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November 06 2007

Sarah singing "Teen Horniness Is Not a Crime". Sarah Michelle Gellar singing a song for her character in "Southland Tales" who is a singer/actress/porn star/etc.

Ignore the stupid comment on her weight, I think she looks lovely.


that made me smile.
It's stuck in my head...
Hey, it's as good as any Britney Spears song.
The song could have been sung by anybody, I never would have guessed it was SMG.
In that photo I think she looks painfully, unhealthily, thin.
And what happened to the guy under the bus in the video below Sarah's article??
He retired on the proceeds from his spyware/spamming operation (word to the wise: don't download the Zango client in order to watch the video ;).

(and that's not, IMO, a very flattering photo of SMG)
That song is actually not too far removed from something you might hear on the radio today. I guess a lot of our pop culture is now beyond parody. Although I agree that it doesn't really sound like Sarah at all, I guess it's supposed to sound really processed.
Actually, I had the same problem. But after several listens I realized that you DO hear Sarah sing. There are two voices. The one thats you can hear less is Sarah but if you listen closely you can hear her and she sounds okay.
The song could have been sung by anybody.

I suspect that is the whole point. Gellar plays a porn actress who decides to become a "pop star". The song, apart from being an obvious parody, is presumably intended to sound like today’s processed and digitally "enhanced" pop music. In any case, noting Gellar's previous comments about her singing voice (whether we agree with her or not), I doubt she would want it to reach the public again (largely) unadorned.
Every now and then I can hear her, but the song is just yeeeeeeesh. Definitely fits with the porn-star turned singer/actress paris hilton sound.
1: That's one hilarious and accurate piece of satire.
2: I'm doubting that's her. Parts of it sounds like her, but most of it...doesn't.
3: If it is in fact her, she's come a long way since this.
That was funny, and...

*ignores urge to say something about Perez Hilton, to honor Whedonesque's respectable policy of playing the ball and not the player*
Perez Hilton is just trying to follow in the great tradition of Hedda Hopper and Rona Barrett..and can't. That explains his bad hair.
Also, I'm surprised SMG's Britney-ish song didn't use the original lyrics that were in the character's website. I guess this song was a "compromise." I'm still curious about this movie, though.

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Its no 'Going Through The Motions'!
I agree that it sounds alot like any song out there today, probably even better. When are you releasing your album SMG?
On the 11/04 SMGfan news update, they mentioned that the music video was shot & will be released soon.

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There's a video for "Teen Horniness Is Not A Crime"?

Sarah Michelle Gellar...MTV Video Music Award winner.
That would be something, wouldn't it?
Impaler general - The lyrics on the website are a poem not a song.

My friend and I played this in her car...and we could hear SMG just fine.

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