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November 08 2007

Jane Espenson interviewed over at Slice of SciFi. Jane talks about the "Serenity Found" book, and much more.

She touches on a lot of the work she's been (and is) involved in also.

There's also a poll in the right column about Joss' return to TV.

Thanks for posting this. I will read anything involving Jane.
Very enjoyable interview, with good questions. So glad that Ms. Espenson took the writer's path, but it is fun picturing her rescuing animals, working with props, or deeply engrossed in study with a fascinating new artifact discovery at the British Museum!

Actually, those are particular interests of mine too... heh...
So where are these Tall Card rules? I can see tournaments at Cons.
Oh, I'd love to see these rules online somewhere too... Anyone up for a game of Tall Cards?
*raises hand* Me! Me! I have dishes that need done. :)
Have I missed something? Did Jane Espenson work on Serenity? I don't remember seeing her in the credits.
Other than that (and a couple other errors), nice interview.
And, of course, if Joss returns to television, I would love to write for him again.

Well, as soon as this strike is over -- that would rock! ;-)

Vince, I think the writer paired Firefly and Serenity as one 'Verse, instead of meaning Jane worked on Serenity.
Jane actually showed me the cards that were used in that episode. At least I think they were the same ones. Either way she says, "Oh, I have something that you would probably like to see." And she pulled a few of those cards out of her bag. They were awesome.

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