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November 09 2007

Newest Award for Joss Whedon: Sexy Brain. Joss has a new accolade to add to his list - winner of the Sexy Brain award.

Nice to see some recognition for what some of us have known for a long time.
For the discerning zombie.
My brain has always had a crush on his brain. I guess I'm not alone. ;-)
I've always had the sekrit belief that Joss = Shakespeare-like artist of our time, and to see someone else not-so-sekritly say the same thing is very happy-making. Hey, Shakespeare ain't highbrow; Updike in a New Yorker essay noted that had the Bard been working in today's time, he'd be a TV writer. Probably a showrunner!

... OK, time to get off my geeky English Lit. horse. Go Joss's Sexy Brain!
Yeah, what dottikin said. Joss doesn't just use the English language; like Shakespeare, he improves it. One only need compare the two future versions of the English language in BSG and Firefly to see how adept he is. The former did nothing more than replace a single curse word with a new version, which when used by the characters sounds jarring to the ear because it's so different than than the otherwise ordinary 21st century English. In contrast, Firefly's language was rich with modest tweaks and reinterpretations of existing or archaic words, phrases and grammar (e.g., humped, shiny, ruttin, sly, "I don't conjure ...") such that you just felt like you were visiting some remote part of the English speaking world that had developed its own slang. He does it so subtly that after a while, it can be hard to distinguish between what he made up and what was already part of our language, which is exactly what Shakespeare did. Me thinks the writer wrocketh.
The thought of this kinda freaked me a little, until I read the article.
THEN it freaked me even more.

Yes I agree with the 'strip the layers and find the goodness' message, but I can't help but think there's something almost serial killer-ish in this.

Let's keep Joss's sexy brain in Joss's not-so-sexy (by his own admission) head and let him get on with the task of creating great works (once the strike is over) hmm?!

BTW bix, great plug for the F4W site!
This isn't quite front page worthy, but I wanted to put it somewhere -- there's a great picture of Joss and his "Dollhouse (not coming soon)" sign from the Disney picket line the other day on the Variety website.
The Jossman totally deserves it.

Seriously, is he the Shakespeare of our time? Yes. (And he will forever mean more to me than the Bard.)
And he will forever mean more to me than the Bard.

That is intense.

Wow, Joss. Wow.

(Are we going to eat Joss's brains and gain his knowledge? Because that's not very considerate.)
Is there anyone who didn't know this? And for the record, I think the rest of the package is sexy, too. Downright dashing the first day on the picket line, in his Indy hat, puffed up with phlegm, and all.

It would indeed be inconsiderate to eat Joss's brain in order to gain his knowledge, I come down strongly on the side of "not". Happily, we can absorb all that sexy brain Jossey goodness through osmosis, by watching his shows. Obsessively. Again and again.
Because no matter how many viewings (so far), I can always unearth some little gem of dialog that had thus far escaped notice. And yes, I know that Joss didn't write every episode. Which just proves that sexy brains attract other sexy brains, resulting in an orgy of sexy braininess much of which, were the censors a little smarter, would never have made the cut.
Joss has a sexy brain... WELL YEAH, and yes we should absorb his knowledge through watching not eating (cox i kinda like joss with a brain and also.. messy) Anyways just watching his equality now speech for like the 37th time and it still gives me shivers (the wow kind of shivers not the scared or the naughty knid) so just wanted to applaud that once again coz its just TOO true, and he managed to wow and amaze me yet another time with that speech so Joss thanks for that.

Also i hope your feeling less with the increased phlegmy ooginess and more with the so heathly you could film your pylea dance again and post video of said dancing here-y.

Have hugs :)
I've been gone a month, and I know no one will read this, but ... next time: Mucinex and a Z-pack. (Your doctor will know what that means.)
I think Joss is the Sexiest Man Alive, only in part because of his brain. And I hope more women can be considered sexy because of their intelligence and personality, rather than being teeny-tiny and splayed out like a butchered hog in a Maxim shoot.
Z-pack being a 3 day super dose of Azithromycin, yeah? aka Zithromax. Those of use who use Recent Comments to track activity will see it :) Sexy = brains and personality, you are preaching to the choir there! :D
Yes, that's correct about the Z-pack. And I promise not to vent any more spleen as I make my way through the old postings. I can miss the news, but I can't miss a day of Whedonesque.

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