, say 10 of those plus tax = $146.00-ish. I like my sign idea, too, but it's since occurred to me that if somebody doesn't provide a design that I can put on a thumbdrive and take to a print shop tomorrow morning, it'll just be me scribbling on posterboard. I can throw in that cost in myself ;). I realize some people who want to contribute probably also want to go to sleep. So, individual contributions are $5 to the email address on my profile. I'll pledge to stay awake until midnight Pacific time to work on the details.

I'm only committing to tomorrow at Universal for now.

No, only paypal for now.
Sent you my donation dream.

What kind of sign do you want to make?
Great local North Hollywood/Studio City/Universal City pizza: Joe Peep's. Get the "Blue Collar" style -- it's cheaper and it's thin crust, NY style. Mmmm pizza.

Edited: oops, didn't see your post, dreamlogic.

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Pizza's a great idea. I drive by NBC and WB every day too and from work, so I'm going to try and stop by sometime this week with some homemade pumpkin bread (it's good and I like making it.)
Visual stuff is not really my strong suit. I guess I'm thinking a sign that says "Supporting Our Writers, Posters." Printed on some kind of board. Or maybe better, laminated so I could easily tape it to a street sign or light or traffic pole. And distribute the pizza from there. It won't stay up, of course. But maybe just long enough to give out the pizza. I really welcome ideas. I do know the layout of that corner.
Help! I have no idea how Paypal works! What do I do?
Here's a quick and dirty flyer, based on RavenU's excellent suggestion. Click on Download to get the high res version.
deird - Just go to: PayPal and enter dreamlogic's e-mail address and the amount. It'll walk you through the rest.
Deird: just go to and open an account (you are better off not listing a bank account, just use a credit card), then pick the 'send money' option, and put in dreamlogic's e-mail address.
I've just sent mine! Thank you dreamlogic for doing this!
...And this is why I love this fandom.

Brilliant, guys. Just brilliant.
Donated my money, thanks dreamlogic for the legwork.
Wish I could donate. :( However, if I ever meet you, dreamlogic, I'll buy you a beer. Or a coffee. Or an ice-cold glass of milk. Whatever your poison be. ;)

Oh, and please make sure the strike is actually happening, Variety is reporting they met today for negotiations that could delay the strike, but no word yet on the outcome.

ETA: RavenU just confirmed in the other thread that it's definitely on so ignore second para. ;)

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I'll happily donate to a group pizza run via PayPal, at least get a variety of toppings. Not everyone likes anchovies!
Can I suggest waiting two or three more hours to get Caroline's okay to publicly use I know it's a good cause but I'd rather run it by her first before printing any posters.

Edited to add: Sent money. Big thanks to Dreamlogic. Let Jane and all the other writers there know that we're behind them.

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How about this: several fans dressed as the "Hush" Gentlemen show up with blank signs or tape across their mouths show up at the picket lines. One, however, could have a sign saying "Screaming won't make us go away, a new contract will". So, any writer wants to try that, go ahead.

That's perfect, David! Now I want a Gentlemen costume.
Oh, yeah zz9. I meant to get Caroline's permission to use the Whedonesque name. Otherwise it would just have to be Whedon fans.
I love this fandom. :)
I love this fandom. :)
Lunakitty | November 05, 06:51 CET

Really? I don't know. Faeries aren't my thing. Neither are dolls. LOL. Just kidding. Joss is a god.
OK, stop sending payments. I've got enough for the pizza, and I'm not set up to be a fiduciary for any longer effort. I'll just have to do a lot of individual refunds. We need to do more careful planning, if it comes to that. I'm planning to use the graphic sent by C.A. Bridges to make a laminated sign to paste up above the pizza distribution, unless Caroline objects. Of course, if she would like to contribute the logo as well, there might be time for that.

Thanks, all!

I love us, too.

[ edited by dreamlogic on 2007-11-05 07:16 ]
I'm gonna be in front of the Paramount Lot (5555 Melrose) at 9 am-1 pm if anyone wants to say hi.
Oops! I started to send my donation to the pizza fund before I saw your post saying not to. Hopefully I cancelled it in time.

