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"Testosterone is a great equalizer. It turns all men into morons."
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November 07 2007

Photo Ops ready for claiming from the Creation Salute to Serenity event.

It's been torture waiting for these! I'm relatively happy with mine! How about you, RavenU? I'm still bummed I missed you at the Con!
oooh how I wish I'd gone to one of those.
I love the kooky ones with Nathan! The one where he is punching a guy in the face is great. Also a photo of him and some gal flippin' the bird. Awesome!
Aren't those the ones with Sean Maher? LOL!
It was with both of them, Sean & Nathan.
I saw our Goners Queen Wiggins - she of Joss-Head-Hugging fame - in the Nathan photos.

*goes to message Wiggsy.*

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