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November 10 2007

Joss' Runaways arc to be collected in Premiere Hardcover format. Early details appear on

Goody. I haven't read these yet because I've been waiting for the hardcover. I have the first two volumes & they're sooo pretty.
Premiere hardcovers aren't oversized... they're regular-sized. :(
So this isn't the standard hardback omnibus, it's just Joss' arc in hardback ? Hmm, not sure even i'm that much of a completist (unless they're no longer doing the omnibus editions, guess it depends what happens to 'Runaways' after Joss leaves).

Incidentally jcs there're three hardback omnibuses available (leading up to Joss' arc), might be time to treat yourself ;).

(and agreed BTW, they are so very pretty)

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