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November 06 2007

Wonderfalls Complete Series DVD for $19.99 at Firefly is also on sale at $24.99. Get your Xmas shopping off to a good start.

Whee! Between Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me Season 1 for $16, my brother's Christmas presents are done! Thank you!
If we buy this now,before the strike is resolved, aren't we acting in the worst interest of the writers?. I live in Australia and so am probably a little disconnected from the all the issues.
They took DVDs off the table (unfortunately, I think, for them.) So I personally don't think it's an issue.

Does every Pushing Daisies fan here know that Lee Pace was in Wonderfalls? Thought so.
And *still* no R4 release?

I think, and I might be wrong, Redeem147, that since the producers rejected the offer the writers made that took DVD residuals off the table, they can put it back in (at least, that is what WGA President Patric Verrone seemed to be implying in statements where he's saying that "all bets are off"). IMHO (or not H, in this case), the writers were tricked into removing it by a statement from producers that the producers would come to an agreement with them on Sunday (this is the Sunday before the walkout officially began) if the DVD demand were removed. I hope they put that back on the list, too.

And I am a fellow adorer of "Pushing Daisies" and the wonderful Lee Pace. Thanks for letting us know "Wonderfalls" is on sale!

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