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November 09 2007

Online trivia quiz this weekend at The winner will receive signed copies of books by Jeff Mariotte.

What's the theme? I kick ass at Buffy trivia, but don't know one season of Angel from another.

I won the game a few months ago, and recently got my prize, a book called "Portal Through Time," in the mail... from the author, Alice Henderson, herself! It was a hoot to be reading the book and find a note stuck in the middle from the person who actually wrote it!
Hey jkalderash! Glad to know the prize finally came! Alice was having some difficulties. Mind sharing what the note said? I've never gotten a not, you lucky winner. Oh, I got one note the other day, a really small one from an assistant of the focus of this weblog, but other than that, nothing. Just donations in the mail.

Edit: Do you mind if I use your post as a quote for the contest myspace page?

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Oh, it was just a note apologizing for the delay in sending the book. She also autographed it.

And sure, quote away!

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