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November 14 2007

Seth Green on the picket lines with Krispie Kreme Donuts. Seth Green not only attended "Bring-A Star-To Picket-With-You" day on the picket lines, but passed out donuts as well.

Short mention and picture amongst various other news from day 9 of the WGA strike.

I saw this picture last night, he is such a cutie! I really appreciate the on-going support for the WGA.
Obviously a man of refined taste. KK's are the best!
Good of Seth to do that. Though I never was a fan of Krispy Kremes. I like my donuts soft and chewy. :)
Here are a lot more actors who were out for the WGA. I love Sarah Silverman giving the raspberry to Nick Counts at the end of the video.
Nooooo I missed Seth! lol

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