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November 08 2007

Summer Glau on the Picket Line for WGA. Zack Stentz (writer,story editor for The Sarah Connor Chronicles) sent us these photos of the one and only Summer Glau along with fellow TSCC cast members and writing staff. Zack appears in these pics with Summer and would like to thank you all for your continued support. Updated! - two pics of DB on the line as well, thanks Jennie! Also a full cast photo for TSCC!

Zack says:

Just FYI, the pictures
were snapped by Sandy Adomaitis. Also, here's another
photo with Summer and the whole cast (and no, she
wasn't angry at me in the other photo-- just her
emotional and empathetic self). Clockwise from top
left: assistant Hadley Klein, writer/story editor
Zack Stentz, co-executive producer Toni Graphia, Lena
Headey (Sarah Connor), assistant Sandy Adomaitis,
script coordinator Tamara Becher, consulting producer
Natalie Chaidez, Summer Glau ("Cameron"), Thomas
Dekker (John Connor).

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Excellent, cheers zeitgeist and Zack. I've been following the drama with The Sarah Connor Chronicles and what's going on online - madness. And well done Summer!
Alright. Summer love!
Three Cheers for Summer! Come with her if you writers want to make a living.
Ignore me.

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Sorry, was shifting files around at the same time Damon was.
*ignoring gossi*

Good on Summer.

I still wish I chould have stayed in LA one more day, just to stand on the picket line, even if it would have been just for a few hours.

Anyone going? Would you stick my name on a "my name is ___" badge? A fan support spirit badge? That'd be... uh.. something.
Link corrected :)
Does anyone else think that Summer looks a little upset in that first picture? Given her track record for playing butt-kicking young women, I'm thinking that's not such a good thing for whoever's on the receiving end of the look.

(Or it could just be that she was in mid-expression when the pictures was taken...but it's more fun to think about it the other way. :) )
Good for Summer! Gossi, what drama?
Well, Summer could represent the average viewer, who's been told she'll get "American Idol" seven days a week, and it's all because of the greedy writers wearing their pompous ascots. That explanation, incredibly lame it may be, would upset anyone.
"Fruity Oaty Bar . . ."

Come on, everybody - you know the words!

Shouldn't picket lines be declared a "no living psychic weapons allowed" zone? Just as a matter of public safety?

Oh, wait. That was just a character, right? You know, the kind that's written by a writer?
Man in camouflage jacket: ... and so that's what the NYT said about the strike.

Summer: [look of stunned disbelief]

The media vault is sweet. I imagine Scrooge McDuck swimming in multimedia content.
Yeah, Summer looks like she's about to go Terminator on someone's ass. =)
Don't make the Terminator-lady angry...
Summer Glau on a picket line. Are these photos of heaven?
Alright Summer, way to support the writers! Shes so awesome. I just saw her speak at the Creation event in Burbank for Firefly and Serenity. She seemed a little nervous at first, but really loosened up especially when Nathan and Adam surprised us by coming on stage.

But anyway, kudos to her for sticking up for the guild.
Good on her for pitching in.

I'd just like to say that in that second picture, it looks like someone just killed her puppy or something. It's a weird facial expression.
How beautiful and awesome is Summer Glau?

I wonder if someone shouts "Summer!" every time a sign gets dropped or coffee spilled -- probably not, huh?
She doesn't seem to like Cammo Man very much. I'd be taking a couple steps back if I were him.
She is so gorram gorgeous, even when she's all frowny.
She is so gorram gorgeous, even when she's all frowny.

She is. I was lucky to get a ticket to the London Serenity preview and she was there with Joss. So gorgeous.

/Summer that is, not Joss.
//Not saying Joss isn't gorgeous.
///Just not my type.
////Stop typing now zed.
Can some one put these photo on flickr and add them to our photo pool -

Also in IMG_0214.jpg of DB is also Kal Penn right behind him with another House actor.

[ edited by RavenU on 2007-11-09 06:16 ]
I second RavenU's request for posting these pics on the flickr photo pool. Which should offer more size options than "thumbnail" or "way to big to post on forums where you're trying to raise awareness". :-)
Said it before but i'll say it again "Ooh me, me ! Terminate me !" ;).

Even frowny Summer is much prettier than DB (but I do like his "sign in the face" approach to picketing ;).

Also in IMG_0214.jpg of DB is also Kal Penn right behind him with another House actor.

And presumably one of the "House" writers (with the sign and the cool "Everybody Lies" t-shirt) ? Wonder which one.
Huh, they're at WB right across the street from me. I should go join them at lunch (as we must cross the picket line and go to work). Nice to see David B out there as well.
If the Mutant Enemy writers picket line happens it would be cool if they could get as many of the actors there as possible too, if for no other reason than the cool photos we might get of so many of our guys together again.

Okay, they are doing this for slightly more important reasons that to give us cool piccies but as they are there anyway... ;)
I have the originals and uploaded them to flickr and dropped them in the correct pool.

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