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November 14 2007

More from Joss. I have news... that I might have news!

PURPLE PROSE: because you (meaning “I”) demanded it!

Friends, Echo, Bunnymen, lend me your ears. Well, eyeballs. It’s been a few days and I wanted to tell you what’s the what in me-land. Yes, I’m still sick (@#$&#!). Yes, I’m still striking… ly handsome! Zing! Still got it! I haven’t been on the front lines as much as I’d like but I do have some reports.

PICKETING WITH THE STARS! Unbelievable! An amazing experience. Wasn’t there.

PICKETING WITH THE WRITERS at Fox. Still a good experience, though starless. The oddest part of the strike to date: A man came up to us, expressing sympathy and wishing us success and handing out his card… for his jewelry store. I guess he thinks we’re gonna win big. Or maybe he was handing out his card to the wrong side. SO random.

(After picketing I went to an acupuncturist for the first time ever in order to help beat this terminator-like cold. A warning to the uninitiated: this is not like visiting a typical Western physician. Do you have any idea what goes on at an acupuncturist’s office? For the love of God, they PUNCTURE you with needles! They really ought to make that clearer in the name.)

But the big event of the day: got together with a bunch of showrunners whose fans have significant online presence. I won’t say which shows, as the meeting was tippety-top secret, but I will tell you – JUST BETWEEN US – that one of them rhymed with “Cattlecar Flalactica”. And one rhymed with “Gyureka.” And one sounds just a little bit like “Fritz Galway’s Bunny is Really Wealthier”. MORE I CANNOT SAY. And Jane and Marti were there. And a lot of others. There was no food.

The point of the meeting was that the WGA is aware of – and a little blown away by – the passion, tenacity, and organizational savvy of the online community. The “Jericho” nuts are the stuff of legend. Whedonesque and the creation of Fans4Writers were spoken of in awed whispers. I’m not kidding: one of the WGA workers asked me, “So, your fans. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?” I swear, having you guys in my corner is like being friends with Zorro. People in the community are amazed.

We met to see if there was some way for US to organize the way YOU have – to use the nettyweb to show the studios that there are no longer two sides to this struggle; there are three. The audience has a voice, and a right to be heard. We talked about different ideas that have been floated by fans to make some kind of nut-like show of unity and support. How can we do something so noticeable it might even get into the mainstream press? I’ll let you know when it’s worked out – should be within a day or so. Should be fun, too. Hell, it was fun just being in a room full of smart writers again, pitching ideas. (Also fun was typing “Hell”. Makes me sound butch.)

I also asked about a Mutant Enemy strike day, and the WGA peeps said they had no problem with that. We still don’t have a date (I still don’t have a lung) but I’ll be organizing that soon. Here’s the deal for whomever can come: Bring a sign, walk the line. (If you can’t make one there’ll probably be extras, but I think it’s more fun to make your own. Nothing rude, please.) I’ll get as many M.E. writers (and hopefully a few actors) as I can to walk outside one studio for a four hour shift alongside… well, any fan that carries the banner. More on that as it develops. Back to you, Bob.

Jaime Paglia of “Eureka” – I mean Flaime Flaglia of… florget it – talked about getting this movement into the non-California-or-New-York states, and I thought that was wisely wise. There are shows shooting in Boston, Rhode Island, Philadelphia – and there are fan-bases in EVERY state. We talked about getting some rallies going at local affiliates all over the country. I, of course, got to boast about the Browncoats and the “Serenity” screenings… The idea of people massing in different cities, whatever their fan-affiliation, is exciting, newsworthy, and let’s face it, fun. (Personally, I’d like to do a whistle-stop tour of the country, but right now that may be a bit ambitious for a man who can’t stand up for more than two hours.) (Still, standing at the back of a train, waving – and the WGA offered to provide bunting. Who doesn’t love bunting?)

The point is twofold. The first is that we expect this to take a long time. We want to make an impression NOW, but we also want to keep thinking of ways to spread awareness and keep you all engaged and, frankly, entertained. Because the second point is that there was no one in that room who didn’t understand that they were there BECAUSE OF YOU, because you guys have already proven yourselves not just dedicated fans but an active, forceful community. Take a moment to be all up in yourself. Now get over yourself. Now doubt yourself. Now hug yourself. Now touch your knee – Hah! Didn’t say “Simon says”. Like, ever. FOOLS! It’s you unauthorized-knee-touching fools who are proving that the internet is indeed the line in the sand (“…must be drawn Heah! This fah! No fuhther!”), for it’s the one medium the congloms don’t control. Televised news is largely ignoring us, the print media is eating Nick Counter’s astonishing lies like candy they get paid to eat, but you upon the ether… you haven’t been silent and you can’t be silenced. Go ahead. Touch that knee. Simon be damned.

It’s nice to blog sans rage for a change. Better for the immune system, too. Thanks, all, and keep watching the skies.


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Touch that knee. Simon be damned.


The rest sounds exceedingly cool.
Fans4Writers is slowly starting to get some coverage--I noticed today that there is a link to it at the bottom of IMDB. Hopefully mainstream media coverage won't be far behind.

Hope you feel better soon, sir.
Two words: College Campus. There are millions of undergrad and grad students out there who support the strike for one reason or another. If we could somehow find a way to organize a united college students for tv writers (yeah, we can work on that title thing) movement, newspapers would have no choice but to cover it.

I live in RI and am ALL for movement protests outside the NYC/LA area. You're right, whedonites are everywhere. Say the word and we'll come a running.
Crossing my fingers for the day that the BigWigs realize there are three sides too.
Can't wait to hear what you all have cooked up. And feel better!
Is that an Echo and the Bunnymen reference? Stars Are Stars.
So, what to do, what to do, what to do...
Sorry, Joss, but I'm not listening to Simon if River says otherwise.... Thanks for the shout out and back at you! You inspire the community through your talent. Frankly, if your writing starts sucking... well, I think someone just threw something sharp at me at the presumption of that hypothetical. "Like, ever," to quote a wise man. One who just also happens to be very phlegmy and covered with needles. Give the doctor back his needles, Joss. Mutant Enemy day would RULE! Can't wait to hear the naughty goodness you, Flaime, and Cattlecar work out. We love you and get better, 'kay?
"Fritz Galway’s Bunny is Really Wealthier"

It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia? Do I get a prize if that's right? Did everyone else get it right away? Can we play this game some more?
I too believe in double posts.

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The writers draw the fans who support the writers who entertain the fans and so on... chicken and egg.

I'm determined to be at the M.E. picket line with pumpkin bread, rain or shine (like it ever rains here.) And now I'm wondering if someone will show up dressed as Zorro.
RaisedByMonrels- I got it too-But you can have the prize!
Wow I definitely couldn't decode Its Always Sunny--but those guys are freaking awesome :)
Ha, RaisedByMongrels! I didn't think of that. Nice.

Very cool that the writers are so awed by fan support. We'll do what we can, if we have any influence at all.
Fantastic, Joss! I'm so glad you are getting writers together to start up something! You know Whedonesque has your back, and let us know what we can do to help!
In college I had a lit professor who assigned us screenplays instead of novels. One day a guy in class started complaining about what we were reading. He said that it didn't count as 'real' art and didn't deserve discussion or criticism. Our professor (calmly, eloquently) ripped him a new one. She told us in no uncertain terms that the appreciation of screenwriters was lacking. Her theory was that over time, fans will come to recognize the effort and creative skill it takes to write for TV and film. That the best writers will be singled out for their work and appreciated in the same way we heap praise on novelists or playwrights.

