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November 15 2007

Greg Edmonson sends along more new music from "Uncharted"! He adds more tracks due to popular demand.

...I got an email asking me to repost the 2 themes that I sent out last week, as they had run out of downloads. I guess that there seems to be a limit--oh well. Anyway I am reposting the original 2 and adding three more cues as well.

Most of the music for this project was big and ethnic, but really it makes more sense (I think, anyway) to post more melodic--thematic material. Who knows. But anyway thanks for your interest and I hope that you enjoy the music, it was quite fun to do!

Please pass this on to anyone who might want to check it out.

2 Themes (original post of 2 themes):

3 New Cues (including Uncharted Main Title)

BTW--I do believe that Sony will release the soundtrack but as an itunes download.


Greg Edmonson

Thx to Greg! I'll use some of them in my Serenity game. :)
(I posted this over on the O.B. this morning, but decided to copy here when Julesong updated the link)

So glad to see that Greg has released an additional 3 tracks! Here's my two cent review of the cuts so far:

01 Nate's Theme

Starts with some very Firefly-esque heavy percussion. This track has a very 'open ocean' feel to it... very majestic with the horns and the soaring themes. (Mental image: overhead helicopter shot of a tall ship at sea as it sails off to adventures unknown)

12 Sanctuary

Very Reaver-like bell percussion and slow, creepy jungle-like suspense which builds to an almost Rance Burgess/"Heart of Gold" type pursuit track. (Mental image: an episode of LOST for the first half, but also Nathan's horseback chase scene in H.O.G. for the latter half)

14 A Bitter End

Another one that slightly reminds you of a funeral dirge. Mournful violin meets Columbian rainforest. (Mental image: Alone in the Andes)

17 Drake's Eulogy

Lots of lush stringed instruments, almost reminiscent of "The Message", but with a definite 'under canopy' jungle type feeling. This track makes me feel as if I'm sitting in a darkened theater while listening to it- it's definitely loaded with emotional content that makes you think "motion picture soundtrack." (Mental image: Willem Dafoe/Elias death scene in "Platoon") (This is my favorite track so far... )

20 Uncharted Theme

Big sound- big horns. Another formal theme that could easily hold it's own in a motion picture soundtrack. Another one with "open ocean" feel. (Mental image: Finding Atlantis (or El Dorado in this case!)

Thanks again to Greg for sharing these with the Firefly fans, and big props to Sony for allowing him to do so!
You can hear all the Uncharted tracks on Imeem (registration required) and user Twilight Rhapsody has very kindly already created a playlist:

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