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November 06 2007

From the front lines! Joss Whedon posts about the WGA strike. If you missed it, Joss commented on the strike late last night.

If people want to put new info about the strike in this thread, feel free to do so.

I think I know why Joss is in charge... He's like, a superhero or something. I love this guy infinitely. And Aly with the candy bars... Here's to pizza and chocolate -- saving the world once again!
The WGA Strike Headquarters has said that strike supporters who are not WGA members are welcome to picket alongside Guild members. Information on sites being picketed can be found at the "Strike" section of They just request that anyone wishing to picket sign in with the on-site strike captain (that will be the person with the clipboard).
Out of solidarity I will not be doing any work today. Of course, I'm a software engineer, but hopefully my boss will understand.
While not Whedon-verse related, this blog has some great insight from a WGA member who also participated in the '88 strike.
Some friends went to the picket line on Monday after reading Jane's blog. I really wish I could have stayed, but my flight left so early. There in spirit though!

And where do we send more pizza?! No writers are to go hungry if we can help it... right?
I started writing fanfic way before I knew what it was - my first show I wrote a lot about was Quantum Leap. And then the X-Files, and then Nash Bridges.

But no other show that I've watched since has inspired me to the extent that Buffy did. And still does. There is so much to explore in that 'verse, from characters to mythology, that my well will, hopefully, never run dry. I'm just saddened that we can't be treated to new adventures on the screen, be it large or small.

I can't name one writer from the X-Files, QL or NB, other than the creators of each. But I can name several from Buffy/Angel (Rebecca Rand Kirshner, Ultimate Drew, Mr. Petrie, Marti, Jane...), and I think it's wonderful that so many of them have gone on to write for other shows of high quality. And that so many fans of these talented writers (And the big guy who brought them all together) rallied & provided pizzas, and are showing their support in other ways truly makes me proud to be a small part of this amazing, huge 'verse. Good to see the actors showing their support, as well.

I wonder if there's a way to get non-TV/movie writers involved, as well? Like Dean Koontz, Stephen King... They've had TV movies made from their books, after all.
I really hope the writers manage to make it a short strike and gain their objectives! they deserve nothing less.

And how much does it rock that David Boreanaz,Alexis Denisof and Alison Hannigqn came to support!
I hope I don't bother anyone by reposting two links that are knee deep in that other thread, that people may not be aware of. You have to register on to view these threads(very quick and painless).

This thread here is concerning organizing future pizza deliveries and a possible variety ad campaign.

And this thread here is looking for volunteers for pizza deliverers and handlers in the LA area, please leave email address if you can.
Variety has added a section titled "Opinions from the Front" to their strike blog, Scribe Vibe, intended to gather together all the open letters and blog comments posted by the scribes during the strike. The first post listed is their comment on Joss's comment here at Whedonesque.
I hope they fix that error , when they mention that whedonesque is "his site", but besides that yay for them mentioning the post! They should include the JMS posting on google groups. He makes quite a persuasive argument.

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Thanks for the links, kurya!

I tried to edit my first post becuase I saw that it was you guys here that sent the pizza in the first place, but I kept getting booted.
Amazing people. That's all I can think to say. Amazing writers and amazing fans.

I came in WAY late to the discussion, I really dont know how I missed the pizza/Joss update.

Way to go Whedonesquers!
I'm wondering if it might help the cause if the non-writer types, who are picketing along with the writers, should have different signs? Something that says the fans support the WGA strike... but worded much better than that. This calls for a non-WGA writer to come up with something clever... or a WGA could think of something, and someone else could write it down... heh...

Point being that it could be very helpful if people saw that the fans of the writers are protesting right along with them, and that's best demonstrated with a different type of sign.

Also, studios make their decisions based on money, so they have to pay attention to those forces which drive their money decisions. One force is the fans of their movies and TV shows, and another is their stockholders. Perhaps in addition to bringing the fans voices in, there's some way to get the stockholders to apply pressure?

After all, a prolonged strike will have a very negative impact, for everyone. So it's in the best interest of the industry to come to a fair decision for all and move forward.

Edited to add: Maybe there's also a way for advertisers to get involved. After all, a prolonged strike means that good scripted TV dries up and all we get is reruns or *bleh* reality TV. Advertisers will see the audience numbers decline and they will be affected too.

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11th, yes. There needs to be a fan sign for anyone from the fan communities involved who goes to walk the lines. Presumably as general as possible (in addition to any fandom-specific signs some people might want to make), I imagine something along the line sof just using the Fans4Writers of the forthcoming website.

That said, before that happens, someone needs to check with the WGA about whether or not they WANT other signs in the mix.
Actually 11th Hour is right: a postcard campaign to the advertisers stating that we, the fans, blame the studio executives for this strike and urge them to give the writers' their due, might be effective!
Good point b!x. I hope that the WGA is cool with fans' signs of support for their strike. The WGA might need to design a sign themselves, or approve the designs in advance, for fans to use. I noticed on the news reports that the signs are very professional looking, but limited to just a couple of designs. This is a good way to go. The effect is more cohesive and organized, and less like a mob.

The more "fronts" that can be established ~ by writers, fans, stockholders and advertisers, the more the studios will feel the pressure. They will be set upon from many sides and this multi-pronged campaign could greatly increase its effectiveness, and bring this situation to a successful conclusion much sooner.

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I always find everyone carrying the same signs to be lame.

But, of course, we should do what the strikers want.

I agree that distinguishing fans willing to picket from the actual strikers would be a PLUS.

Just my half-a-cent's worth....
I think an effective tactic would be to stop visiting network websites, stop watching streaming video of shows, and most especially stop buying episodes from iTunes.

Let's get those numbers down and see what happens.
iTunes is dead to me. And so is that other one (the new one BSG is supposed to be on, don't care what it's called). I never knew writers got nothing for the downloads before the WGA talks started making big news.
Any iTunes members, might be an idea to email itunes customer service and say how you feel. Especially if you download a lot of tv and movies.

itunes and amazon might just want to put their two cents in. Or maybe $.001 of a cent. "Somebody has to speak for these people." Are Actors getting nothing from itunes and amazon downloads also???

Downloads may not be a lot to a studio but it is a lot to itunes.

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I quit watching shows online as soon as the strike happened. It's killing me, too, because I don't have tivo and it's the only way I am able to catch all the shows I love. I don't care what the bigwigs claim, online streaming wasn't just a promotional tool, it was a broadcasting outlet.

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