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November 13 2007

Listen to Nick Brendon's Latest Audioblog. He talks about his Criminal Minds work, the recently released Blood on the Highway trailer, airport behaviors, and Thanksgiving.

He also explains why he wasn't at the dessert meet and greet in Chicago over the weekend.

Anyone else curious as to why he was asked to leave? I mean, I know he stats it was the Jensen and Jared's Bodyguards and some sort of confusion but what happened? Actors shouldn't taunt me with that sort of tid-bit of information and then leave it there. Curiosity gets me EVERY TIME.

Nice to hear from him again.
The security guards wouldn't let him into the VIP area. They didn't recognize him, apparently, and wouldn't listen to him when he tried to explain who he was.
Ouch. Poor Nick. Somebody buy those bodyguards the Buffy DVD set ASAP.

It's nice of him to post his yearly audioblog entry. I wish I could leave a comment on it.
J.Monique, thanks for the info. My curiosity has been sated, though now I'm wondering why guests don't have some special security card thingy.
Whoops! Thank you for noting that! I thought I had turned them back on and realized after your comment that I forgot to click one little button.

Comment away!
Thanks J. Monique.
You're the best! Nick is lucky to have you :)
Thanks -- and for the rest of you, if you include similar sentiments in your comments in response to the audioblog, it's likely to get your posts approved faster...

I kid, I kid. Kinda.
I was at the con and I really hate to hear that this happened. Jared and Jensen did have four gigantic bodyguards.

Apparently this happened during Steve Carlson's concert Saturday night. Jared and Jensen and their girlfriends were in the back of the room and we didn't know it until during the dessert party when someone said that they had been there. Jared and Jensen weren't scheduled to appear until 7:00 Sunday morning.

I feel terrible for Nicky that this happened. Creation owes him a huge apology.
I had to look up who Jared and Jensen. For some reason I thought they were American Idol contestants.
Before I get really ticked off, didn't the Super... (must be nice**bites tongue**) guys say anything to the bodyguards. I know they had to have an idea of who he is, hell Jensen is buddies with David B and Kane, and has been for years so he at least had the idea of who he was. So why didn't they intervene.
I absolutely LOVE the idea of Nick being Garcia's love interest! I really hope that goes through! Yay for him!

(and seriously, I'm sitting here editing something for Buffy Between the Lines, and just listened to Nick and Chris (our Xander) back to back and well, it's just uncanny... Really...)
I posted this in a previous thread but I don't mind quoting myself. :)

This is what I saw go down from my seat in the back of the auditorium.

During the concert on Saturday night Nick showed up toward the end. The back of the room was already setup for the dessert party. Fans weren't aware of it, but Jensen and Jared from Supernatural were sitting back there watching the concert. There were about five security guards wearing "Event Staff" jackets standing near them. I don't know for sure but I believe they were off-duty cops.

Nick and his assistant were let into the auditorium by Creation staff and then they headed to the back. Before they got close to Jensen and Jared they were stopped by security. Nick spoke to one of the guards and told him who he was and tried to keep going. He was quickly surrounded by all of the guards and things started to get a little heated. The Creation staff at the door did not come over to assist. Finally Nick turned and left, taking of his coat and tie very pissed off.

Adam, the head of Creation, was up near the stage with one female security person that I see at all of the cons. I told him "Um I'm not sure if you're aware but your security people just kicked out Nick Brendon...". He looked at me and then turned back to the concert. The female staffer turned to me and said "Yeah". A bit confused I went back to my seat.

About five minutes later Nicks' assistant came back to talk to the security guards and the female staffer also came over. She then proceeded to tell him that she was unaware of the situation (that I had just told her about) and tried to smooth things over.

I was extremely embarrassed for Nick and really upset with the way Creation dismissed him. It was ridiculous.

I am really not a fan of Adam from Creation. His biggest concern is getting your money. The main focus of the con was Supernatural. I don't believe Adam cared at all about the way Nick was treated.
Well that stinks.
Before I get really ticked off, didn't the Super... (must be nice**bites tongue**) guys say anything to the bodyguards. I know they had to have an idea of who he is, hell Jensen is buddies with David B and Kane, and has been for years so he at least had the idea of who he was. So why didn't they intervene.

It was very dark back there and pretty loud what with a concert going on. I'm sure Jared and Jensen couldn't see who it was that the guards were running off. If they had known it was Nicky, I'm sure they would have intervened.
What are Jared and Jensen?
Creation has been a truly sucky company for more than a decade. I remember going to their Star Trek conventions in the late nineties, pretty much everything was massively overpriced, even for a convention, and they didn't even bother making any of it look good.

We stopped even considering anything that had the 'Creation' tag on it, after a few times.
Ouch. Poor Nick. Somebody buy those bodyguards the Buffy DVD set ASAP.

Nah, we shouldn't reward this kind of behaviour. But yes, as I stated on the other thread, this is pretty much an insult. Creation owes a big apology. And the way the head of Creation apareantly reacted after being told it happened by kayleefan... not very nice, at all.

This is why conventions really shouldn't be big business like this. It gets impersonal. I'd much rather go to a fan-run convention where things are maybe a little chaotic from time to time, than to something like this.
Jared and Jensen are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, stars of the show Supernatural. This was supposed to be a Supernatural/Smallville/Buffy/Angel con, but it was mainly Supernatural, and frankly, I went to the con because of Jensen and Jared.

Smallville shouldn't even have been mentioned in the title because the only Smallville related guests were Jensen who was in Season Four as Jason Teague, and Samantha Ferris (who was there as a Supernatural guest for her role as Ellen Harvelle) who was in one episode of Smallville as a prison warden.

Nicky was the only Buffy guest, and Mark Lutz was the only Angel guest.
Thanks for posting kayleefan.
I can't believe the event staff were such...(insert expletives here). That just makes me mad. I've never been to a con since we don't have any where I live but I am certainly never going to attend a 'creation' event if I ever have that opportunity. What a terrible way to treat your guests. I hope someone sends them a strongly worded letter and I hope Nick never agrees to attend one of their events again.
I was considering going to this con to see Nick and Mark. And Jensen, because I watch Smallville. Now I'm rather glad I didn't.

I'd heard Creation had improved. Evidently not.

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