I think that the widespread fan support that the WGA writers are experiencing is a great step in this direction. I sincerely hope that every one of the writers at that meeting realizes that their work has impacted their fans in a positive way and that we're not quick to forget it!
Joss, this is SO cool. Thank you for sharing the deets! I am so inspired by this community, and so glad to be part of it!

I'm sure I speak for many Seattleites that would do some kind of mass strike-supporter thing...I don't know of any shows that film here at the moment but we are a delightfully insane city filled with caffeine addicts and nerds, so...bring on the rallies!!

Oh, and if there is really a Mutant Enemy day, and I can swing it, I'll come down to LA to join the writers!

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MySerenity, a college-driven event sounds like a great idea. I don't think one college campus would generate enough critical mass, but maybe in a big college town like Boston (Spinal Tap be damned), which is also on the list of TV-producing cities the writers would like to get involved. (And not too far from you in Providence. =)

Meanwhile, Mutant Enemy Day is starting to sound really shiny, in a tempted-to-book-a-flight kind of way...
Awesome post.

Publicity stunt ideas:

Draw a line in the sand... literally? What a spectacle it would be if a bunch of striking writers lined up on the beach to write in the sand. Then the tide could wash it away. It'd be all symbolic. Of something!

Or what if you hired a skywriter to write out the teaser of the first episode of Dollhouse? In the sky, on a windy day!

I've cribbed both the above "vanishing writing" ideas from phrases in your post. Here's another -- you could chalk up sidewalks with stories... like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins? Is that legal? It should be! Then firemen labeled, oh so subtly, "AMPTP" could wash it all away.

Or... "Burning Man" - who is entirely made of scripts.

Or... not so much to do with vanishing writing, but everything to do with cool fangeek photo ops: Cylon centurions take the writers prisoner! Just because, you know, they're frakking cylons.

Unauthorized knee toucher
Glad you are getting a bit better, Joss. Hey, and fan-base in every state - you've even got transatlantic support!
Thank you so much for the update Boss. It's so good to hear that all of the online fans perspective is being recognized. There is just so much most of us can do from across the country and around the globe, but we are trying. If we are good at nothing else it is making noise and generally driving our opposition insane. Good to know that our talents in constant vigilance could help out this cause as well. ;)

It is very excited to know that the show runners are seeking unification and I can't wait to see what gets cooked up.
Silly silly Joss, you must know by now that you don't have to TRY to keep us engaged, we are right here with you, for the long haul (you might have noticed we still haven't forgotten about some little TV show that barely lasted half a season).
I definitely want to be there for Mutant Enemy day, but I am also up for protesting at any local TV stations in the Bay area!

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Sorry to hear you're still sick! Poor Joss. But yay for solidarity! We pimped out fans4writers and such on Joss'd. here's to more people understanding what's going on and helping out!
I would happily attend a Seattle rally. Or a dozen.

Feel better, O great purple man.
The thing about the Jossir is that his timing is so damn good - even when he's unwell. This is just about when the fan-gang could all use a little encouragement and/or kudos, and out it came - the man's psychic. I feel invigorated again, and ready to re-enter the fray. And very interested to hear what's up their sleeves...

(And of course, I also mean his comic timing, which is also brill.)

Ahh, acupuncture. I've been getting it on and off for years. They do poke little holes in you, but that's not what hurts - it's the little electric jolt when the energy is released - or when they zap a crucial nerve. ;>

No, I'm kidding. No energy gets released. They just zap nerves and make you pay for it.

No, I'm kidding. It got rid of my migraines.
Definitely College Campuses! I'm popping off a letter to the editor of our campus paper right now - only coverage thus far has been an insipid editorial yesterday that pretty much said nothing. I'm going to give it my best shot and point them to Whedonesque and to Fans4Writers. Please keep the information flowing and let us know what to do to help. Are we all officially refraining from watching any on-line television shows? Is that a "duh" and everyone is just doing it? Does anyone KNOW we're doing it? Thanks!! shicks in Arkansas
Is there anything people outside of the US can do? I live right beside the BBC center in Manchester, so I am extremely well placed if there is a writers strike in the UK... One guy with a sign sitting outside the BBC center would probably alert the local/student papers here, but I doubt it would have the same gravitas...

If anyone is ever in Manchester, give me a bell!
As a TV fan in the central time zone (how do all the rest of you stay up until 11pm for tv?), I'm all for getting the mission out to infinity and beyond (or the other 48 states). Looking forward to hearing what develops. Especially if it comes with swords and/or masks.
'tis great to see, er, Cattlecar Flalactica in the list, and it doesn't surprise me at all. Jamie Bamber (along with Stephanie Jacobsen and several other BSG notables) was at the Seattle Razor preview on Monday and made a point of throwing his support behind the writers, and the audience cheered it, so even up here, the support is obvious. It would be great to get a multi-city thing going.

Get well soon, Joss! I'm pretty sure getting that lung back would be useful.
And now I'm wondering if someone will show up dressed as Zorro.

Don't look at me. But maybe you can ask on the new Fans4Writers Forum! ;)

Ah, shameless pimpage. But, no, seriously, come join the discussions. As the man himself says above, we need to gather ourselves and gird for the long haul. Our new forums will play a pivotal role in that.
Woot! Standing by for whatever action ensues.
I love being compared to Zorro. That makes my week.

I am so glad that they are striking to get what they rightfully deserve (and to be honest, what I thought they were getting), although my inner tv lover is sad that my television may be overrun with "reality" shows.

With WGA and IATSE on strike, entertainment is at a standstill.

I just wish I could bring all the folks striking some baked goods of some kind. Sadly, it's 2000 miles away.
Yes, dear, they *do* poke you with needles in acupuncture. Just wait until you get to where you actually like it. :)

And thanks for the update. With your usual schedule, this downtime has to be killing you, but it makes us happy that you entertain us with your idle hands.
Okay, so, for the past hour or two I'd been going through Joss' old Whedonesque posts and remembering how much his work and this fandom means to me (not that I ever really need to be reminded). And I stopped reading out of sadness and the overwhelming need to take a shower when I got around to the time of Serenity's box office floppage. And then I come back to the front page of Whedonesque just to check and see if anything's happened...and here's a brand new Joss post, again saying just how much the fans mean.

Joss, I guess what I'm trying to say is this: Thanks for caring, man. I've put a lot of time and imagination and enthusiasm into cherishing your work for the past six years, ever since I saw "Welcome to the Hellmouth" on FX, and it just really touches my heart to know that you and your fellow showrunners acknowledge people like me.

Damn it, now I'm getting all emotional.

And, oh yeah: Feel better! And Power to the WGA!

In parting, a passage that I offer in support for said WGA, penned by a Mr. Lennon:

Say you want a revolution
We better get on right away
Well you get on your feet
And out on the street

A million workers working for nothing
You better give em what they really own
We got to put you down
When we come into town

We are ready when you are Joss, always have, always will be.
Hey, I'm all for shameless pimpage of the brand new Fans4Writers forum. I'm proud to be a member of said forum and have been directing people to the Fans4Writers website since it opened. You guys have done an amazing job in such a short amount of time. You're all cooler than Zorro OR acupuncture. Or Zorro performing acupuncture.
Mutant Enemy strike day??

Now I would beg,cry and scream to get off work and go to that strike day. I have wanted to go up to LA for days now but work just will not allow it...but if it was a ME one. I might just have to call in sick.

