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November 12 2007

David Boreanaz on Regis and Kelly. This morning David brought his parents to 'Regis & Kelly' (his Father is a Philadelphia weather man who always appears at the Thanksgiving Day parade).

David talked about his parents, his son (who just started kindergarten), and building his own home (he used to work construction and he claims he was even pouring the foundation himself!

Aw. I missed this. Having lived in the Philly area all my life, I am very familiar with David's dad. Would have been nice to see.
I was surprised that his folks looked really short, I'm wondering where David got all his height from.
Argh! I forgot. I wish I'd known Dave Thomas aka Roberts aka Boreanaz Sr. was on. I might not have forgotten.

When I was a kid he was the host of Rocketship Seven out of Buffalo. I was pretty shocked to find out (fairly recently) that he's David's dad.
Yet another Whedonesquer who grew up watching David's dad. I guess I sorta see the physical similarities, but only kinda sorta.

Actually, they remind me of a Black Adder quote: "We're about as similar as two completely dissimilar things in a pod." A very Whedon-esque quote...
I saw it, David was so cute in his pictures with his son. That joke that he told about the "ice rink" that the foundation of his new house is was so funny just because Regis didn't get it at all! lol

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