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"And your hair. What color do they call that, radioactive?"
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May 26 2003

How BTVS crazy are you? The Buffy purity test. A bit of sillyness of a Monday morning.

81.0% btvs pure, me.

Um, is it good or bad that I am only 42% pure, coinciding with my favorite number? God, I'm obsessed.
See, the thing I hate about these quizzes is that most of the things that are on them are things no one actually does. Like not taking out a cross and stake in case you run into Spike or Dru, or dressing as an eskimo in case you run into Oz's band. So then you get the result and you're like, "How can this possibly be?"
its more fun to read than to actually take the test. I got 62 percent pure... which means I'm less of a fanatic than you are MegL42. Apparently. Grr...

The more BTVS CORRUPT you are, the more fanatically devoted you are to Buffy.

I want to be more corrupted...
Yeah, actually... we should make a test that's a little more accurate in how people obsess... ::note to self, make one of those::

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