Anything for Joss and ME
Joss you make me happy.
I wish i could come to ME strike day!
If plans for a Mutant Enemy Strike Day come to fruition -- and yes, I like saying that -- please give us at least a week's notice. Some of us may want to try arranging travel plans...
Some of us may want to try arranging travel plans...

Like the already much-discussed roadtrip from Portland.
"Fritz Galway’s Bunny is Really Wealthier"

What show is that? Dirty Sexy Bunny?
I live in the ass end of nowhere on the east coast so as much as I'd love to come to california for the actual strike I don't think it's going to be possible. If you want me to mail something though, that I can do. Want me to mail bic pens or keyboard/typerwriter keys just say the word.

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It's disappointing that the strike is not getting as much media coverage as it should. I'll take some time off from work for a M.E strike day, though I'm sure they won't be happy about it. We've already been told we must cross the picket lines and come in. I wish I could afford not to.
"Fritz Galway’s Bunny is Really Wealthier"

It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia? Do I get a prize if that's right? Did everyone else get it right away? Can we play this game some more?

Thank you! Driving me crazy trying to figure that one out.

You win 10 Brownie points and an imaginary chrome-plated decoder ring!
I love Joss-blogging. Always makes me laugh out loud in very public areas *looks around* Yeah.. I think they've finally all gone back to their business. hm.
If the picketing is still happening in December, I will hopefully be able to make a drive from Nevada (where a bunch of my family live) to join up the fan-ranks. I look forward to news on what I can do to help.
All my support will have to be online or through snail mail.

Unless it spreads to here in the UK. Perhaps I'll join Vortigun at the BBC, Manchester.
Joss - sorry to hear you're still not feeling well! I hope the acupuncture works for you, I've been doing it for months now for Rheumatoid Arthritis and it's really making a difference.

Anyway, keep us in touch with what's going on, and you know we'll be there to help however we can!
Ooohhh! Purple prose. I get it!
I'll break it down Xander-like:

Strike bad.
Joss writing here good.

We're here for you all, striking --ly handsome writers. Just tell us where to plant our feet and raise our funnily-worded flags.
Joss - For the M.E. strike, how about planning it for Friday or Saturday after the Browncoat Cruise? :) A lot of us Browncoats will be stepping off a big boat--ur, ship--in San Diego on Thursday, December 6th, and some of us (who normally aren't in SoCal) will be hanging around in SoCal through the weekend. :)

My wife and I are certainly planning to show up at some strike/picket somewhere in the Friday-Sunday Dec 7th-9th range. If it were a Mutant Enemy one, that would truly be made of awesome and win.
To be a fly on the wall at that meeting.....

But, being in Canada, my support will all have to be online as well. It's highly disappointing that this strike can't be covered by the media fairly.
Grr Argh! ME Strike Day? And me millions of miles...(thousands)...thousands of miles away. I'll just have to keep checking here and at Fans4Writers Forum for information on activities that I can join via the interweb or even in my very own city.

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I'm just happy to do my part, such as my web page that is backing the WGA, plus my MySpace that includes "both sides" of the strike. People may not care right now because new episodes of their favorite shows are still coming. After January, when we get Big Brother and American Idol seven days a week, then the revolution (and more pressure to get a settlement done) begins. Be strong!
Aaargh, I skipped ahead, realised Simon didn't say and now i'm stuck in self-doubt ! I really wanted to get to self-hugs too cos I was gonna pretend to be James Bond in "Goldfinger".

Normally the cold lasts a week, but I heard that with acupuncture you can shake it in seven days ;).

This is just about when the fan-gang could all use a little encouragement and/or kudos, and out it came ...

You're a maniac ! Honestly QG, do you hail from, like, Maniacia ? You guys so rule, do not let your chins drop for one second cos that's a second when you could've been patting yourselves on the back for a stunning job and like me old grandpappy used to say, "A second you're not patting yourself on the back for the virtually overnight creation of a fan movement is a wasted second". He was very pithy, really took the whole "soul of wit" thing to heart.

“So, your fans. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?”

Everybody, 1, 2, 3 .. We are the worrrrrlllld, We are the childre ... Just me then. 'K.

Or was it "Thunderball" ?

Cheers for that Joss, you can borrow my eyeballs anytime, just fill 'em up before you put 'em back s'all.
I echo the sentiment Trek_Girl42. I think we'd look kinda silly sitting out front of the CBC building..... Unless (WARNING!! WARNING!!! Stupid question alert!!!) Canadian writers are also members of the WGA.... Just checking.... :D
Well, they can be, so can British writers (or any other nationality i'd imagine), it's not nationality, it's just script sales in the US that determine whether you're a member Sherrie - see, there really are no stupid questions ;).

The WGC has said they support the strike and won't allow Canadian dual members to scab. I think the Writers Guild of Great Britain has said the same.

ETA: Stephen Gallagher (Doctor Who, The 11th Hour, various novels, and more) mentions the issue on his blog.

[ edited by Saje on 2007-11-14 22:18 ]
Regarding people in the UK and strikes and such - 20th Century Fox have an office in London, which pumps out content from Joss and friends. Not that I've been investigating. (Except I have).

I'm debating about trying to take the strike international to companies, which have an international presence.

[ edited by gossi on 2007-11-14 22:17 ]
"These feet were made for marchin'" I'm in - but only in spirit - unless we have a rally in Colorado.
Just say the word, Joss, and you know it will spread like wild-fire. A well contained wild-fire that would hurt no one but might crash a site or two.
(gossi, did you see my email from last night? Just wondering if you could...)
NO Canadian Writers have already renogtiated two years ago I believe, so no strike north of the border. But as a Canuck and as a Quebecois I stand in solidarity. Well sitting at my computer, but I do stand occasionally. At the bus stop.
Just wrote a post answering your question Sherrie, but Saje said it better (and concise-er). :P

Who knows, there might be offices in Vancouver or Toronto that would be worth looking into picketing at- I don't really know, and I live to far from either anyway. :(
I'm reminded of a quote from the movie, V for Vendetta, "We are told to remember the idea, not the man, because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten, but 400 years later, an idea can still change the world."
QuoterGal, it's in progress. It takes a while to jump through the hoops and such.
I really hope the strikes make it to new England! I'll be right there to help represent Whedonesque and to support all the WGA :)
Yay for Mutant Enemy Day!
Groovy, goss-dude - not pushing, just checking. I'm big on the communicating...
I am too short-attention-spanny to read all the comments. But I do want to speak up for the NC contingent (and I'm sure others will back me up):

Aren't we, like, the 3rd biggest movie making state in the country or something? And we had those Dawson's River kids over here. And One Tree Hill. So we've probably got some writers out here who want some supporting. (And we've got Joss's dad!)

So, YEAH. Let's take this thing on tour. Because North Carolina wants to help. (So do the other 49 states but I don't live in them.)
I'll make some noise in Chicago if you want...I'd love to verbally bitch-slap some greedy studios online.

Sending out "healing vibes" to you....Feel better at all? No? I'll keep trying.

Love Ya!
I was just blathering to orphea the other day about this idea of The Literary Citizen that was drilled into my head in grad school, which in a nutshell is about writers supporting each other. I get all misty about it (and also when there's a kitten in a TV commercial -- I'm kind of an emotional person), and the strike was making me feel impotent because I sense this real, physical pull to be a good literary citizen, but I'm not a member of the WGA, so I don't really "belong." I have to say, being a part of such a smart, generous fandom has helped (yay you!), as did attending the Fox rally. I'm starting to realize that we all "belong." Anyone who cares about the stories that aren't being told, the artists who aren't being allowed to craft them, and the respect that's not being paid belongs in this fight.

