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November 11 2007

(SPOILER) Trailer for David Boreanaz's movie "Ghost Writer". This was formerly known as "Suffering Man's Charity" and co-stars Alan Cumming, Anne Heche and Carrie Fisher. It looks really good in a glorious over the top fashion.

Anyone else find the timing ironic?
I'm still catching my breath from that last topic, say again?
So does this mean its found a distributor and will be released soon?
The distributor is American World Pictures and this was in the works long before the writers' strike. A press release came out in October about AWP getting the rights to distribution. The title was changed from "Suffering Man's Charity" to "Ghost Writer." It made the film festival circuit for several months.
Anyone else have the image of DB in womens lingerie seared into their retinas? Yikes. Never thought I see that.

Looks kinda cool, though. Really different. Is it getting a wide release? I doubt it. It seems a bit too daring for mainstream cinema.
Anyone else have the image of DB in womens lingerie seared into their retinas?

I'm still recovering from this pic of David in Crow 4.
That looks like my kind of movie.

I'm not sure what that says about me.
I'm glad they changed the title. I remember complaining about the original over here when it was first posted.
I'm going to see this flick. I sat through Mr. Fix It (it wasn't THAT bad) because I'll see anything DB is in, so I'm excited about this!!!
Well, I'm disappointed this isn't a movie version of the PBS kids show, but oh well. ;)
I actually liked the original title. The new one sounds too...plain, sterile. No oomph once so ever.
Yeah Simon, that picture blew my mind as well.
Did you see The Crow?
It's like looking at the picture for a really long time!
Plus Phillip Roth already wrote a novel with a similar title I want to see filmed with SMG :-(.
This is a really good cast - it's great that David gets to work with this team. Carrie Fischer especially; this looks like a great role for her. This is going to be fun.

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