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November 12 2007

Muhney meets Whedon on the picket line.

"After the rally, as I was walking among arguably the largest throng of creative minds in our modern western literary culture I enjoyed the quiet peace of the unity shown on this day. I eventually skirted out of the crowd and crossed over a street leaving FOX behind me to head back to my car so I could get home to a very pregnant wife at which point I heard a man's voice saying, 'Michael, Michael.' I turned around, and it was Joss Whedon jogging over to me with his hand extended. I was intensely flattered that he came over and introduced himself to me. I have heard from many sources that this man is a class act, and it seems that rumor is true. He has a very approachable quality, and from an actor's perspective, that is a great quality to have as either a show runner or a director. I have less than a handful of writers that I can step outside of myself and just be a fan of their work, and he is one of them.

I left the rally feeling a tremendous sense of unity, and floated a little bit towards my car after my brief encounter with someone who had me at 'hello.'"

Wow! The man has "Dollhouse" written all over him, but not in pencil, and not by scabs.

Etched. The words were etched by artists. Gently, and with no bloodletting. And no scabs.

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I'm so glad Michael has finally gotten to meet Joss. When he was in Melbourne a few weeks ago he was saying how much he'd like to meet him and hopefully get to work with him one day. Hopefully that second part comes true sooner rather than later.
That's a wonderful account. To not only meet someone you greatly admire but to have them actually seek you out? Doesn't get much better than that.
And just in case Michael reads the comments here and doesn't know what "DOLLHOUSE" is, it's a new TV show (not) coming soon from Joss Whedon. We're not calling you names.

My Michael Muhney comment: I've no idea who he is, in terms of acting, because I've not seen him in anything. I have, however, dealt with him before. You might remember him turning up to that cancelled Firefly convention despite not even being a guest, and I sure as hell do; I helped guide him there. He put all his faith in me, a random Joss fan from the UK, because he wanted to help entertain some Browncoats. He's honestly one of the nicest guys I've dealt with in recent years. (The other guy? Alexis Denisof, who I met in Liverpool).
Michael Muhney was lovely in Veronica Mars, and so gracious and...personable to the fans as well. I think it would be great to have him on board a Whedon creation someday.

How great would he look playing against Eliza Dushku? Very!
He was, in fact, a big hit at the Backup Bash, and as a result of it went off to watch Firefly and declared himself a Browncoat.
Not a "Veronica Mars" fan gossi ? You're missing out I reckon.

He was good in that, the only other place i've seen him was a guest spot on 'Numb3rs'. He played a special forces guy on the run and I remember thinking that his fight with (ex-special forces guy) Colby was really well choreographed - dunno if he does martial arts or whatever but, short as it was, the fight really had the quality of two very highly-trained, skilled guys going at it. Good work.

Nice story that, sometimes you forget that the folks you see on the magical flickery box in the corner are also just regular people and fans.
Well, these types of stories just make me smile. And yes, I loved Micheal on 'Veronica Mars', and I also think he'd be great working on a Whedon show some day.

And, yeah, gossi, go watch 'Veronica Mars', man!

He was, in fact, a big hit at the Backup Bash, and as a result of it went off to watch Firefly and declared himself a Browncoat.

This settles it: we should have some kind of official decleration ceremony and speech for new browncoats. Or does that make us seem too much like a cult? :-p
Oh, man, the idea of having him in Dollhouse... be still my heart.
That is a great story. I am so glad he got to meet Joss because he does seem to be a really sweet guy. I saw him at the Backup Bash and was so shocked to see him there all I could manage was a startled "hi" as he was trying to wiggle between the crowd.
Loved him on Veronica Mars.
Michael Muhney is also one of the leads in the second feature film Amber Benson wrote/directed, "Lovers, Liars and Lunatics," for those wishing to see more of his work ...
This settles it: we should have some kind of official decleration ceremony and speech for new browncoats. Or does that make us seem too much like a cult? :-p

As long as there's no Kool-Aid, count me in!
Hmm, would he be a good Cyrano with Eliza as Roxanne?
I'm not a VM fan either. Just couldn't get into the show. Michael, however is a very nice and personable fellow.
Gossi, Saje is right: go watch VM. Who am I to talk, though? A couple of months ago, I was where you were. I picked up VM S1 from Costco (based on recommendations from here) and it sat on my desk, unwatched, for several months. On the upside, now my wife and I are almost done with S2, and S3 is now in stores! :-) Oh, and I loaned VM S1 to my dad...
That is quite indeed a cool story. I'll have to ask him about it when I meet him on WEDNESDAY!!!! I'm so excited. He'll be in town (Champaign, IL) for the preview screening of Act Your Age. I can't wait! No word yet if Amber (who also starred in the film) will attend.

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