OK, soap box moment out of the way. I also have a quick request. Joss, would you please give us as much notice as you're able in regard to the M.E. gathering? I'd like to ask for a proper day off this time rather than calling in sick like I did for the rally. Erm. None of my co-workers are on this board, right?

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You broke your little ships.
Will march at a Seattle rally. I'll even bring my own bunting :-)

If you aren't doing this already or using conventional medicine, try the following:


Echinacea & Goldenseal

Probiotics (lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus helveticus, bifidobacterium bifidum, streptococcus thermophilus)

Vitamin C


If necessary, try some silver water in small amounts.

Teas -


Yogi Tea Throat Comfort or a tea with the following:

licorice root, fennel seed, peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, chamomile, lemongrass, catnip. eleuthero, black pepper, clove, cardamom seed, mullein leaf, orange or lemon peel.

Gargle with hot salty water (good for sore throats, but also makes your throat hostile to bacteria) at least twice a day.

Turn on the shower with hot water, and steam yourself twice a day.

These got me through my last couple of bouts with bronchitis or pneumonia.

On the Strike

Let's target some key AMPTP players and send them either pencils or erasers. (I was originally thinking typewriters, but who has enough of those to inundate the bastards?)

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2007-11-14 23:07 ]
I'll skip over the umpty-dozen comments before mine (Which is gonna get swallowed in the umpty-hundred after it. Poor little over-looked comment) to say: Hey Joss! I don't know if it helps, but HDTV (That's Home Depot TV) always runs those banner-scrolly things at the bottom of the screen, and I noticed stuff about the WGA this weekend when I was in the break room. (Yes, I work for the Big Orange. That's about to change, though. Yay me!) And those news blurbs are from the AP, which I assume means Associated Press and not...Apple Pie or some weird Greek thing.

'course, those were just general headlines, and sometimes they're quite...weird, but still.

Big huge hot debate going on over at the Bronze:Beta about the strike. Maybe you could drop in and put in your twelve cents? I'll be posting the link to this topic there shortly.

I'm going to email my friend Erika Amato tonight and see if she'd be able to attend your Mutant Enemy day.

I just wish I could do more, but alas I live in Wisconsin. No one films in WI any more. And I'm too poor to fly/drive anywhere else. Plus which the new job thing starting on the third - can't exactly ask off from a brand new job. Unless it happens on a weekend - I'll have weekends off.

If I had mad organizational convention would have happened. I mean...I'd organize some kind of fan rally thing. Hey...a friend of mine is part of WisCon, which is the world's leading feminist science fiction convention. Maybe they can do something to help/get involved. Hmm.
"You're a maniac ! Honestly QG, do you hail from, like, Maniacia ?

Much as I'd like to, I can't let that go by, though, cheers, mate.

Seriously, Saje, I am one of the very least of the maniac-manic-y-maniacs from Maniaca in the Fan-gang - truly. I have done far less and had far more sleep than almost anyone involved. There are a number of folks running on just a few hours - I won't name names, but they are the nutballs intrepid few who got this thing running, and sailing away. I just wrote a thing or two about a thing or two, and got all linky, as is my wont.
Kiba, I'm definitely backing you up. We get far too little action to be the 3rd biggest movie state in the country or something. And I want to show my support, but I don't have the money or time to get a ticket to fly all the way to California right now.
Oh no, we can't win, I just learned the
about the writers' strike!! (it is all the fault of those back-stabbing Superheroes... er ... spoiler alert).

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Well I'm sure Joss don't read this far down in the thread and it might not be such a good idea but I am sure it would scare some one. If a couple of high profile showrunners walkt in to the main entrance at googles headquarter, hide in a bathroom or some where for about an hour and then walked out and said they cold not confirm nor deny they had bin on a meting.
The political blog site Firedoglake has a post on why you should care about the writers' strike, with comments by Battlestar Gallactica showrunner Ron Moore - I'm sorry that should have been Cattlecar Flalactica - on how they were treated over the production of the "webisodes." Link here.

Also, John Edwards will join striking WGA members on the picket line at 1:45 pm on Friday, Nov 16 in front of NBC Universal Studios NBC Universal Studios, 3000 W. Alameda Avenue, Burbank, CA.
Joss, please take care of yourself. It won't go away if you don't keep bundled up, get lots of rest, don't go in-and-out and be exposing yourself to lots of temperature changes. And make with the fluids.

I know you feel you need to be hitting the pavement, but, unfortunately, you'll have lots of time for that (probably, though, of course, I HOPE not).

Besides, you're spreading germs and will make your colleagues sick ("You make me SICK!" you'll hear, and you don't want that).

Sorry to be such a nag, but the critters your body is trying to fight off won't go away unless you take care of yourself. Your body needs to use all of its energy fighting the critters off. That's why you're still sick.

As for who we are, apparently we're people who just SO get the humor, and the coolness, and the pain, and the deep needs-to-be-said truths you serve up.

"They don't notice your pain because they're all too busy with their OWN pain.... Every one of them. The cheerleaders, ... the guys who torment you." -- to mangle just one example of truths that need saying.

Help your body shake off the germy critters. Get well.

a fan
Does anyone know what the standard size of a picket sign is? I'm going to put together a template for people to download from

Oh, and QG, I do answer to "nutball," that's fine. :)
Nebula1400 pencils and erasers sound like a good idea- perhaps snapped pencils?
My third grade students are ready to make signs during Art and picket any time you want them to, Joss. ;-)

In all seriousness, I'd totally love to picket a site here in Boston or even in RI - just let us know the wheres and the whens!
I can't fly myself from Alaska to join the Mutant Masses, but maybe I'll have my writing students walk out of class in support of The Cause.

It would be like Norma Rae, but without all the sweat.
The L.A. Times had an article about the WGA strike today (actually, the L.A. Times has an article on the WGA strike *every* day, because this is a company town) saying that 63% of the American public supports the writers' side of the strike. The author of the article expressed some surprise that the public was supportive of "creative" types but noted that sentiment is generally with the workers rather than management in labor disputes. So, provisionally, yay for public sentiment :)
{Insert charming and witty message of support here.} The brain it has stopped working for today, but I just wanted to join the legions in giving a shout out of support. Great idea to work with the fans and try to coordinate something that might generate some actual media coverage. I've yet to see anything of substance covering the strike. I think on the whole many people aren't even aware it's occuring or what the issues are. They're staring, blissfully unaware, at their TV sets and not realizing the end is near. (I didn't mean to create a weird apocalyptic vibe but now that I think about it nothing but reality tv programming is supposed to be one of the signs right? I think that shows up right before the four dudes on horses. Or something. Obviously tired sorry.) We need something to jolt these people awake, like say mainstream media coverage. Also I heart the idea of fan involvement because it would be so nice to let the studios know that there are fans out there who are paying attention and support the writers. We are more than mindless consumers who are going to zone out to anything they put on the air, we are engaged and recognize quality, or a lack thereof. And rant that doesn't make any sense over. Hope you feel better Joss. Would love to be there for the ME day, unfortunately I'll just be there in spirit. Maybe we could have a banner with the names of all of us who are only there in spirit.
Well, Shapenew, that poll was taken at Pepperdine so your mileage may vary in other parts of the country. The people polled went on to say that if the strike lasts a long time they will not be watching reality shows (42% will read more, and 35% will be online more).
Please note that the LA Times is running their own poll at that link I provided, so get yourself in as supporting the WGA!
Oh, and QG, I do answer to "nutball," that's fine. :)

I'll only answer to intrepid nutball.
I like the idea of all of you together, coming up with ways for our crazy fan selves to make our support of the writers known.