I'll just send my love and support through the cosmos instead.
Of course, there could be other simultaneous efforts.
I've been away & on work overload so just saw this - great idea & thanks to dl and all involved. I'm obviously too late to the party to help with this particular pizzian effort, but I can be tapped for pizza or whatever funds at any point... and nice flyer, C.A.B..

We'll drive by CBS Television City and Paramount on our way to the offices tomorrow and do some loud-ass support honking...
What a great idea! Thanks, dreamlogic for taking the lead. I would love to be in LA and support them in person.
You all have our warmest permission. Great initiative. Can I donate somewhere?

Can permission be warm? Well, as long as the pizza is hot.
Brian K. Vaughan will also be on the picket line, with other writers for Lost; I wish I was in the LA area so I could go to each site and tell all my favorite writers how much we value their work and support their strike!
Good luck to all, and be sure to use a lot of sunscreen.
Jeez, I go to sleep for one night and you guys have rallied the troops, sorted out lines of supply and mounted a pizza offensive (that being the operative word where anchovies are concerned ;).

If anyone else is inspired by dreamlogic's sterling effort, BTW, i'm in, hell i'll even kick in an extra quid for some garlic bread - it's the future, i've seen it ;).

Brilliant idea folks.
Are you in LA for Serenity LA and not leaving until Monday afternoon or later?

If you didn't hear from me at tonight's final party, I'm recruiting those late-departers to hit the picket lines with the writers. I'm going to try to have something posted in my window at the Orchid Suites (room 104) before I go to bed for the night,

ETA: To be clear: Whatever the numbers of people I get to show, I am not leaving LA without walking the line with Jane.

ETA 2: Shortly going up in my window: The WGA list of picket sites, martked up to show where Jane, Brian, and Brian will be.

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b!X, there better be pictures.
Great effort guys, won't be able to help on the Pizza poll, but I'll check back for more info for how I can contribute for the ad.

It's amazing to see fans from all over the world supporting their cause.
b!X, there better be pictures.

There will be.
Wow. You guys are amazing. Love the sign, Chris. Wish I had the extra money to donate, but I am grateful to those of you who did. Sending warm wishes to all the writers.... we will *so* miss you while you're gone.
Damn! I was just about to hop onto Paypal and donate a fiver before reading that the kitty was full.
What a great idea, though. Kudos and a huge thanks to all involved.

Can't speak for others, but I sure would be more than happy to chip in for a 'Welcome Back, Joss' Variety ad once we have a launch date for 'Dollhouse'. Any creative people that can come up with designs in the next, say, six months?
Too late to donate to the pizza fund but if you guys do it again, I'm in. I've only used paypal once before but I remember it was easy. I so wish I could be there, but it's a very long swim :)
It's just so cool that the writers are getting support, sometimes it must seem to them that fans only recognize and appreciate the actors. Well, not the writers who are aware of sites like whedonesque, but in general.
And I would die to meet Jane, & if Joss happened to turn up ... or is Joss in the U.K.?
Gods but I love this fandom, many thanks DLand RavenU and everyone else in the area, doing the hands-on.
Sounds like there's all sorts of people who are interested in donating to a pizza fund but didn't get in on the first round (like me!). If we could find a local organizer, I think it would be great to do a big load of pizza once a week at one or two picketing locations. Ideally, if we could coordinate it across various fandoms, it would be cool to be able to provide pizza for every location once a week. Make it like Tuesday is "pizza from the fans" day or something.

Unfortunately, I'm not volunteering to organize this (mostly cause I'm in Texas not LA or NYC) but I'd certainly be willing to make donations.

Any local people willing and able to organize this?
Since Caroline has given her permission, can someone modify C.A. Bridges' design just to place the site logo where it says "" It's fine the way it is, just a nice touch. I'm leaving for the print shop in about an hour and a half.
dreamlogic, here's my attempt: strike-whedon.jpg.

