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November 09 2007

EW Bracket Game: Entertainer of the Year. Nathan Fillion is up for it, as well as the cast of Mad Men.

My final two came up Nathan and Hugh Laurie. Completely unfair, but I had to vote for the Captain. If anyone deserves more fame, it's him.
It came down to Stephen Colbert and Nathan for me, and I had to go with Colbert.
Yep. Thou shalt have no other Entertainers of the Year before Stephen Colbert. (Sorry, Nathan. You were in my final 4.)
I had no problem voting for Nathan until he came up against David Chase & the cast of The Sopranos. Not fair, the creator and the entire cast, but still, I had to go with the group.

But I voted for the cast of BSG so many times (they never came up against Nathan) that they became my final pick.
Sorry Nathan, it's not a fair competition. If it had been the entire cast of Firefly and/or Serenity, I would have voted differently.

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