I live in the middle of nowhere, but if you can come up with a way for me to stand and be counted, I will be there. It feels like I'm about to stick it to The Man, sorta. Neat.
The L.A. Times had an article ... The author of the article expressed some surprise that the public was supportive of "creative" types but noted that sentiment is generally with the workers rather than management in labor disputes

Yeah they said "I'm surprised at the support" but they meant "I'm surprised at the support [given how hard we've been spinning stories against the writers]". Moi cynical ? Hard to be too cynical in this situation. You can be too stretchy though, I saw it in "Fantastic Four" one time.

And don't worry QG I know it's a big ol' group effort, there's plenty of room in Maniacia and its sister province, Nutballistan ;).

(and can I just say how weird it is to see proper names against the familiar handles ? Y'all are, like, real people that actually exist off-line. Dissonance-tastic. Does this mean the internet doesn't switch off when I go to sleep ? ;)

Finandly, cheers for that link embers, adorable ;).
Joss, I'm ready to round up people here in Washington, D.C. Just keep us all posted. We don't have too much in the way of television-movie related sites here (although incidentally, 24 just filmed across the street from where I work) but I'm sure we can think of something.
I am ALL for picketing the local affiliates! It's something we've been talking about over at fans4writers.....and I'm all for getting out to LA for one of the rallies. Thanks for the continual posts Joss!
I find it sort of ironic that this strike is going on the same month that Nanowrimo is occurring. Heh.

I eagerly await the day that the writers and we the fans proclaim "We did the impossible and that makes us mighty."
Wow! How many times a week can a person say a man named joss brought them out of their daily depression once again???!!! Just about everyday since Buffy season one came out on DVD, but still, today was very sad in my insane mind. Joss, your news and the story of fascination for the fans is very exciting. I really do hope Mutant Enemy tours the country. Make sure to let us know a month ahead of time whether or not you'll be stopping in Indy, because I'd really hate to be too disappointed when you wind up in Chicago instead. I envy you Chicago folk. Last week Nicholas Brendon and I'm willing to put down 500 in Monopoly money that you'll be seeing Joss there. Gas is too high. My aunt won't possibly take me back to Chicago anytime soon.

Speaking of her, or typing of her, she just finished watching all of Buffy with me last weekend and now she's going to start Angel.
FWIW, one outgrowth of that showrunner meeting is that the wife of Ron Moore (as in BSG amongst other things) has joined the Fans4writers Forum and indicates in a public post that she'll be trying to direct other showrunners and their fans to those forums.
IcedPhoenix, you're not the only one who noticed that irony. If anything, participating in NaNo just shows how much actual WORK it is to write something even remotely approaching passable. Anyone who has ever tried writing should know exactly why these writers deserve what they're asking for, and anyone who thinks it's easy to type up an episode, hand it over to be made, and collect a paycheck, well.....they should try writing (not to mention selling) something themselves and realize that it's not. *rollseyes*
I'm in. What can be done in Oklahoma?
Wouldn't you know, I cancel my home interwebocity just as Joss decides to bring us new and exciting developments in the strike. :(

On the other hand, Joss brought us new and exciting developments in the strike! Yay!

And I did tell the ComCrap lady my cancellation was because of the strike, but she sounded a little confused so I doubt it'll get passed upwards in the hierarchy.
Any day I get to be compared to Zorro is a good day.

P.S. Joss - Stop saying you have news. Every time you have news I think...SERENITY sequel!...and faint. It's a reflex.

Teachndoc - Hey, I'm in Oklahoma too. Howdy, neighbor.
Shoot, hon, I think we've got the same darn cold. Annoying, isn't it?

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with for the web.

ETA: Just had a thought. If you guys do get a webpage or something similar, be sure to add in a guestbook so everyone who supports the strike can drop y'all a note.

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Totally on board with a Chicago thingy. Tell me when and where, and I'll be there.

Also the idea to hit colleges is an excellent one. I work at a college, and I'm going to contact the student paper to see if I can get a story in there.
I'll keep you up to date, Cabri.
Which Zorro are we taking about here? Antionio Banderas Zorro? Or George Hamilton 'Gay Blade' Zorro?
joss; Be careful of the echinacea if you also have allergies. And I already feel appreciated (even tho I'm that thing you dislike so much, a casual viewer) but if you and your fellow geniuses (not limited to the former members of your "Bunche") can find a way to get the news-types to see what fandom is doing, it would feel quite good.

The Little Apple is on the tiny side, and the Christmas City is even smaller but if anything happens around here I'll try to be there, LANTA willing.

kerfuffle; Shame on you. Guy Williams is the true Zorro (forgive me, Ty Power,but you only did it once) until those Four Horsedudes mentioned above come 'a-ridin'.

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Hey I am willing to do what I can in regards to rallys outside LA/NYC. Well that is if it includes Wilmington, NC (home of such teen angst as "Dawson Creek" and "One Tree Hill"). I live just up the road from there.

I can provide my experience as a founder and co-treasurer of Yes the one that sent a billboard roaming around LA, and the ads, and the chocolate bars, and the rally in LA.

I will watch to see where and how I can assist.
Kerfuffle, I vote for Guy Williams, and cabri: I talked to a clueless operator at Comcast too, but I managed to educate her (and probably anyone who was 'monitoring our call for whatever purposes they go around monitoring their employees...').
I was just going to admit how much Guy Williams as Zorro (1957-1959) dates me, but I guess I'm not the only one!

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Actually, Anthony Hopkins was Zorro, and taught Antonio Banderas to be the new one, which worked out great. The only way to see Guy Williams in that role..six years before "Lost In Space"...would be on home video
“So, your fans. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?” So it takes a strike for people to notice how much your peeps loves ya Jossir? Gosh they must be slow.

ME strike day? I just wish I was within, say, five thousand miles of you!
Nebula1400 pencils and erasers sound like a good idea- perhaps snapped pencils?

Even better!
I was wondering about Toronto too, since there are studio offices here. I don't know if there are any American productions currently being filmed. Not TV shows, anyway, since Dresden ended. But films, perhaps? I know Reposession Mambo with Jude Law is here.

Things are pretty dry here these days productionwise, what with our dollar being worth more than the US.
I will watch to see where and how I can assist.

Or if you have ideas of your own, come pitch them on the (yes, here it comes again!) Fans4Writers Forum.
..... as my collegues in arms have said... BRAVO Great one, and I will continue to support the strike as long as it goes on.
... and now we have a new Joss salute -

At the next con, when Joss enters the auditorium, the entire audience stands, raises one knee and touches it.

Unauthorised knee touching in support of the WGA - and any other great cause!
I've been quiet on these threads thus far. This is for two reasons:
1) I'm not in a relevant city and have no web-y skills that can help (at the moment).
2) I can't say things as pretty as the rest of you already have. Pat yourselves on the back, indeed!

However, if Joss' grand plan is to come to fruition, my time to act may be nigh. So, in hopes of being useful, if any of the S.F. Bay Area folks want to plan anything, please count me in, in any way you need. Maybe the Parkway folks would be willing to help spread the good word?
bix, could there maybe be an out-of-towner ideas thread on the F4w forum? Doesn't seem to fit appropriately anywhere else at the moment.
If I get my passport back soon I am soooo flying to LA to join the picket line.
Was thinking about a holiday anyway so this would just be an incentive.
Aggghhh. Double post again!

