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"That's my secret, Cap. I'm always angry."
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November 07 2007

That about sums it up... I think today's 'Head Trip' sums up our hopes for Dollhouse.

Now hopefully they don't mess with the show this time around.

I stumbled onto this comic because of a Halloween link but seriously, I'm addicted to it. I guess it helps that it has great Whedon shout-outs. I think it's possibly become my favorite web comic.
I think there's a period missing in your post. I found the title a bit confusing. And I had no idea what this post was about.
Is this like the third Head Trip that's been linked here in the last couple of weeks?
I fixed the tags, they didn't have comma's in between
Yes, and it's starting to feel like a traffic-grab.
What's a traffic grab, zeitgeist?

Meaning they do it to get more traffic on their site?
Or is it some obscure vernacular us Europeans are not aware of?

I just hate it when I can't follow discusions here, sorry.
I don't want to be a hater. But these are never funny.
Great Head Trip ... Now if only Fox WOULD treat our Joss this way....
Harpy - yeah, that's pretty much what I meant. Getting linked on Whedonesque is great for exposure and/or ad revenue, though in this case I didn't see any ads in place.
... though in this case I didn't see any ads in place.

They're the most insidious kind ;).

Must admit, these don't do much for me but humour's about as subjective as it gets so i'm not judging (anyone else that is - obviously i've already judged for myself ;).

(and if it's a grab at least it's a nice "give 'em something" grab - a few times i've thought we're getting trolled on here, though not recently)

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