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November 12 2007

Cover Girl. Sarah Michelle Gellar gets her Maxim on in a racy new pictorial.

She's featured in the December issue.

Really wish Sarah every success this year. Although Buffy was such a showcase for her acting abilities, it would be great to see her step out from Buffy's shadow and away from horror/comedy/romance typecasting.

Maybe that's the problem for her. Is there anything we haven't seen her do as Buffy and that doesn't remind us of Buffy?
Wow. Cool pictures.

Malcolm, I know what you mean. When I watched The Grudge, I kept urging her to kick more butt, as if me talking to the screen would make a difference. She just didn't seem like "herself" as Karen. I can't wait to check out her new flicks.
Great pictures. Tons of hotness.
. . . how could I not do a Maxim shoot when I have a movie coming out in which I play a porn star?

Hee hee hee. Reminds me of her Cleavage Digest Cosmo cover in the dress made entirely of cleavage.
Really? What issue was that?
It's interesting she's taking that attitude compared to her cover picture from Rolling Stone in 1998, whcih was even racier. I'll be looking for that Maxim issue, and Southland Tales, whcih is coming to my neighborhood next week.

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Well (dating myself by referring to a commercial which was off the air before she was even born) Cha-Cha-Chow!

Sarah has mentioned (in her MArie CLaire interview) that she finds the roles in features to be very restricted versuss a part in an hour weekly drama, but she knows that's part of the medium.
WOW! That's all I've got.

She looks amazing, which isn't a shocker since I don't think she really knows how to take a HORRIBLE picture. Be snagging this up when it comes.
What a gorgeous woman. A little on the too skinny side, but she is such a knock out!

Looking good, Sarah. She could totally still play Buffy.
Hmm, "Dear Santa ..." ;).

So it turns out stockings are sexy, who knew ?

(she's been air-brushed away to buggery right enough but I think that's par for the course with these sorts of magazines)

Also, in a weird convergence, Rachel "The Inside" Nichols was "Yesterday's Girl" apparently (I think they just mean "the day before today" rather than "Like, so yesterday" ;). If Eliza Dushku ends up "Tomorrow's Girl" it's a Whedonverse trifecta (sort of).
So, uh, WOWZERZ.
Am I the only one that finds SMG hotter as, "the girl next door"? It seems her red carpet pix and candid shots look hotter than these posed attempts at sexy.

Maybe its my affection for the character she played in Sunnydale. Similarly, its the same for Aly Hannigan. When I see her in Maxim showing skin, it's like she's playing or pretending to be sexy. Whereas a normal shot of AH (like the recent one of her from the picket lines) is just way hotter. IMO.
Yep, I agree about Aly H. She's sex on a stick but the (Maxim ? FHM ?) photo-shoot she did wasn't very flattering to her IMO.

This is a nice set though IMO (air-brushing aside). SMG's posing but not posed and that, for me, makes all the difference.
I totally agree with alexreager and Saje, but...

If I didn't know it was SMG I'd have never guessed it was her in these pics.

Slightly off topic...Saje: "So it turns out stockings are sexy, who knew ?"

Uh, lots of us!
She looks great, very sexy, very fabulous.
Well, as I said in the other thread before it was circular filed,

Double shower? Could be seen as TMI, altho not so much these days.
And her comments about where she is in life superficially sound like she's going wild but not if you read them with both eyes open. She's enjoying herself; as long as it's not interefering with ehr working or with other essentials, it's not a problem. And as long as she's the one making the decisions and not the activities themsleves. And knowing she's not quite ready to be a parent is good self-knowledge, it's not self-indulgence, and it can take guts to say. (Looking back I can see why Topping once described "Brit" as SMG's then-friend when writing about S-5. Sarah seems to understand most of the things that particular pop singer doesn't.)
Totally agree with the girl-next-door assessment. There is something about her and Aly that makes any overtly sexy display seem... self-conscious? slightly off? While Eliza Dushku in overtly sexy clothes and Maxim-esque posing is actually sexy.

Sexy to me, in man or woman, is always about complete comfort in your skin. Looking at these pics... it just doesn't feel like any truth of SMG is coming through, which is ridiculously high-minded on anything to do with a Maxim spread, but there you go. That's my brain in a nutshell.
I don't know. I think SMG has a certain confidence about herself and her body these days that makes a shoot such as this definitely fall in the "sexy" category. Had she done it a few years ago I possibly wouldn't have thought so, but to me she really does seem comfortable in her skin at the moment. Not that she was ever uncomfortable really... but oh well... I know what I mean... lol.

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I'm assuming the other thread was deleted for reasons of duplication, not for reasons of content, so I'll repost the link here since the pictures and story are slightly different.
(And if I could remember who posted it before, I'd give credit.)
(And if it shouldn't be posted for some other reason I missed, I expect to be rightly smacked down by a mod. =)

I think Sarah looks great and very comfortable in her own skin (in particular in that crouching pose with the bra and the heels and... whew, heart rate...). I think in the past few years she's developed a sophistication beyond "girl next door", even evident on Buffy (after Joyce died and she got The Weight of the World on her shoulders). I would prefer a little softer makeup on her, but that's about it.
Thinking that the first one is 'whoa, mama', and the last two look staged. The rest are pretty, I guess. And way NOT pornographic, so good on her.

Whenever one of our verse gals does these type of shots, I'm always supportive. You just know she had approval on the pics. I'm sure she enjoyed doing this and I hope that it made her feel very cool, sexy, and feminine.

The aspect of this I love the most is for when she's a granny. "Gather 'round, kiddos! See what a hottie Granny Sarah was?" Heee. Cute.
Maybe it's just me, but I thought her spread in "Holding Your Own Boobs" magazine was hotter...

"Oh noooooo!" -- Mr. Bill
SNL. I actually saw that. :D
Nah, i'm not getting self-conscious from these, I think she's totally owning it in fact. She looks relaxed and in control which, y'know, schaawing ;).

Varying Mileage etc.
Actually one of the few people who actually have a subscription to this august periodical. Lucky me!
She seems extremely comfortable in these in comparison to the Rolling Stone shoot she did a few years ago (which she hated and cried about btw). There is absolutely no way she would have done this without being comfortable in her skin, her bad experience with being coerced into posing for RS made sure of that fact.

She looks hot and classy and that's all I have to say about that.

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