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Joss, I tried to touch my knee (Simon be damned and all) and I missed and accidentally touched my ankle. Is that OK? Does Simon allow ankle touching, or is this a Simon Prohibited Action?

At any rate, regarding this conglomeration you found yourself in... you know what you're doing, right? You're forming the Independents. You're all freakin' Browncoats now. You do the impossible, and that makes you mighty... if still fluish and slightly nauseous. So, hold the line, Joss. Hold the line.

This post has been a Simon Sanctioned Activity.
If anything happens in Philly, count me in!
Very, very cool! I'm in SF too--and, unfortunately, unable to travel to LA these days (except maybe weekends but I think pickets may be week days only, am I wrong?). I'd love to be involved and help any way I can, even remotely. Lord knows the SF Browncoats have been on the forefront of getting us organized and do good deeds so this has not been unprecendented. :)

Waiting for instructions. :)

And please Joss do take care of yourself, first and foremost. Chicken soup and a warm blanket sound cliche but they did save me from death last weekend (or at least from insanity caused by non-stop sneezing and coughing) . And, you know, a doctor for when the cold lasts longer than 2-3 days. If all fails, then rum.
I LOVE the idea expressed above that on ME day the names of fans in support of the writes should be on some signs. Is there a way to make that happen, oh, one of you nearby folks? Should this be an item on the Fans4Writers site? Or is it ME-specific. I would add my real (actual, human) name to such a list.

Great idea, onthedrift!
Just on the off-chance that no one has already posted it among the gazillion Joss posts (awesomeness!!!!) and related comments, David Letterman's writing staff has started their own blog that is focused on the New York protests. Good stuff, including a recipe for WGA Strike Cookies.

By the way, Dave has committed to paying all his staff through the holidays, even though CBS isn't paying Dave for shows that aren't being produced. Good guy. :)

ETA: The Daily Show's writers are also doing some cool online stuff. Perfect to use for email awareness campaigns.

Not The Daily Show

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Although I hope the strike comes to a swift resolution (with the WGA getting everything they want), I agree that at some future point it would be awesome to see pickets going in several more states and venues. I know if they added one up here in Seattle, my son (who just turned one) and I would be there. I would even make him a cute little sign, "Future TV Fanatic" or something to that effect.

We're all hoping you get well very soon, Joss. I agree with Nebula on the supplements. All of those are very helpful for boosting your immune system.

[ edited by Illyria on 2007-11-15 04:11 ]
Illyria, Bringing your son would be fantastic. Check this out.
I've already volunteered and marched back and forth waving a sign at a gate in Burbank for a couple hours Monday just to help show support, and I'll probably do it again Friday, and I hope to be at whatever gate for Mutant Enemy day as well. *Flexes picketing muscles* Hey, I still have my "Save Angel" picket sign around here somewhere, but somehow I don't think that will help in this case. *Looks to see if I have any more clean red t-shirts*
Dang it Joss, you gave me your cold!

By the way, I love this community. Where else do you gather to chat about great TV and get cool color-coded emails offering recovery advice from colds and flu. Love it.

Can't wait for the call to arms. Seattle is standing by! ;)
Here’s the deal for whomever can come: Bring a sign, walk the line.

For anyone who wants to take Joss up on his suggestion, we now have a picket sign up at Fans4Writers. It prints on tabloid-sized paper (11x17) and is modeled after the customizable "fans support" icons, but with a blank line where you can fill in your particular fandom.
"I find it sort of ironic that this strike is going on the same month that Nanowrimo is occurring. Heh."

Let's not speak of this. I started so well...
11x17 is a tiny sign! You can size the image to whatever you need,right? Then just copy to a disc and take the file to CopyMax or Kinkos, what have you. They have bigger printers. I'm afraid home printers will not make much of an impression, unless you were planning to wear the sign? Might not be a bad idea...

Okay, so I've written my emails and three snails too (cannot send any dinero, or I'd do that too, dang it). I live in Prescott Valley, Arizona, and I have two close friends that are smart enough to be fellow Whedon fans. We want to know what else we can do here in this burg of 35,000.

*eta the extra 15000 folks that have moved here since 2000. Yay?

[ edited by Willowy on 2007-11-15 05:10 ]
Yes, they're definitely scalable to any size, but I wanted to make sure people could print them on standard size paper if that was all they had available. If you can print them larger, you definitely should!
I find it sort of ironic that this strike is going on the same month that Nanowrimo is occurring.

I do, too.
Nebula1400 pencils and erasers sound like a good idea- perhaps snapped pencils?

I was thinking more along the lines of mechanical pencils without the lead.
I want to reiterate what Alanna said: please go to your regular doctor too. Pneumonia feels like the flu but it takes lives, quickly. Remember Jim Henson, and get your blood tested tomorrow!
I was thinking more along the lines of mechanical pencils without the lead.

That would do, too, though I hate those things. They can't be good for the environment!
R/L is kicking my ass so hard, I can only say that this thread is so inspiring, there could be tears. If only the Pacific Ocean weren't in the way, and my state of financial destituteiness an impossible hurdle, I would so be there for a ME day.

Joss, you are as ever, inspiring and entertaining. Get well soon. And re. the acupuncture .... I agree with whoever, way up the page, said "just wait until you start liking it" ;-)

Nubula1400 and Trek_Girl, the "snapped pencils" idea is brilliant. If as many snapped pencils could be sent to studios as nuts were sent for Jerico .... and that's something I could do all the way from Hawaii with no money and still recovering from serious foot surgery (it's healed enough to stand in line at the Post Office, albeit on crutches).

"Your fans .... who are these people?" .... that just made yet another rough day a whole lot smoother.
Snapped pencils? That's fucking brilliant. Where would we send them to make the most impact? gossi, bix, do you know?

Though can we send the recycled ones? I luvs me some trees...
Please hang on re: the pencil or whatever thing. Everyone is actually awaiting word on something. Heh.

(Although I should say, if such a campaign is going to happen, it would need to be consistent and the same item, and have some specific symbology behind it. There might be some very specific reason to use whole, unsharpened pencils. Or, more than one reason.)
I was also thinking the letters "W" G" "A" (or "F" "4" "W") pulled off of old keyboards.....but then how many people have old perhaps not.
Ditto what bix said ... horses to be held, and all that.
Joss--you rock my socks off, always :D keep the purple comin!

and i think a college-oriented shindig would be amazing(im a grad student, not a college student, but shoot i'd support this cause!)...cept im not sure how many people in Indiana (where i reside)would be up for it...meh. oh well :P
Trek_Girl42, I've got an old keyboard...
Thanks for the kind words Joss. You (I'm referring to all writers) make the shows we love. You guys can make a bad day good with the simple touch of a remote control button.

You have my support (but you probably knew that). Get well soon!

And just to light a fire:
Joss, I have the Official Los Angeles Cold(TM) also (I hope I didn't catch it from you via the Internet, but I don't think that's what's meant by "computer virus"...), and although I am not getting acupuncture treatment for the cold, I am having good luck with Chinese herbs (specifically, Yin Chiao). I do go to acupuncture for an old injury to my neck, back and knee, and it is terrific. Some practitioners are better than others, and when you find those really great ones, wow, hello pain relief!

