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November 08 2007

FOX Schedule Changes in January. Article talks of Bones moving to Fridays and seems to indicate Summer Glau's new show will only air nine episodes this midseason.

So people who watch only American Idol, happy. Everyone else, screwed. I love Idol (other than the talentless suckfest that was last season) but if I was a US television viewer i'd be pretty pissed if that was all Fox offered me.

I just hope that people remember to tune in for Summer's new show. On the one hand the almost absolute lack of competition might give the show some decent ratings but there is also the chance that people who might like the show will already have stopped even checking the schedule for decent television and forget that it's even on.

As for Bones, just hope that FOX aren't too axe heavy this year because this move isn't going to help the ratings at all.
I've read on TWoP (yes I'm lame and read the entire Bones thread there) that Fox always talks about moving Bones to Fridays but it never comes about. Maybe it will this time.

As a die-hard 24-fan it will be hard to wait even longer for my show to come back but I can hack it if it means my favourite writers will get what they need. And seeing Summer Glau in a kickass series will definitely ease the blow :)
If they were going to do this to any show, why in the hell did it have to be Bones? That and House are the only things I actually watch on Fox.

On the other hand, at least they're showing New Amsterdam. Things looked pretty grim for awhile.
A move to Friday is usually the kiss of death. So long Bones!

The only reason I watch it is because it's paired with House. If they move it, I'll probably never see it again.
This means nothing to me as I don't watch FOX. However, I will have to pretty soon with Summer being on it and all.
Out of Objects - Did you watch it last season when it was on Wednesdays and not paired with House? I'm only asking out of curiousity, not snarkiness I promise :)

I don't know that Fridays are quite the kiss of death anymore. Moonlight's doing pretty well there and that silly Ghost Whisperer show's been on for yonks there. I don't think it would be a death knell for Bones. Not in the age of Tivo.
Actually I rarely ever watched when it was on Wednesday. Unless I had nothing else to do. I'm not a HUGE fan Bones, having it on with House is my only reason for watching. I like it, just not enough that I "can't" miss it.
I getchya. That's cool, thanks for answering :)
I think it's pretty silly to break up Bones and House, and Friday night slots tend to be fatal. Maybe they're thinking of moving Bones to Fridays to lure viewers over for the sequence of new shows the're planning to try out that evening. At first blush, definitely bad news for Bones, if Fox actually does it.
Sarah Connor's showrunner posted info on his blog that he has only 100% finished work on the pilot episode, so the rest will be probably edited and such without his supervision.

By the way, there actually is a very interesting FOX offering this spring, with Amy Sherman-Palladino's new series, "The Return of Jezebel James". And for once I'll have to sort of defend FOX, in that they actually have a pretty tight schedule, considering everything. I'm pretty sure that the rest of the networks will have run out of material by February, while FOX will still have a few things. A few.
The word in the blogosphere is that both New Amsterdam and Jezebel James are absolutely horrendous. I wouldn't get to excited about those. Until the strike, I thought New Amsterdam was on permanent hiatus before it even aired.
Friday Bones? I don't like that one little bit. It feels like now Fox's dislike of Joss and Tim will now extend to David.
Goodness. If they move it to Fridays, I'll have a night full of Whedonverse...Bones and Numbers! But FOX has a penchant for putting my favorite shows against each other, so I'm hoping they'll keep Bones on Tuesday nights. It's done really well, let it liiiive!
Color me confused! They always move Bones because Tuesday is AI night. Didn't they move it to Friday a couple of weeks last spring? And then to Wednesday once they got past audition weeks? I understand why they wouldn't want to do that this year since they have better shows now Wednesdays at 8. Plus, Bones repeats were shown on Fridays, so it's kind of already a Bones night. In fact, Friday kind of works for me. Doesn't everyone Tivo/tape it anyway? That $40 VCR has been a lifesaver for me.
Even if Bones wasn't affected by this, AI needs to die a slow and painful death. What's sickening is that it's gained viewers over each season...
Or a fast and painful one. What makes me sad is that, because I like music, people automatically assume that I must like American Idol. I have to tell them it's precisely because I like music that I don't like American Idol.
AI isn't going anywhere. It's what has held FOX together for years, and because of the strike I suspect it's going to be their only big show on the air next year.

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So they want to kill Bones? And this is who Joss wants to work with? Most of these shows are horrid. But Bones actually has intelligence, wit and attractive stars. Sigh, another one will bite the dust.
Haikes: Even if Bones wasn't affected by this, AI needs to die a slow and painful death. What's sickening is that it's gained viewers over each season...

I disagree. AI should die a very fast, very painful death and be erased from the memory banks of America, because it is eroding society to the point that it is gaining viewers. Travesty!
Bones has survived two years of being preempted and shuffled back and forth because of baseball and AI, I'm sure it'll survive a couple more seasons even with the strike.
Ok. I was wrong. It should die quickly (and all involved should face water torture or something afterwards), but realistically, you won't see it happen. I would be elated to see a season just flounder ratings-wise, but if the most recent example of Sanjaya didn't show how much of a crock this show is, I don't know who/what will...

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American Idol, actually reality television in general, is okay as long as it's kept to a certain quality. I've watched Idol for years and enjoyed it for the most part. I'm also something of a fan of Big Brother (our UK version, rather than the strange US one that I could never get into) and I used to absolutely love Rockstar when that was on the air.

My point being that AI is, not including last season, a half decent series and it provides entertainment to those that enjoy it so wanting it off the air is as unfair as reality show fans wanting all the written dramas removed for more episodes of "My Dwarf Wife Is A Farmer" or whatever else. There is room on the networks for all types of programming What is important is that the quality is maintained. The big problem with reality television is that it is so cheap to produce that the temptation is there to produce as much as possible and quality be damned. Scripted drama is no stranger to poor quality either but sucky dramas tend to be removed a lot faster from the schedule if the ratings aren't great.

American Idol really isn't that bad (again, not including last year) and it is very popular so deserves it's place on the schedules just as much as Lost, Heroes or any of the other shows we love. It's just a shame that reality television gets judged as a single entity, rather than each show on it's own merits.
It's just a shame that reality television gets judged as a single entity, rather than each show on it's own merits.

Hear hear. I don't watch Idol or Dancing or Deal, but I think they're all fine, they're not destroying America. (People never used to say that about Wheel of Fortune...)

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