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November 07 2007

Whedon can't get enough Serenity. Joss chats to Publishers Weekly about the 'Verse and in particular, the comic books.

I'm ready for this comic now! and I can't get enough either.
It gives me hope that Joss has more stuff up his sleeve with Serenity, and I love how protective of it he is. I really hope one day we see a sequel.
Though small, this article does give us Some Hope for more of the 'Verse. :)
I wonder if Joss actually dreams up ideas for sequels just in case or if that'd be too much like torturing himself with what might have been ?

It's also interesting that he sees mini-series as the way to go for 'Serenity' when it's such a full and well realised universe - to me that's as suited to an ongoing as Buffy (though I get that he maybe doesn't want to over-commit himself and maybe still holds out hope for telling the stories on screen - maybe he prefers to tell the stories with the actors ?).
I really love that Joss isn't ready to give up on the 'Verse. As much as I would LOVE to read novels about our favorite characters, see their stories continue, I would be hesitant to read them if penned by someone other than Joss himself. There are good writers out there, but it heartens me to know that Joss is just as attached as we are and doesn't want to release them into someone elses hands.
An ongoing would also require a larger arc and big things happening--things that would in a perfect world happen in a sequel. I wonder if the dream of one day getting to do a sequel isn't what's holding Joss back there. Completely understandable, but I do hope that one day we'll get to see the characters and relationships develop further--that's always the best part in a Jossverse.
oooh more stories on the way, so exciting, can't wait.
He said it himself. Sort of. What the 'verse needs is a Serenify novel. Written by Joss. "Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on!"
Not sure whether I'm just in an appreciation head, but I really loved the pitch of that interview. Often I feel that interviews with Joss go over cliches and fluff up non-information into non-information-in-poor-disguise. This used Buffy as a lead in without getting all coo-ey and asked some simple intelligent questions. I guess because it is targeted at publishers.

Let's all go be publishers.
I regard Better Days with nothing but insane, drooling-at-the-mouth anticipation. It's great to have Buffy back, and a godsend to see what happened to the Fang Gang after Angel's end, but...we got a combined 12 seasons with those guys. We got half-a-season and a moving picture with these guys, and I want more of them than just about anything else in the whole world (well, as far as fiction goes). a screenwriter myself (albeit an unproduced one; that'll change in two years, just you watch), it's hard to give up on any characters or stories you write even if they've reached a logical conclusion, to still think what's going on with the characters. So I can't imagine Joss would be any different. And you're right, that would be torturous.
This was a good read and made me feel better about the future of Serenifly.

I have to admit that the creation of "The Dollhouse" had me feeling the demise of Serenity, but I feel much better now and realize "Not now" doesn't mean not ever, just not now.

I do wish that he would reconsider the books, I would really like to have more.
I wish Joss would continue the 'verse in novels that he writes. I have dreamed about this happening since the show was canceled. When the movie came out I loved it but it only left me wanting more. I do appreciate the comics we have and the ones planned but they can never get as in depth as a novel would. The only thing better than a book would be for the show to come back on the air or another movie.
Scott Allie brought pencils of the first eight pages of "Better Days" to the "Firefly" screenings at the Mission and showed them to a couple of people, and they looked amazing -- a considerable improvement over the art in "Those Left Behind," provided they stick the inks.

I don't want to wreck anything, but I will say this: All the drawings of the crewmembers very, very closely resembled the actors this time around -- consistently -- and there was (MILD SPOILER) one incredible action panel of Jayne Cobb holding two hilariously enormous weapons that I suspect is going to be a fan favorite.

Mr. Allie was very, very, very excited about the pages he was getting on this. I recall some light giggling as he showed them off. "Better Days" is really going to deliver the goods, I think.
Yes, I seem to recall not one of you, when viewing these pages, thinking to go, "Wait, where the Hell is b!X?"

I still feel bad about that, actually.
Oh, if only Joss's schedule suddenly changed and lots of time suddenly became available for him to write more Serenity comics -- hmmmm. ;-)

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