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November 04 2007

Nathan Fillion on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Again (cancelled). Free tickets are no longer available for Nathan's appearance on the 7th and due to the WGA strike the show has been cancelled (see this comment for more details).

Nathan Fillion, Anne Heche, Babyface

A Youtube of the first time he was on the show: Nathan Fillion on 5/10/07 Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

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This might not happen if there's a strike, right?
Correct, if the wrters strike is still on the first to go is the late night talk shows.
That's exactly what I was gonna say.
If there's a strike, it definitely would not happen. However, there are still negotiations happening per Variety so conceivably the strike could be delayed until past Wednesday. Doubtful, though.
The strike is not delayed as of now it's happening at 12:01am Monday. They already have picketing locations and captains as well as writers assigned to lines. They already have the signs ready.
k, i sent a donation. thanks so much for setting this up, everybody. i love our fandom.
ladygrey, I think you meant to post in the other thread. =)
Nathan was fun in last night's Desperate Housewives.

The Late Late Show isn't showing tickets for this week anymore so I've amended the headline accordingly. Thanks to danregal for the heads up.
Here's a copy of the email I got this morning

Due to the writer’s strike, we unfortunately must cancel this week’s (November 5th-9th) tapings of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and hope that are able to reschedule for another week in the future. If you are still looking to see a T.V. taping this week, tickets are still available for tapings of Chelsea Lately, another very funny talk show, on our website at Thanks!

Can I blame the party at Starfury last night for causing me not to see a post was already here to add to? :)
Thanks for the email details, I've put a link to it on the blog entry. Feel sorry for the fans who were hoping to see him.

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