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November 13 2007

The Quiet Appeal of Chiwetel Ejiofor. Fascinating piece about the life and career of our favorite Operative, although it appears his resume's now so full the article needn't mention that role.

(Linked on IMDB today, too)

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I think Joss nailed it when he mentioned in the new commentary that Mr Ejiofor has been in pretty much every single major movie since Serenity came out.

I like him, and it's nice to see him often. Most recently he popped up in American Gangster unexpectedly.
That's a good article, with the exception of leaving out his major role in Serenity! I thought he was fantastic in Kinky Boots and he was completely convincing as a New York cop in Inside Man.
Favorite operative?

A guy named Book has that distinction, by my lights...!
Everyone always forgets his role in Four Brothers. That, even more than Serenity, is what truly impressed me about his acting. Anyone who hasn't seen it, definitely give it a look-see.
Oh, to be able to see this man as Othello.
My sister first hipped me to Chewy when she recommended, very highly, that I go see "Dirty Pretty Things". She didn't lie.
I love what he says about finding that character when he buttoned a top button on the shirt he was wearing.
The man isn't just a "star", though.
He's an actor. And that, my friends, makes my toes curl in a good way.
I'm just sayin'.

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