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November 13 2007

Pink Raygun interviews Jane Espenson about "Serenity Found" and other Janesian projects. This is part of her whirlwind promotional blog "tour." She is articulate and upbeat, as always.

This appears to be pre-strike, so no strike news or stories, but there's plenty of TV writing talk, and Jane's cheerful good sense.

Oh, and I liked what she said about the writer's room for what I assume is Buffy: "Joss ran a room in which everyone felt equally valued." Not surprising, but still good to hear.

Yep, that's a fun interview, as we've come to expect from Jane.

Thinking about the Finding Serenity book, just gave me a strike-idea though: what if the striking writers were to publish a book of short stories penned by, well, themselves and used the generated money to further their efforts or to help keep their finances up, if this strike drags on for long? It'd also be a great way for their fans to show they'd buy something based on the name of the writer alone.

But of course, the writers would first have to write the stories instead of picket and would have to write short stories instead of scripts, and there'd have to be someone editing the book... guess it's not such a great idea after all :-p.

*cough*... anyway, I'll be getting 'Serenity Found'. I didn't get the previous one, but I think I might just want this one more.
Thanks for posting this. I just love Jane.
Much as I enjoyed 'Finding Serenity', I think 'Serenity Found' is more consistent and has a higher quality of essays on the whole (of those i've read, still saving a few), well worth a look IMO.

Very co-rubbish interview that ;). I like the stuff about different "rooms" especially, insighty. Accounts seem to indicate you might need a thicker skin in a sitcom room, i've read stuff about how writers need to feel free to say a lot of things that many might consider beyond the pale in order to reel it back in, err, inside the pale (?). Might be hard to take if you're not used to a fairly "robust" working environment.
Where Jane goes, my nations follow.

Thanks for the post.

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