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November 05 2007

Mercedes McNab to appear on "Reaper." Looks like she's set to be a baddie guest star this Tuesday!

Link goes to a short preview of the show, where you can see our Harmony looking as blonde and fierce and lovely as ever. The "Episodes" tab leads to a clearer synopsis of the episode, where she is cited by name. Woo Hoo! Always good to see our Sunnydale Alumni working.

Looks like she's moving in at the CW. Her IMDB entry lists an episode of Supernatural on November 15th.

And how did I miss that she's a Canadian girl?
I /thought/ that was her when I saw the promo at the end of last week's episode, but then I reckoned I'd have heard about it here if it were really her... :)
Mercedes is great, and the Reaper pilot was great, but the eps since then have been kind of meh. I hope Reaper gets more fun, and yay Mercedes! :-)
I loooooove Reaper. Glad to see her on here!
Also make sure to catch her on Supernatural in a couple weeks!

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