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November 08 2007

Gellar talks up Southland Tales. Sarah defends Southland Tales' poor Cannes showing, and talks about the re-edit.

I agree with SMG. Cannes was probably not the best place to debut a movie set in Los Angeles. Personally I can not wait to see this film. I heard one of SMG's songs from the film and it's so perfectly tongue in cheek. No matter how horrible the reviews may be on Southland Tales I am still seeing it and from there I will form my own opinion. It can't be as bad as the last movie I saw, Across the Universe.....geeeeesh.
Well, maybe she has a point but on the other hand, it didn't stop "Pulp Fiction" (about as "American" a film as you can get IMO and also set in and around LA) winning the Palme D'or in '94 and a couple of US set entries have won in the last 5 years (though admittedly, the films may have had what you could call a "European sensibility" - 'Elephant' directed by Gus Van Sant and 'Fahrenheit 9/11' directed by Michael Moore).

Maybe the first cut just wasn't very good ? Even SMG says she wasn't surprised by the edits made since, implying that they were justified/necessary.
Clerks 2 got an 8 minute standing "O" when it was at Cannes. In light of that, I have to -- unfortunately -- think Southland Tales has more hurdles to clear than where it's set.
I think the hype is a major problem....with all the talk of it constantly going on (omg will it or will it not come out already?!) I'm just ready for it to be OUT so we can see what the fuss is all about. I don't really have a desire to see it anymore, as I feel like all the laboring might indicate a problem with the movie to begin with, a problem that may not be fixed with the edits.
It's interesting that no one seems capable of writing a review of this movie, positive or negative, without sounding like an asshole.

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