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November 06 2007

An Early Letter To Santa. A cute post on the Forums, asking for a very Special Present. :)

hehe funny and cute... I never wrote a letter to Santa actually, maybe I should start now....
Bravo to a clever mind ! Hope Santa reads it ! Ho-Ho-Ho
Reminds me of my great idea for if I ever win the lottery and/or have at least $500 in free money lying around.

Serenity Santa, based off the Blue Sun Santa. All you need is:

A Blue Santa costume ($100 online)
A blue sack ($50 or less)
Flyers explaning what you are doing ($20, tops)
as many copies of Serenity as you can afford ($240 for each set of 10)

Then, you go around to malls and public places, handing out free copies of Serenity along with a flyer so people don't call the police.

How great would that be? Anyone who wants to steal my idea, be sure to post pictures...

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