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November 08 2007

No Welcome to the Dollhouse For Now. Joss has a little bit more to say about that icky strike on yesterday's Variety weblog.

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Yeah. Yesterday, I changed Dollverse's graphics to say "Dollhouse - Not Coming Soon".
Does anyone know if the strike will deter Fox from making Dollhouse (in general, after the strike)
I really hope not. There is, in my humble opinion, a major lack of any interesting television programming at this point in time. Even the few shows I would consider myself a devoted fan of are starting to feel a bit stale. PLEEEEAAAASEEEE, give us some more Joss-ness!!! :D
feliceg, Joss or Tim can correct me if I'm wrong, but as I understand it from the articles on announcement, FOX are commited to the show. In a financial sense. It's just when it's gonna happen which is an issue.

If anybody wants a show update - The Office has shut down, Desperate Housewives is shutdown, 24 isn't on the schedule any more, Lost is gonna shut down shortly (they've cut their entire season to 8 episodes effectively), Supernatural is stopping at ep 15 provided shooting doesn't stop before then, and 30 Rock shuts down tomorrow. The rest will follow shortly.

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*pouts* even though i am totally behind joss and his reasoning...i just hope this doesn't mean no show at all now...:(

as giles once said to buffy: "i understand that this sort of thing requires of ice cream of some kind?"

*reaches for ice cream and Buffy dvds*

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reaches for ice cream and Buffy dvds

Yes, I've been re-watching The West Wing from beginning to end. Buffy won't be far behind.

There's no small irony that many of us are going to fill the void with "new media."'s a bit cool for ice cream. How about cocoa and cookies? As Willow said in "Something Blue", "Have a cookie, ease my pain".
Now, where are those Buffy DVD's?
hmm true it is a bit cool for ice cream, but cookies and hot chocolate work just as well :) i will indeed have a cookie and ease my pain (for now at least lol) i'll be continuing with season 2 of Buffy tonight after a long 3 hours of Brit Lit Since 1800...:D
Yes, I'm at the library and the Sunoco store across the way sells those Hershey's dipped cookies in single-serving packs...

It's not like Dollhouse was already doing much, it was just a sold property, just involving ELiza's company, Joss who I think still does business as ME for anything he has an interest in, and what Ia ssume is the network division of Fox and eprhaps the rpoduction division as well. (Is the production aprt still called 20th Television - I've always liked that name so it probably isn't)

Therefore the strike probably isn't going to cause any losses specific to _DOllhouse_ which will kill the chances of it airing. And Fox will s till have spots to fill when things start up again. Maybe more than expected since things liek this can sometimes be a death knell for marginal existing properties by draining their momentum.

I think one possible reason the productions are shutting down so soon is that they want to hoard anything they have stockpiled for later.
Too cool for ice cream? Are you people from the south?
(Asks the woman who has lived in the south for over 14 years but still is true to her Yankee roots in believing that it is NEVER too cold for ice cream.)
I am not in the industry, so this in uniformed speculation; however, the way I see it, the timing of the strike may have been the best for Dollhouse and everyone involved. Joss and Eliza are on the project. FOX has committed and the main idea is set. An earlier strike would have resulted in a different atmosphere for pitching a new show-- later when many shows that had been disrupted were starting up again (as I hope they will). I imagine that might not be the best time to pitch the new show that signals Joss's return to tv. That's a really big step-- and as he's mentioned in interviews, he's more cautious now.

It does seem clearer to me that if the strike had been later, there'd be a cast and crew who would be directly affected by the show shutting down. At least this way, no one else is out of a job on the Dollhouse set. Because it is still safe in several brave people's brains.

Just as long as that isn't new "new" media, MissKittysMom. ;)

Edited for accuracy.

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Does anyone know where we can go for up to date information on the strike? Seriously, when are these studios going to cave? It is just bad PR for them. Don't they want to not look like greedy bastards? I just don't get it at all...
The United Hollywood blog is still the best place, I think. It looks like they're balancing timeliness with accuracy pretty well.
Thanks, Sunfire! There are some great videos on there. I enjoyed reading all the stories, and everyone should sign the petition if you haven't yet.
"Too cool for ice cream? Are you people from the south?"

I'm from the South, so let me reveal a little secret. It's not on par with where the family silver was buried during the Recent Unpleasantness, but . . .

It's never too cold for ice cream. We just draw the shades so the neighbors don't see us eating it.
Wow, I'm from Scotland, and I can say with complete certainity that it can DEFINATELY be too cold for ice cream. Last night, for example, was probably a wee bit too chilly for pizza (by the time we had moved it from the dish to our mouths, it was cold). And the best part is knowing that's FAR from as baltic as it's gonna get!

Harmalicious- might seem to us like they're making themselves look bad, but the average opinion of people who don't really know much about it seems to be that the writers are being greedy. And I guess that as long as that persists, this could just drag on...

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