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November 05 2007

Buffy season 8 writer Brian K. Vaughan explains WGA strike. On his MySpace blog, Brian K. Vaughan talks about what's behind the Writers Guild strike, how it affects comic books (he has more time for them now), comic book adaptations, and his work as a writer and co-producer on "Lost" for this season.

BKV uses the Buffy comic as an example of how something a writer (one we know and love) created something for film or TV that is now making money in another medium, which is one of the areas of concern to the Writers Guild in this strike.

Thanks for the linkage, all!

But just to clarify that headline, I don't think the strike is "good" for anyone. It's very sad that it had to happen, but it's very necessary.

And while there's a possibility I may have more time for new projects in the unfortunate event that the strike lasts a long time, it's my hope that volunteering on the picket line every single day will help the WGA ensure that this strike is resolved quickly. That's my only focus for now.

Thanks for reading,
Thanks for clarity, Brian.
Well to avoid any unnecessary confusion I've changed the headline.
Thanks for all of the great, thought-provoking entertainment and for the clarification provided by posts such as the one above and the one linked above!
Hey Brian, thanks for the blog update, this whole ordeal is so bitter-sweet, it breaks my heart that's its come to this, but I fully support the reasons behind the strike and wish you all the best. It means a lot to have writers we respect so much fight for what they believe in as well as keeping the fans in the loop. Let's hope this will all be resolved soon!
BKV; Hey, I say give 'em heck! (Tell Jane I said the same if you see her . . . is Amber in WGA?)
Dear BKV,

Sorry I didn't quite get it right in the original headline, but I'm so glad you stopped by to check up on me and set me straight. Thanks to Simon also for the correction. I'm happy to be spreading the word, and supporting an important cause. :-)

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