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November 14 2007

(SPOILER) "Messy and Feverishly Inspired" Southland Tales. The New York Times praises Richard Kelly's new film and the "dignity and melancholic soul" of Sarah Michelle Gellar's performance.

You'd think he'd've at least updated the supers of the dates of events......
Opens today in LA and NYC. I'm planning to see it again this afternoon.
I saw ST last night, and yeah, it was messy, confusing, but really really weird and funny. SMG was hysterical. The project seems to have been too ambitious; it's trying to be huge and epic and ended muddled and hokey. Kelly needs to learn to simplify his plots and expand from there. I think he has promise as a storyteller, and it would be a shame if Donnie Darko were his only work of brilliance. Southland Tales isn't one of them.

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