Thanks for taking this on, DL and Chris and everybody else who chipped in. You're dolls.
Oh, cool, gossi! Thanks.
You guys are so cool :)

I don't have the moolah to make a donation, but I just wanted to say how great it is for you guys to do this. I know the writers will really appreciate it.
Fantastic idea! Thanks dreamlogic for taking point. I'm too late for the kitty as well, but I am more than happy to donate for another round or related effort to show our support for the writers.
The logo looks a bit crappy like that. Maybe it'll look ok on paper, but on screen it looks like arse. Next time someone please text me or e-mail me, I could have photoshopped a cleaner file.

Drop me a line and ask me for my mobile number, anyone who thinks they may have a need for it in future. :-) I'm in another time zone than most of you, but don't mind a text or call for important stuff.
Cool idea, and I miss out on all the fun. While it is too late to do the pizza fund, I hope that goes well, since it is currently 8 am there... is there a plan to do an ad for variety still? I can contribute a few bucks for that.
I still haven't left, Caroline. I can wait for a while if you want to put up something else.
Pizza money sent! Make sure there's veggie/vegan pizza for those of the non-carnivore persuasion.
I can throw together another copy with the logo, if someone can get me a clean copy.

[ edited by C. A. Bridges on 2007-11-05 17:50 ]
Oh, thanks Nebula1400, but I don't want more contributions now. I may have to refund yours. I think if we're going to make this an ongoing thing we should set up a special account.

I can't do vegan. The veggies from my pizza place are not that great, so I'm planning to order just cheese for non-meat eaters.

I have about an hour before I need to place that order, so if people want to input, I'm planning to order;

3 large pepperoni
3 large sausage
3 large cheese
1 large anchovy (y'know, for Jane)

ETA: Meanwhile I'm standing by on the sign issue.

[ edited by dreamlogic on 2007-11-05 17:31 ]

[ edited by dreamlogic on 2007-11-05 17:32 ]

Which can very quickly get you to something like this -- sorry I don't have time to clean it up myself this morning. Well, one pass... but its not gorgeous :)
I could have photoshopped a cleaner file

Yep, I couldn't :o)
I just sent $5.00...I dunno if it'll make it on time but I didn't see this till now and I wanted to contribute. If it's too late for the pizza, please keep it and put it towards something else.

Thanks for doin' this!!

ETA: Gah, I just saw the post about not sending any more money, sigh. Ah well, keep it anyway. It's only $5 and I won't miss it.

[ edited by rockgoddes on 2007-11-05 17:36 ]
Asked my wife to forward me my high-res version from home, apparently deviantart reduces them when you upload. I'll post a better print-ready version in a few minutes.
Here you go. Made a higher rez version.
Got it, C.A. I'm off now.
Great work C.A.Bridges, and thank you again for doing this dreamlogic, I wish I was there to help! Say 'hi' to b!X and any other Browncoats (I will want pictures).
I love the poster!
I feel like having a pizza myself now...

And love the poster!

[ edited by zz9 on 2007-11-05 18:12 ]
Cheers, Chris - that looks much better.
I'm looking forward to reading what Jane had for lunch, i.e. pizza with anchovies. Yay!
very cool idea guys! go team!!! :D
You did the best anyone could do with that gif, Gossi.

/reminds self to make logo for press usage.
I had actually tried using the logo from the top of the page the first time but took it off because it wouldn't have printed well. Thanks for the new version, Damon!

(Aside: I also considered using text from my own scripts as the background, since hey, buncha people in the business, nothing to do but read the flyers, you can't buy that kind of exposure! But upon reflection I decided it would be... what's the word... oh, right. Tacky.)
I just spoke to one of the Serenity LA people and can confirm they're supporting the strike.

Something is kicking about in my head about this. If viewers start siding with the writers, that's gotta be something, right? I mean, in terms of studios thinking 'Hang on, what the hell is going on?'.
"PR nightmare," maybe?

