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November 09 2007

(SPOILER) Solicitation for Buffy #11. Dark Horse released the cover and info for Buffy Season 8 #11; A Beautiful Sunset.

It's not a Jo Chen cover!? Where'd she go?! Not that the cover is bad, it's just not... Jo Chen, you know?
'Ooooooooooooooooooooooh' about covers it.
Beautiful cover!
Totally cool cover!

Does the tree just to the left of Buffy's head look like it has a face with a big bucktooth?

I still want to see an Alex Ross Buffy cover.
I honestly couldn't tell that wasn't a Jo Chen cover. It's that good. One of the best yet.

Cannot wait...and yes, alexreager, an Alex Ross Buffy cover would be well beyond awesome.
I'm getting a vision of FLattop Jones speaking to a tied-up and helpless Dick Tracy and letting him go because the contract on Tracy hasn't been agreed upon yet....
These covers have consistently been beautiful! They give the comic such an epic feel. So exciting.
Ummmm.... the new big bad is Rorschach?
Nice, but not Jo-Chen-nice.
This really is a good cover, even if it isn't Jo Chen-quality.
So, the new Big Bad is... a bald guy? I presume we'll see a bit more detail inside the issue itself.
Looks like everyone should have been nicer to Numero Cinco.
When season eight is all said and done they really need to release a coffee table style book of just the covers. They're great!
Don't tell me that the blurb writers for comics have gone on strike, too?
There were embarrassing typos in there and heaven forbid that Buffy, even with her arsenal, is 'ill-prepared'.

Cover is pretty enough, but could someone put out an MIA on Buffy's muscle tone?
No one's linked the variant cover?
I am so tickled to see that the title is "A Beautiful Sunset" because . . .

As soon as Buffy flippantly remarked that the symbol looked like "a beautiful sunset," I knew that had to be what it was.
A). Because it is just like Joss to have a flippant remark turn out to be the truth.
B). Because in a post-Chosen world where Buffy is the new Giles, it should be the Buffster who figures these things out.
C.) Because it looks like a beautiful sunset.

And of course, then with all the talk about darkness and twilight, it made it clear. But it still makes me happy to see that original Buffy line acknowledged.

But seriously, this looks and sounds amazing. It sounds like we'll finally find out who is behind that stinkin' symbol (even if it is standalone). And the juxtaposition of "beautiful sunset" with what looks to be a nasty fight is already giving me the tinglies.

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bix, I think that's because we've already seen the variant before. At least I know that I have, somwhere.

And sorethumb...nice observation. I would not have remembered that line.
Based on the cover, it looks like the Big Bad is also the owner of the mysterious floating boots and trench coat in issue #1...
Actually I think that makes her the new Xander. Her quips are insight. For someone who think she isn't crazy-good with symbolism, she's pretty good at it. But I think it's because she doesn't overthink it. Like finding Ethan's door.

So who is the Big Bad? Any ideas?

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