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November 06 2007

Iyari Limon to be a mom. While plugging the DVD release of her new horror film "Death by Engagement," Iyari "Kennedy" Limon told (in September) that she and her new boyfriend were about to become parents.

I don't remember seeing this interview linked here when it first came out (and I Googled and everything...). Her baby may already have been born! Please feel free to delete this if it was already discussed; thanks!

Blimey how did we miss this one? Congrats to Iyari.
Uh... when did she become "hello? Not gay now?!?!"
Uh... when did she become "hello? Not gay now?!?!"

Pretty much at birth, I guess, since she never claimed to be gay that I ever heard. Bi, yes...

And the baby was born in August. In Iyari's own words.
Congrats all around!
Thanks, Rowan, that is a wonderful update! Well, at least we've got the birth announcement up in time for Kimaya's first birthday... ;)

Congratulations, Iyari, on your marriage and parenthood!
I totally thought she was a lesbian. Not because of her role on BtVS but because...uh, because she said so a few times. I'm confused.

Ah well, it doesn't really matter. Congrats on the baby!
From what i recall she said she was bi while she was in a relationship with a woman, that alone being an unusual combination of circumstances for women in The Biz, it seems.

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