We could always refuse to watch media that doesn't play fair. I'll bet if page views at the network websites and sales at iTunes start dropping they'd pay attention.
I think just being visible at the strikes is a start. These strike events will have a lot of press coverage. I'm trying to get ahold of Wired and the like at the minute to make sure they're at the Universal one today, as the idea of them getting a photo of fans feeding the writers?

I'd be interested to see if there's any support of the idea of banners and such for fan sites, saying 'we support the strikes' (or whatever) whilst they're on. I think the studios will be presuming fans won't like the ideas of strikes, not understanding the writers are kinda key to shows.

[ edited by gossi on 2007-11-05 19:31 ]

[ edited by gossi on 2007-11-05 19:32 ]

Something is kicking about in my head about this

I was wondering if a striking writer could write fanfic based on his/her show and put it online.
Having to strike is a bad thing. But it makes me so happy to see this support for the people who have given us so much. Thanks Dreamlogic for doing this.
Simon, I wouldn't recommend it. The studios own the characters and all..
How often do we get the chance to show our appreciation to the writers of our favorite shows and movies in a way that really matters? (Not that "thanks yous" are always welcome, of course)

It also helps that Whedony fans tend to be more writer-conscious than most folks :)
Let's see, so far Jay Leno has brought donuts to the NBC strikers and Patricia Arquette sent down cookies at Raleigh Studios. Keep the writers fed! They need walkin' energy!

Fun quote from the LA Times' writers strike blog: "Dozens of red-shirted Guild members bearing strike placards have massed at each of Fox studio's four entrances, snarling traffic along Pico Boulevard and Century City's Avenue of the Stars. In this part of the city, with its heavy focus on the movie industry (and those who love it), the supportive honks are so constant, the sound from a distance is like a din of white strike noise."
We drove by CBS Television City and Paramount on our way downtown an hour ago and did some major honkage. There's a very enthusiastic group of picketers on Fairfax for CBS, and a goodly crowd on Melrose at Paramount - although their picket seems complicated by the fact that the main Paramount gates are at a traffic light, and they (oddly) seem to have to abide by the light and wait every few minutes for a light change, pause, and then resume - even though they are on the sidewalk, and very few cars are actually trying to get past them into Paramount. It must be some kind of movement guaranteed to prevent the appearance of entrance-blocking. There are pickets at at least three Paramount locations in the immediate area.

The good news is that is a little chilly and overcast at the moment, so the kickoff pickets do not have to be held in the usual SoCal blazing sun - though that'll burn off soon.

If we didn't have *sigh* actual paying clients expecting us to meet their deadlines, we sowould be at the Paramount gate right now, and we do plan to join them at some point during the upcoming week or weeks.

And oh yeah - there's honkage all 'round.
I never thought I'd see a thread combining my 2 favourite things: the Whedonverse, and workers fighting for their rights and to better their lives.

All the fans here have shown what big hearts and minds they have (though I knew that already...). What a sound fandom.

Solidarity and the best of luck to the striking writers - the sooner you win, the sooner you can get back to doing what you love and we love you for!
Picketers do have to abide by all traffic laws, including traffic lights. And, since there is often a police presence nearby picket locations, it's always a good idea for them to follow the rules.

As someone who has had to cross picket lines to go to work multiple times, I will say that I've gone out of my way to use a plant entrance that has a traffic light. There's always less of a backup to get into and out of the plant at those gates. (Not that I would do so in this case. Different industry completely and much different issues.)
There's definitely lots of honking and thumbs up from drivers outside Universal.

And re: Starfury, yeah. I asked Sean last night if I could post a rundown of what people are doing and where Whedony writers will be to the con boards. He not only said of course but told me to post it to the UK one in addition to the USA one.

Now I must go check out of my hotel.
As much as I support the writers here -- and believe me I do -- some of the side effects of this strike are just devastating. FX's The Shield is my second favorite television show of all time (after Buffy, of course), and it makes me so sad to hear Shawn Ryan, who I believe many of you know from Angel, won't be around to see the series finale of his baby shot.

