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November 11 2007

Joss cameo on CBExtras. In the midst of the WGA strike joke for this Monday, Comic Book Extras features a brilliant Joss Whedon cameo.

The joke is not about him - although the placard Joss has around his neck is a joke in itself. Just the way to make the whole strike entertaining!

I think it is a sign he is carrying.

Hire that guy's niece!
And who is Mr. Kring?
Tim Kring showruns Heroes, and recently issued a mea culpa to fans for multiple mistakes this season.
That was way too subtle, Anonymous1.
Joss is the cutest little cartoon ever. I watch a cartoon sketch of him with his grr argh sign for an icon.
Who is the bald guy, do you think?
Love it. Poor Tim. Gives a whole new meaning to sophmore slump.

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