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November 11 2007

Angel :After the Fall #1- New Printing Already. Before the 1st issue even hits the stands!

"The book is due in stores by the end of the month and I guess they've already printed the issue for release. The only thing I can figure is that retailers have been upping there initial orders and have already bought up the initial print run even before it's release."

Great news!

This is fantastic.
*twiddles thumbs*. I left no comment here! Stop saying I did!

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Not really necessary in this case.
My local comic shop owner told me he wasn't expecting Angel to sell as well as Buffy, since it's not called season six and since IDW comics cost more than Dark Horse. He just got an order in before they sold out, but now he needs to up it, and I guess will have to go for the second run.

Go Team Angel!
Thanks for the link. That's really excellent !
I could have sworn that I posted a reply... Anyhow, this is really great news. I hope the sales continue to be as good or better.
Well, I think the lack of interest in this book shows that the WB was right to cancel such a floundering show... oh, wait.

I can't wait. Is there a day for this?
IMForeman, the series starts November 21st, and I think it will start off with a bang (not to be spoilery, but the advanced peaks have looked really exciting). Brian Lynch really knows what he is doing, and Franco Urru's artwork is really beautiful, fun, and exciting. I'm glad this issue is selling out before it is even released!
Yippee! The more hoopla and PR about this series the better. I hope the success of Buffy S8 and the likely success of Angel: After the Fall will cross-pollinate each other and successes will abound and be glorious. Sure, you can separate BtVS and AtS by comic publishing company or by TV network, but ultimately they come from the same broader universe. I love that - I think they're both the richer for it. Go, BuffyAngelverse!
I am very much looking forward to this. Although the end of Angel S5 was simply perfect the way it was, thematically, I'm very curious to see what happens next.

Here's hoping the single issues will all get to my comic book store, though. The distributor it's using tends to miss issues of IDW comics from time to time. But I'm guessing that's a local problem (I'm in The Netherlands), possibly even a problem that only my comic book store has, since I've never heard any mention of it from others.
GVH, you mean you haven't heard my repeated whining about not being able to get the Spike series in my local shop?

Even I'm sick of hearing myself!
I believe that will ship comics over-seas, and they will let you pick your cover (so you can get variant covers if you want). I'm in the US, but in small towns it isn't always that easy to find what you want, but I've always been able to rely on them as my fall back position!
Embers, thanks for the tip. If the shipping costs aren't insane, I'll give that a try. Otherwise, I'll just go bother the dutch comicbook fans I know for local alternatives.

And Xane, I guess I haven't. Don't know if that's a good ("you're not whining") or bad ("nobody[1] notices you") thing, though ;).

[1] of course, I'm now saying that by me not having noticed you complain, nobody has noticed you at all, which is clearly untrue, given this reply to something you said, but let's not bore each other with logic, shall we? :-p

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