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November 08 2007

Joss is picketing as a TV writer and a screenwriter. No wonder Joss is feeling poorly. He's striking for two. He's also on this list of screenwriters who followed the showrunners' example and publicly announced they weren't writing a word till the strike is resolved. Looks like summer of 2009 is going to be awful boring...

Don't you mean 2008? or do you think the strike will be that long...

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hope it's ok to post this link
here. It's a youtube video made by the WGA that really expains the issues at hand. Not that anyone here really needs to be convinced ... but it's interesting information.
Excellent to see this solidarity. Also, excellent tag.
The movies of 2008 are already written, they take months to produce. What's at stake right now are the movies that will be made in 2008 to come out in 2009.
Deadline Hollywood reporting that CBS is threatening to sue showrunners who don't report to work. Other studios are expected to follow.

Maybe this won't apply to Joss as Dollhouse is not in production and can't move forward until the scripts are done.
If, as it looks likely, all the showrunners stick together there's not much the studios could do. They can't sue/fire ALL of them!
Um, zz9, *cough* thats what people said about illegal downloads...and unlike college students these showrunners have real money.
Good. Then they can afford to hold out. The showrunners agreed that if any one of them gets sued, then all of them -- including the ones who are currently still working -- will walk.
So, if they do organize a "Buffy Day" picket line (this coment is for you, Joss, if you're reading this), can they do so on a weekend day? I bet we can get a lot of roadtrips in operation if it wasn't a workday for fans. Heh.
"The showrunners agreed that if any one of them gets sued, then all of them -- including the ones who are currently still working -- will walk."
I really admire the solidarity in Hollywood! It is wonderful to see the actors and showrunners and everyone supporting the writers, I certainly hope it means that the AMPTP will realize that they actually can't win.
They've also said that if anyone is sued, the strike will not end until all lawsuits are dropped. It's still ballsy, but I really think they've thought it all through quite well.
Great article, much thanks for posting.
It's times like this my faith in humanity bumps up a few notches.
I'm actually getting a little misty here. *sniffle*
Thanks for posting that.
I was, at one time, a member of 3 unions: SAG, Equity and AFTRA.
In addition to singers, actors and dancers, my friends have also included stagehands, technicians, Teamsters...and writers.
It's taken me a good 10 minutes to try and write how it makes my heart feel to see the support the writers are receiving from the other branches of the Industry.
Anyway, enough from me. Love's here's a tissue. I'm right there with you.

Solidarity Forever.

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