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November 09 2007

Being an extra on the set of Danny Strong's new movie. Filming for Recount is taking place in Florida and one of our own tells the tale of several days on set as an extra, brushes with stars and conversations with Strong about the film, the strike and things Whedonesque.

I'm a Tallahassean too, and am now sulky that I didn't realize he was here.
Er, I hate to say it, but even though Danny is on the set as a producer only, I hope he doesn't get in trouble for being there (since other writer-producers or showrunners, like Marc Cherry and Shawn Ryan and Marti Noxon and others, aren't going to their shows' sets). Maybe we should keep this on the DL?
Woo hoo! So glad to see this posted in the black!!

As another Tallahassean, I'm a tad sulky, too. Eh, that's what I get for not following local news more closely. I didn't know about Danny Strong's involvement until just a couple days ago.

It was interesting to read about others' reactions to the election. I remember it so well. I saw on TV that Al Gore won in the state. A couple hours later I turned the TV back on and well, Al Gore was no longer the winner. Strange days, indeed.

palehorse, will you autograph my DVD cover? :)
swanjun, didn't know you were from Tally. Glad to know there's another one of us here. I'm sure April would join me in saying you should join us on our next Whedon-related lunch or dinner.

April, my involvement was so last minute, because I heard about it only the day before, and I knew you were so very busy, I didn't call. I'm sorry.
Indeed! I had no ideas there were /any/ other Tallahasseans here!

Did y'all have to defend Tallahassee for years after the debacle like I did? "No, we didn't have butterfly ballots or hanging chads. We had a little bubble to color in with a felt-tip pen." It seemed that every time I mentioned I was from Florida, they'd inevitably have to insinuate I was electionally impaired.
Hi sawnjun! I'm not from FL originally, and was living and working on the coast nearby during that timeframe. I did find myself defending the state a few times after that debacle. However, I'm still getting to know the place better even after five years here.

palehorse, you are NOT wrong about the busy! Feel no sorrow. swanjun, of course feel free to meet up with us. What's better than lunch, dinner, or coffee and gushing over new Whedon projects?
Especially now that we have a new one for to gush over! Methinks some sort of communal viewing of the Dollhouse premiere might be in order.

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