You've got to applaud his convictions. It's just a shame what he has to give up so all writers can earn the livelihood they deserve.
Wow. It is indeed sad to think Shawn Ryan won't be able to be on set for or edit the series finale. (I watched the first few seasons, need to catch up on the last few on DVD.) If I were a showrunner, I'm not sure I would draw the same line he has decided to (and I'm curious to see where other showrunners will come down), but it's apparent he is mighty pissed at the networks, so he doesn't want them to have him as a producer either.
On MySpace? Consider grabbing the whedonesque/strike flyer and making it your main profile picture for the duration. If not the actual signs the writers themselves are using.
I don't think the whedonesque flyer would work, that small, but we should be able to make an I Support the Writers Strike avatar...
Mission complete! Our pizza is now fueling the bodies and spirits of striking writers at Universal.

Man, I'm wiped. If I do this again, I demand an assistant. Ten large pizzas are frakkin' heavy. And of course there was no close parking. It was fun, though. I didn't see Jane Espenson. The strikers were in groups at every entrance. I told the coordinator at the HQ area that the anchovy one was for Jane, don't know if she got it. The writers that I did talk to were very appreciative. They were kind of confused though - "Joss Whedon sent us pizza?" "No, his fans" - I don't think most of them were familiar with the idea of TV and film writers having fans. The sign came out nice, and it's laminated, so reusable if we do decide to do it again. I forgot to take my camera, but a couple of writers took pictures of the sign. Maybe they'll end up online.

Now, a nap.
It reads ok on mine. Heh.
I just got a text to say DizzyEllie (the moderator for my site, and Jetflair are in line with Jane Espenson. :)

dreamlogic, I'm just finding out now if she got it.

[ edited by gossi on 2007-11-05 21:40 ]
Great to hear that dreamlogic. Hope Jane get's her pizza.

(Sings)Anchovies, anchovies, you're so delicious. I love you more than all the other fishes.(/singing)

Maybe other writers will now be thinking "Fans? Writers on Joss Whedons shows have fans? I gotta send him my resume!"
congrats dreamlogic, you earned a well deserved rest, thank you so much for doing this on behalf of the fans.
That's awesome, dreamlogic. Thanks so much for the update and all the work you put into doing this last minute.
Thank you dreamlogic! Excellent work, and muchly appreciated.

Hmm. Think I'll have pizza tonight...
theonetruebix: "On MySpace? Consider grabbing the whedonesque/strike flyer and making it your main profile picture for the duration. If not the actual signs the writers themselves are using."

C. A. Bridges: "I don't think the whedonesque flyer would work, that small, but we should be able to make an I Support the Writers Strike avatar..."

Very quick-and-dirty wga-support avi. I made it on the (relatively) large side, but you can re-size it as needed...

(And thanks, dl.)
Here's an avatar to use on your MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever page.

Not expressly Whedonesque, but very straightforward.

[ edited by C. A. Bridges on 2007-11-05 21:52 ]
Kudos dreamlogic, thanks for stepping up on behalf of us. I appreciate your effort and your aching arms.
Whoo-Hoo dreamlogic! Great job and thanks for stepping up to do this.
After reading what Shawn Ryan wrote, I'm a lot more pro strike than I previously was.
(I think we're supposed to say "snap" or something, C.A.B., 'cause we each posted our avis at the same time - but choice is good, and the more the merrier, if others make 'em, too.

And crap, now I really gotta run, 'cause a deadline looms and I am so humped.)

Yes, that is one hell of a blog entry.
I can't believe the writers took DVD residuals off the table, and the studios still wouldn't budge at all on new media. The studios' greed is astounding.
I'm with you Simon. Sounds like this is going to get very dirty.
The studios know that if they give way to the WGA now they'll have to give way to SAG next year. There is a lot of money at stake, and hopefully SAG will side with the writers now.
Snap! Or Jinx! Or something.
Thank you dreamlogic you are the best, and I wish I lived in LA, I would have loved to have been your assistant helper person!
James Gunn had some pointed things to say in his blog, I am loving hearing all the support, but I did want some photos of our beloved writers picketing!

