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November 08 2007

Part two of Geek Monthly's interview with Joss Whedon. A great read, especially for the insight into Ripper.

Note that this intervew was conducted before the announcement of Dollhouse.

Thanks for that one, Simon! God, I SO want Ripper to happen...
Ripper sounds so gooooood.

I wants it. I wants it now!
I'm really happy he said this:
"The things that I miss, apart from it being a somewhat larger audience, is that I really love film, and I include TV in that. Most of all I miss the actors, but also cameras and editing and everything else.When you see a human being speak a line you wrote, thereís almost no substitute."
Ripper in Prime Suspect quantities? Oh, that sounds nice. Really really nice. Hours of Giles.
*crossing fingers and all other appendages*
Good interview.

I think I said this in another thread but i'm hopeful that FOX will be more inclined to grant the Beeb the rights to use Giles and whatever Buffyverse characters Joss needs for this story now that they are actually back in business with Joss on Dollhouse. Obviously they are two entirely different properties and issues but you never know if they might feel that messing Joss around on the Ripper deal would be a bad idea at the moment.

Not that any of that matters right now, what with the strike and all...
Because Ripper would be for the Beeb and air in the UK would that be OK with Joss to do it and not infringe on his strike duties, if the strike last's a year let's say, i mean UK is notoriously awesome when it comes to union support for everyone involved in filming so i'm assuming everything would be hunky dorey over their and he wouldn't ruffle any feathers over in the states. Or does pencils down mean pencils down?
Iíll never make my peace with it. People should stop thinking about it, but I canít. And, well, Iím not entirely sure I want other people to stop thinking about it either, I just canít give them any hope.

Oh that breaks my heart, and I can say for sure that I will NEVER forget all about it.
It is encouraging to read this interview knowing that immediately afterwards Joss signed on for 'Dollhouse' (and hopefully someday he'll be making that).
And they shut down Angel after the first episode, as you mentioned.

OK, can someone clarify what this means? Angel had 5 seasons.
Oh my.
I'll not ever forget Firefly either.
It makes me feel slightly better knowing Joss feels that way too.

*deep sigh*

Ah well, life moves forward...can't wait for DollHouse.
From what I gather ElectricSpaceGirl, when the studio read episode 2 (which was apparently a very dark ep featuring a Kate that had become a drug addict while working undercover as a prostitute) they balked and the production was halted briefly while the episode was revamped (heh ;) and the general tone of the show lightened slightly.

'Angel' went to some plenty dark places afterwards but I think the studio just needed easing into it, for them to walk before they ran (and if you start that dark, where do you go from there ?).
Color me clueless. IIRC, the decision to cancel Angel was announced something like 2/3 of the way through the fifth season.
ESG, The WB shut down Angel for a week or two after the first episode, as they saw the scripts for the following episodes and freaked out. So they shut up shop and rewrote them.
Oops, should have waited another minute before posting--I think you've got it exactly right, Saje.
I can't express how happy it makes my music-geek self that Joss compared his downer of a response to the final question to a Bernard Herrmann piece.
OK, I knew they had problems with the second episode, which was then re-tooled, but I didn't know production shut down.
My loins are notably ungirded.

Uh, I seem to have missed that headline. I love Joss and all, but that's kinda more than I wanted to know.
I've made my peace with Firefly's fate...and then I watch an episode or the movie, and the pain's brought back to the forefront. I, too, shall never forget our Big Damn Heroes. (And, hey, comic mini next year!)
I've made peace with Firefly's fate, but I'm still not over the cancellation of Angel. Everytime I watch that show my heart aches (and "aches" just isn't a strong enough word) for what could have been. Understand though that I watched the final season of Angel when it aired, and the cancellation was a brutal shock to me. When I watched Firefly I was prepared because it had already been cancelled.
Interviews from before the strike sound like the long-lost good old days now. Goners was in progress. Ripper was maybe in progress.
I love Joss and all, but that's kinda more than I wanted to know.

Nah. It's just a metaphor. And actually far cleaner than it sounds in the literal interpretation. If he starts talking about washing feet during interviews, then I'll worry.
"Girding" one's loins is an expression used in the Hebrew Bible. This was before pants had been invented, so everyone wore gowny-toga things. As anyone who has worn a skirt knows, running (or just walking rapidly) in them can be very hard. So to "girding" your loins means tying up the fabric so you can move quickly.

Basically, it was/is used to mean 'getting ready.' Plus it sounds funny!

If he starts talking about washing feet during interviews, then I'll worry.

Yes, or touching of "thighs." Not very good interview ettiquette.

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