Let's all hope for a speedy recovery, and a speedy resolution to the strike (by the AMPTP realizing that they won't be able to stand up against the WGA, Teamsters and, in the next few months, DGA and SAG combined). Although friends of mine working in production are being laid off, we all are standing behind the strike and its principles. What happens to the WGA will undoubtedly be the model for the DGA and SAG contracts, so the future of just about everyone "above-the-line" is riding on your red-shirted backs -- stand strong, writers, for everyone's sake!

(P.S., Ixalth, Barry Diller made a similarly inane comment. These billionaires just don't get it.)
I'd be up for organizing something in the Boston/Providence area when the time comes.
I like bunting, but I'm just not sure I love it.

Hoping for a good resolution. That I would love.
I think it would be awesome to have a book drive where people donate the works of writers who've moved and effected them. Honoring one type of writer honors them all. I'm not sure the best charity for the books, but if the donations are large enough, it might get publicity, and show fan support.
Okay – seriously... do you really want to take an organized stand and show your support for the writers in a way that counts?

1) Call your local cable or satellite company

2) Cancel your "subscription to TV

3) Tell them you are doing this to support the writers and you'll reactivate it once the strike is over.

I'm not Joe-Web designer, but if somebody out there is imspired to help me, I'll write the copy.

I'm Deadly Serious here. If we could spark a flame with this, it would get noticed.
Ok so others have said this, but Joss, listen to your body and get properly better before doing anything else.

This is only the germ of an idea but in terms of a high profile idea, could something be done trading off Hollywood's worldwide image? I'm thinking of the Walk of Fame. Presumably everyone on there is a writer or has acted/directed/produced etc. lines written by writers. An event whereby writers,actors and fans gathered along the walk at pre-arranged specific stars with signs (not just of support but of, say, quotes thanking writers from Oscar acceptance speeches) would be universal, noticeable and, well, big. (I'm thinking helicopters shots of a long line of people across worldwide news coverage. Yeah, I know that's a bit hopeful, but I live in England, I've no idea how long the Walk of Fame is or how the media works so I reserve the right to dream!!)
Along with being a big firefly fan I'm also a big bsg fan too and the word has defnitely gotten out in the bsg circles and I know a lot of people coming out to support the strikers this friday! I think the merging of great fan communities is a pretty powerful and exciting thing, and they wouldn't exist had it not been for all the great writers who have created these shows.
ArielWillow: I'm not that familiar with LA but I don't think the studios are anywhere close to the Walk of Fame anymore (if I'm wrong somebody let me know) and so it would /I agrreee make great shot it would be away from the actual companies affected by the strike and so wouuld have less impact than maybe it should. But it's still a great kind of an idea.
Re: the brill-ness of Nebula1400 and TrekGirl42:

In America (at least) most pencils are Number 2s. They've got a 2 written on them. You can easily write a .5% after the 2 making a Number 2.5% -- the share of the residuals the WGA is seeking.

A "Number 2.5% Pencil," broken or intact, mailed to the appropriate PTB, would be a complete and specific statement of support for a fair share for the writers. No explanatory letter would be necessary, sparing us all explanatory letterwriting. And just about every fan has a Number 2 pencil lying about unused, so this wouldn't require a further contribution from any reluctant trees. ;-)

ETA the neologism "brill-ness"

EtfurtherA the recognition that brill-ness is a paleologism that's all over the webernet like cheap porn. (Actually, nowhere near as much as cheap porn.)

Half (.5) of a thought: The number, 2.5 percent, is conspicuously tiny, and I think emphasizing it (a) rebuts the charge of authorial greed and (b) draws attention to Joss's strong argument that a percentage means that the writers make money only if their bosses do, 2.5 percent of nothing being, let me see, help me with the math, Jayne.

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I've got this idea in my head that I'm unable to perform myself. All the DVD companies have issued statements about illegal downloading of series and films, don't they? All the DVDs have these little clips or signs at the beginning why it's illegal to download this stuff, and how it's stealing from those who actually earn their money from these films, and how no more films or series will be produced when everybody copies them illegally.
Can somebody cut together a film with these clips, with an appropriate question at the end, like: "If pirating a DVD is theft, then why do the companies don't pay their writers?" or something like that? To show the companies' hypocrisy concerning their own and the writers' rights.

We could distribute these things via youtube.

Any thoughts?

[ edited by Harridan on 2007-11-15 15:26 ]
I love the 2.5% pencils. And have many ready to be doctored and sent.
Heres a "news" site taht is giving a little perspective on the writers side of things....
DaddyCatALSO, there actually is going to be a huge march on Hollywood Blvd. this coming Tues. at 1 PM, so you and the WGA are thinking alike :)
I see a lot of ideas being thrown out there which will be effectively lost to the world once this thread drops off the front page. I encourage everyone who has an idea for fan support to come over to fans4writers and start a thread on the forum there. The best way for us to be effective is to be united.
Shapenew;Hey, it was ArielWillow's post, don't give me the credits here. That's kinda-sorta partly related to the whole issue *grin.
Well, sending pencils to the studios would at least keep the mail people employed . . .

Hopefully, someone will keep us aprised of what's going on tomorrow. I'd love to join. I'll go during my lunch. But details of what studio, time and what gate are a bit important.

I haven't found fans4writers to be particularly useful in that regard, but maybe they're just not posting until they know something for certain.

Guy William's Zorro? Oh, come on, the man didn't even fight with a real sabre! Duncan Regher's Zorro (which ran 3 or 4 seasons on the Family Channel in the late 80's) at least did that . . . :P

[ edited by leiasky on 2007-11-15 16:55 ]
Okay, I think the SECRET EVIL PLAN CERTAINLY NOT INVOLVING PENCILS WHEREVER DID YOU GET THAT IDEA should be put into motion within the hour. Or today. Or something. I'll check in when I can but I think should be putting something up to explain. Must fly and then bend steel. -j.
Let us known when it's a go. I have a radio interview at 1pm EST and I can try to mention it. It's with PRI program Fair Game

[ edited by RavenU on 2007-11-15 18:00 ]
Pointy, that's brilliant!

And Joss! Super secret plan! *sits back and waits*
leiasky wrote: I haven't found fans4writers to be particularly useful in that regard, but maybe they're just not posting until they know something for certain.

You are right we do not want to post to much until we have a clearer picture of what is happening and when. We try to tell you as much as we know at the time we know it. So stay tuned for more info to come.
For FSM's sake keep your voices down, if the studios learn of the Super-Secret Pencil Plan (codename: SS PeePee) then they'll know who sent them and why !

Whaddya mean, that's the plan ? ... Like I said, shout it from the roof tops !
Let us make sure they are UNsharpened pencils so that unsuspecting postal workers and mailroom clerks don't get impaled.


Seriously, I got stabbed with a pencil once. Stop laughing. Seriously. It hurt.
Can't wait. I love both pencils and doing anything in my power to annoy media conglomerates and studios, especially when it's for such a good cause (and even more if Joss says to).
Of course! Let's make pencils that taste like bacon!

No no no no... Let's make BACON that tastes like PENCILS!
LOL--that video is fantastic, Gossi! Thanks for that link--it's so good seeing someone rightfully and creatively use Sumner Redstone's own words against him.
Oh, Greedy contradiction, thy name is Hollywood. Great find, Gossi.
Gossi, one of many who will likely say "Thanks for the link!" That was spectacular spectacular!
That is freaking spec-tabulous, gossi!!!

I am ever so using that on my MySpace blog tonight.
Great video, gossi!
Great link gossi, the "not half-a-billion dollars line" is gonna have me chuckling for a while ;).