I hope that the response and support show to the writers will convince the studios and networks that they HAVE to compromise, they have made it clear that they are the bad guys here (not that there was ever any doubt).

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gossi - did you find out if Jane got the pizza!

I'm so proud to be a part of this fandom! I love you guys!
Jesus but that's a hell of a thing Shawn Ryan's doing, good on him (and good on the lesser sung folks that're making comparable sacrifices too).

And so it was actually the studios that walked out of the last minute negotiations ? That's not the impression you get from reading most of the articles about it - very sneaky, underhanded move.

Also, and by no means least, well done dreamlogic, nice work. Sure, it's probably deeply unhealthy from a psychological point of view but i've found very few situations that aren't improved by the addition of a large Pepperoni with extra mushrooms ;). And an army marches (or pickets) on its stomach after all.
Saje, psychological? Don't you mean physiological? Or did you have too many large pepperoni with extra mushroom pizzas? Are you advocating mental instability? :P Just teasing...
Just before this thread falls off the main page Jane says on her blog:
And, get this -- pizzas were delivered to me and to the other strikers down by the main gate by the generous readers of! Whoo! Pizza! Thank you, my people! You're making this bad sitch a lot more comfortable.
and ends, as usual, with lunch:
Lunch: pizza with anchovies, delivered specially for me to the picket line. Beautiful! Thank you!

You're welcome!
This is about as awesome as it gets.
Great job, guys!
I love Jane, I love this fandom, and I think I'm gonna cry.
This is a great time for me to be able to return to the board -- we frakkin' ROCK, my Whedonesque peeps! :-D
This is fantastic - this fandom is the absolute best.

If someone plans to do more for the strikers this week and you need some Paypal assistance, please post. I'll try to follow more closely!
AICN reports that many of the top showrunners are out picketing, including JJ Abrams, Ron Moore (as mentioned earlier), Tina Fey, Greg Daniels from The Office (also previously mentioned I think), and Tim Kring.

Sarah Connor Chronicles has no writers left. The Office is closed for the duration. Also, reportedly Tim Kring would not provide a season-ender rewrite over the weekend and "is now off HEROES." That "off HEROES" sounds pretty ominous but probably just means for the duration of the strike.
I'm sorry, but 'off Heroes' sounds VERY ominous. I love that show, but Tim Kring doesn't come back after the strike then neither will I.
Oh, I agree, but I just can't imagine he was out and out fired.
I just got a text to say DizzyEllie (the moderator for my site, and Jetflair are in line with Jane Espenson. :)

Oh, good. You have no idea how hard it was in a dark nightclub to try to even find the people I knew, in order to try to get them to go out there today.
Thanks, dreamlogic, well done. Glad to hear Jane got her pizza a la fishies.
Saje, psychological? Don't you mean physiological?

Nah, mean psychological (the whole associating food with good times thing, "comfort eating" do they call it ?). The physiological badness is practically what makes it worth doing in the first place ;).

(and don't think we didn't spot you sneaking in at the back of the room young billz, with your links and your comments - good to see you fella ;)
Wow, I don't lurk for a day and come back to see this. You guys are amazing!
ElectricSpaceGirl wrote "I love Jane, I love this fandom and I think I'm gonna cry."

I did cry. Embarrassed now.
Cabri: I just read that Tim Kring is definitely NOT fired!
Nikki Finke's blog reported:

I can do more rumor-busting. Today urgent emails circulated claiming that Heroes hotshot Tim Kring was "fired" by NBC. A source close to him told me tonight Kring was "stunned" by this rumor. "Couldn't be farther from the truth. Honestly." The insider thinks the rumor came from Kring's decision to honor the strike this week and walk the picket line. "Maybe somehow that came out as some kind of contention with his employers. It's obviously not aimed at the people at the network and studio with whom he has such a wonderful working relationship. I know how it looks to be picketing your own network and show, but it's really about making a stand with his fellow writers over what he believes are some very serious issues. Hope that clears it up for you."

so it is good to have that clarified!

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