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November 12 2007

Julie Benz joins the cast of Punisher sequel. No word on who she plays.

The cast includes Ray Stevenson, Dominic West and Wayne Knight.

Wasn't the first punisher movie really bad? I'm asking because I skipped it because of bad word of mouth (and as such have no basis for any opinion on the movie). Is the same creative team behind this one?
YAY! I didn't know the Punisher was getting a sequel. That's AWESOME. Actually, the Punisher movie from a few years ago -- -- was EXCELLENT, much better than I thought it would be, so this is great news.
The Thomas Jane Punisher movie is a decent revenge movie--not great, but not horrible or anything. It's partly an adaptation of the "Welcome Back, Frank" storyline, if you've ever read it. My main gripes were this: The comic book Frank Castle has a certain kind of psychotic detachment that I didn't think really came through in the movie. The film character is more like a typical action hero with a slightly meaner streak. Also, the end has this bit of voiceover exposition that I think would've been better off replaced with more of a "show, don't tell" sequence. Other than that, it's watchable enough.

The DVD goes on sale in the $4.99 range all the time at the big box stores, and it's worth picking up at that price.

As for whether the sequel has the same creative looks like a different director, and a completely new cast (including the actor who plays Frank).

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The first Punisher (the one with Thomas Jane) was one of my favorite Marvel films. As glad as I am that Julie will be in the next one, not happy at all about the recast (nothing against the new guy, just prefer the original actor).
Ray Stevenson was great in Rome, I can't wait to see him as the Punisher in this movie.
I'd heard that the first Punisher movie was terrible, but I watched it out of morbid curiosity one day, and I actually liked it. Maybe it was that my expectations were low, but it had some fun parts to it.

I wasn't going to be all that interested in the second, because I liked the first actor pretty well. Then I found out it was going to be Ray Stevenson. He's pretty much my favorite thing about Rome. And now with Julie Benz joining up, I'm pretty much going to have to...
Well, she's getting her face in a lot of (potentially) big films, first "John Rambo", now this. Hopefully she's more than "Moll No. 5" because the lassie's got game, shame to waste her abilities in a nothing part IMO.

Didn't hate the Thomas Jane "Punisher", he clearly respected the character enough to try to make him more than a cardboard cut-out (he's apparently quite the comics fan) and I hope this is a success for Julie Benz and Ray Stevenson's sake (even if I do think it's a bit weird to make a sequel where even the title character has been recast).
Thomas Jane turned down doing the sequel because he didn't like the script.The film is using a bad guy from the comics called Jigsaw.Dominic West is playing Jigsaw.He was in 300.Wayne Knight(Newman from Seinfeld) is playing a character from the comics called Microchip.Microchip is the guy who creates all The Punisher's weapons/technology to him.
I thought the first one wasn't terrible, it was just overshadowed by Kill Bill Vol. 2, which happened to come out the same weekend. It probably didn't help that second movie was also about a figure avenging the deaths of family members and killing a whole bunch of people in the process.
Hmm, seems I'll have to give the movie a try after all. I used to love the comics when I was younger, but, as I said above, the bad word-of-mouth kept me away.

The lead part recast and the original director turning down the script, however, don't exactly seem like good signs for this sequel...
Actually, the first Punisher was that awful Dolph Lundgren one ....

Actually, the first Punisher was that awful Dolph Lundgren one ....

Yeah, but we try to forget that ever happened (along with Captain America). ;)

Julie or no, I don't think the sequel will be seeing me. Out of all the different types of remakes in the world, comics have some of the most potential to bomb (second only to books). With the changes on this one, I'm thinking it'll sink pretty low.
I never saw the Thomas Jane Punisher flick (despite liking that actor and having every intention of at least renting it), but apparently the director's cut does a good bit of work in improving the viewing experience in some nice ways ? My Marvel Comics-loving friend Lisa claims that Daredevil (didn't love it, didn't hate it, mmm Colin Farrell) is better when you watch the director's cut version, so maybe it's sorta like that.

I've never read a Punisher comic, though I intend to check out Garth Ennis' MAX version (R-rated Marvel comics imprint) some day. Hmm, that has me wondering--what do you guys think we'll see first--an R-rated Joss story in comic form, TV, or film ?

I think him showing up in Joss' Runaways is the first time I've experienced actual story and lines with the character. Before that, it was just drooling over hot Frank Castle art---and that had to be said 'cause, y'know, the dude's got shoulders broader than my dining room table and a lotta artists draw him all gruff and sex-beast like.


If someone else wants to see this at the theatre, I'll go for it. I'll go for Julie Benz and maybe that dude from Rome (the only highly regarded HBO series aside from The Wire that I haven't taken the time to watch yet). One of the writers they've got on it is one of The Shield's regulars, so that's an overwhelmingly good sign for this sort of material. Two of the other writers are a team who scripted the Robert Downey Jr-starring Iron Man, so it remains to be seen whether that's a good sign.

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