The thing that always strikes me about big business, and this video highlights it beautifully, is the total lack of shame. Are these people not just really embarrassed at their own sheer effrontery ? Mind boggling.
Omgosh, I'm ready to rally. Stupid Dallas, Texas where nothing ever happens. I SO want to fly out to LA for whatever-it-is you kids are planning. Le Sigh. I'd even be able to put my fangirlness away for a bit and walk (back and forth) with my favorite writers for a cause. I've done it once (the putting my fangirlness away) and I can surely do it again.

Seconding the UNSHARPENED pencils thing. Aside from the hazard issue, sharpened pencils are very likely to tear through an envelope and get lost during transit.

(And don't feel bad, Allyson. I actually poked myself in the eye with a pencil once.)

Oh, and for anyone who lives in L.A. and is looking to join a picket line, the Univeral Barham gate is probably one of the easier to find street parking for. Really great group of people there too.

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Bacon flavored pencils? Well, ok... But really, I'm cool with whatever you all come up with. I'll be over here, waiting, and hugging myself.
To Allyson: I have a friend that still has a scar from a pencil stab wound, so I understand where you are coming from. Maybe sharpened and then break the point off? It's safer and kind of poetical.
"I see a lot of ideas being thrown out there which will be effectively lost to the world once this thread drops off the front page. I encourage everyone who has an idea for fan support to come over to fans4writers and start a thread on the forum there." Lexigeek

I'm having trouble registering for the fans4writers site and I'll be away from the internet for a few days, so if anyone wants to quote my (apparently less than unique idea - thanks Shapenew! -about the Walk of Fame mentioned up thread) over there feel free. (I'll be expecting 2.5% of nothing for it!)

Edit to say great link, gossi!

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I'm in Ohio, but I am totally down with the pencils idea. Totally.

And yeah, great link, gossi.
Joss don't say " There was no food" say "The cake is a lie" - trust me, it'll get you street cred ;)
For anyone lurking here whose not on Fans4Writers - information from the WGA regarding the Fan Day tomorrow has been posted in the forums
That video is great (satisfies the "Daily Show" sized hole in me), but there's also "Voices of Uncertainty" - the heads of all six majors talking about how digital delivery will be a billion dollar industry very soon.
For anyone lurking here whose not on Fans4Writers - information from the WGA regarding the Fan Day tomorrow has been posted in the forums

Well, yes and no. There remains some confusion, because as it stands right now, the Guild has told all of its picketing writers to go to NBC Burbank from 10-2, and called for a Fan Day all the way over at Universal from... 11-2.

We're trying to get things sorted out, because, well, as I said, there is some confusion still.
Okay, the fact that you opened this with 'Echo, Bunnymen?' Why do you continue to make me love you? I'll be popping in Ocean Rain in a moment, now.

Anyway, we're just getting up on our legs, but we're forming a small movement (that's becoming larger every day) in Cleveland to show our support, since we're a bit too far away to show our faces at any picket lines.

If I had the money, I'd totally travel to LA for this ME strike day. Maybe someone could make a 'Cleveland fans for the writers!' sign for us so we could be there in spirit? Although make it wittier.

Maybe I'll mail you guys a sign. :)

Keep us updated - this is great!

p.s. Eric Kripke's fans are very much like your fans. I'll try and direct some of them your way. :)
Ok, sorry to add to the confusion, b!x. That is why I didn't post the details here, just in case they weren't final.

Thanks to you and everyone else at Fans4Writers who are trying to figure it all out.
Ok, sorry to add to the confusion, b!x.

No, it's fine. It's just all very convoluted, and somewhat more than I think it needed to be.

We're talking to various people as I type this, so, one way or the other, we'll have something to report.
Consider me good for a few, sharpened with tips deliberately broken. Good one, NYPinTA. I like it.
I hope whoever goes takes lots of vids and photos for the rest of us! I'll be with you all in spirit. I'll even make my own little placard, stick it on my car and drive around my town with it (although I'm not legally 'allowed' to drive at the moment...eeek...too much speeding for nixy).

Also...nice linkage gossi!
FYI, FWIW, Strike blog Walking The Line is reporting a rumor that Apple Computer may pull all of its TV ads for the duration of the strike. Writers (and actors, and ???) currently don't get any cut of the proceeds from tv shows and movies purchased on the iTunes Music Store.
Having acquired a painful pencil-lead tattoo in 7th grade (damn that green-eyed boy-crush I was paying attention to, instead of watching where I was going! Ah, young love...) I also advise caution around the pointy little beasts. It's been over thirty years now, with no sign an eraser is coming along to finish the job. ;)

As another NC'er, I definitely wouldn't mind sending in a few of the above- mentioned, or whatever the WGA and ya'll come up with, since flying to sunny Cali is off the menu. I'm visualizing throngs of writers, fans and other sympathetic parties descending on LA and environs tomorrow, and I hope, Joss, that if you're among them, you have the good sense to stay bundled up (but not so much that you get too overheated). And afterwards go home to bed and do some of the supplementy advice ideas upthread, because they do help. You do have a humidifier, too, don't you? And a neti pot? (Surely you have a neti pot ... that you are not using for a coffee creamer on the breakfast table, because incidentally you should be avoiding dairy products to reduce the, um, phlegm factor. Not that we don't still love you, phlegm and all.) Also that thing called sleep is not to be underestimated; it's a potent weapon of your choice in the get-well arsenal (I like a ray gun, myself... zzzzzzZZZZZZZZAP!).

Go you, everyone who's attending the rally tomorrow! I'll be checking the skies evening news to see if it attracts any mainstream attention. And bring on the secret plan!
FYI, FWIW, Strike blog Walking The Line is reporting a rumor that Apple Computer may pull all of its TV ads for the duration of the strike. Writers (and actors, and ???) currently don't get any cut of the proceeds from tv shows and movies purchased on the iTunes Music Store.

That would be a nice step in the right direction, and would be awesome coming from any other company. But if Apple really wanted to support the strike, wouldn't it be better for them to completely close down the iTunes TV/movie store until the studios agree to pay the writers for the content that Apple is helping them sell?

While we're at it, shouldn't we add Apple and Amazon to the list of companies we should be writing letters to, to get them to support the strike, since they're two of the biggest commercial digital download sites? reporting a rumor...

I heard a rumor that my head is populated by crapmonkeys who like etching the letters "WTF" all across my blood-brain barrier.
I just like thinking some thoughts which make me feel good, which I can compartmentalize from actu-reality. I think it might be why I can get so much out of genre fantasy, and the occasional rumor and speculation. But yeah, totB, nothing beats good news when it happens.
I don't know if Apple could contractually legally cease operations (though they did forego carrying the NBC/Universal fall season, despite the contract expiration not until next month.) But donating their 1/3 share to the WGA fund would be a generous gesture.

If only.
Thanks, Gossi, for the link. I new it - fighting against those writers who are responsible for some of the most funny and cynical shows on TV is no piece of cake.

In fact - this is their pool of strength, their asset. I mean, hello? They can swamp the internet and youtube with clips that put their message out AND are nothing short of hilarious!

Fill the wholes, like someone said, that the missing shows leave.

Next thing is that the MME (Media Moguls of Evil) have to worry about people returning to TV at all. :)

[edited to correct spelling.]

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Gill said:
“So, your fans. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?” So it takes a strike for people to notice how much your peeps loves ya Jossir? Gosh they must be slow.

Which is why BtVS Season One was only 12 episodes long. LOL

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