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November 05 2007

Unshelved booktalks Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby? Library webcomic Unshelved does a visual booktalk every Sunday in their strip. This week it is Allyson's book. It even has a nice callout to Whedonesque and Dollhouse.

Is it pathetic that I'm totally going to order a signed copy?
Not at all :) At least you wouldn't catch anyone around here saying so!
Order two. That way you have one to carry around when you do book signings!
Nice multi-plugging comic. Although I think Buffy would have to make a frowny face and gesture towards her hips at that particular representation.
I don't think we've ever been referenced on a webcomic before. Does this mean we've arrived?
On my coattails, pal. ;-)
I love this web strip, but then I am of the librarian persuasion. Their Sunday "book talk" ones are always worth a look. Bibliophiles and anyone who works with the public would probably enjoy it, and it is liberally sprinkled with geeky references.

There have been several Browncoat references over the years. A couple of years back there was a classic sequence (May 23-26, 2005) about a date at the latest Star Wars episode that culminated in a reference to the (then) upcoming Serenity movie. Their "pimp my book truck" contest was hilarious. Speaking of pimping (I do not have anything to do with them, just a fan): their store has some cool shirts and gear for sale, too, like "Read Irresponsibly" in honor of banned books week, "My safe word is Ow!", and "Will Work for Books".

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And Dollverse got a shout this quick, blimey.
Great web strip, and great book of essays. Allyson rocks!
Dev, the writer and artist are both big big Whedon fans. They have had strips about Astonishing X-Men, and lots of Firefly stuff. I expected something from them about Dollhouse.

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