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November 07 2007

Julie Benz gets down and dirty. Everything you wanted to know (and then some!) about Julie's role on "Dexter"...

...wherein she talks about what it's like to work with Sly Stallone, her days as Darla and some stuff I can't talk about here because we're a family-friendly board!

Dexter is such a great show. And Julie is great in it, so different to Darla.
I dunno, they look pretty similar ;).
There's a whole bunch of Whedon related links in the column on the right hand side of the screen that may or may not have been linked here already. I certainly don't recall reading this Buffy Season 8 one before. Could be wrong though.

Love this show although I have to say that I much prefer Rita of season 2 to the one we saw in the first year of the show. Julie plays strong, confident female roles very well so it was sometimes hard to see her play such a weak person in those early episodes. Maybe too many years spent seeing her plsying a mass murdering psycho rather than just the girlfriend of one. :)
Julie was excellent in the last episode. I'm loving this show more than anything else on TV right now, even Friday Night Lights. It's the best show since Angel. I didn't think they could top the emotional punch of season one, but only halfway through the second season, they're succeeding tremendously.

I can't believe Julie has made me want to see a Rambo movie.
I'm really not loving Dexter this season. There has been a real departure from the books. I'm very conflicted. Incorporating Dexter's sexy new girlfriend/sponsor into the show is just such a...Hollywood thing to do. I just received the third Dexter novel in the mail last week. It's frustrating to know that series won't be anything like the books anymore. I'm tempted to stop watching the show this season. I wonder how the writer feels about it.
I personally am LOVING this new season of Dexter, and I totally LOVE Rita. This last episode was really hard on her, but I'm hopeful that she'll come out of it stronger. I also like that they're veering away from the books because it's so surprising. From what I've read, the author of the books LOVES where the show is going, and he's a big fan as well. :)
Kerfuffle, the creators are intentionally going in a different direction than the books. They are two completely different stories about the same character. So keep that in mind when you watch Dexter. I'd encourage people to judge it on its own terms, and not in comparison to the books.
kerfuffle - Jeff Lindsay had said a number of times - and sorry, I don't have the links right now but I can think of at least 3 separate interviews (the first pre-season 1 starting, the second in mid-season 1 when the difference between the first book and the show really became noticeable and the last pre-season 2 starting) where he has said he is very happy about the writing on the show. He has also said that he's happy about the differenecs between the books and the show. I think he commented on adaptations to different media having to change a story just because of what that medium does best.
haha the 'mud fields' she mentioned when filming supernatural is a farm a few minutes from my house in Surrey BC. such a creepy looking house too.

I read the books and watched the show dexter. the differences don't bother me. actually I prefer the show. I find the books are funny but the show is much more dramatic and less fantasy.
I love Julie Benz on Dexter. Its really great to see her playing someone so different from Darla. Although everytime someone says Rita is like Martha Stewart I want to scream at the tv that she's a frakking badass vampire. Plus I keep expecting her to spontaneously bite people. Does the actress who plays Lila remind anyone else of a vampire? She totally has the whole Drusila vibe.
I tend to agree that the introduction of Lilah is a bit Hollywood, but they've handled her extremely well so far--and with a lot of ambiguity in terms of her actual intensions, morality, etc. I'm liking Dexter a lot, although so far nothing has topped the last few episodes of season one (not that, you know, much could). I like where it's going though.

I've only just read the first book, and found the ending a delightful surprise based on my show experience.
I was planning on reading the books early during Season 1, but just didn't make the time for 'em. Then I was gonna read them after Season 1 ended and I had become a rabid Dexter fanboy, but it didn't happen then either.

I love the show, I feel no need to read the books at the moment. I'm glad that they're different. I imagine the novels would be boring to go through if I found that the TV writers had adapted things scene for scene and word for word. If I'm in serious withdrawals when Season 2 ends in a few weeks, maybe then...

I was worried about Lilah's role after a couple episodes of her, but they've incorporated her perfectly and her and Dexter's sex scene was hot.

Feel kinda bad for Rita, but Dex's presence is a danger to her and her kids (and okay, her mom too) if any of his enemies or missed victims ever figure out who he is and track him. Also, I was getting kinda bored of her on the show this year, whereas in Season 1 Rita was one of my favorite parts.

Season 2 has managed to stay on par with Season 1, IMO. I love that they're delving into the already-established continuity of the piece, getting into the main character's history. I thought the explanation of his mother being killed and The Ice Truck Killer being his brother woudl pretty much be the end of it. Harry having had a relationship with Laura Moser seems kinda unecessary, it would've been enough just to have the reveal about her being an informant, but we'll see where the revelation leads...

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