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"I wanted to do a show about people who are not 'super,' just working-class people, the people history steps on. (Joss on Firefly)"
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November 15 2007

New 'Browncoat' t-shirt from ThinkGeek: "Consider this your official warning: the Alliance will definitely be able to identify you in this one".

100% cotton brown shirt with "Browncoat" printed on the front with "I aim to misbehave" and the word Serenity on the back. Sizes S-XXL priced $16.99 - $18.49

That's actually the same one that Hot Topic sold a while back. I've got one hanging in my closet. Love that shirt. *nods*
Yeah, definitely not new. This is the first 'Verse shirt I ever bought. About 3 years ago. Now I own about 15 different ones. And still adding to my collection.
Ha, I've got this one too. My favorite shirt, though, is still the one with the Buddha on it.
Shiny. I look forward to introducing it to my torso.
I've had mine for over a year. Hot topic sold those a long time ago. Unfortunately they were $19.99. A Browncoat friend of mine got it for me because Hot Topic wasn't selling them where I was. Was awesome.
I, too, have had this shirt for a little over a year now. It was one of my favourite shirts to wear during shifts when I used to work at a music store... met plenty of fellow Browncoats that way!
Jam2: ya' beat me to it! I just ordered my master shirt....
Yay! Thanks so much for posting this. I got one of these shirts at Comic-Con this year, and it was STOLEN out of my luggage on my flight back home! Finally, I can replace it.
Yeah, I've had this shirt for forever.
It's a little frustrating to want to order a $6.99 shirt and be told that the shipping is $6.84. Geez, it's not like I'm in the middle of nowhere!
I somehow lost this shirt (and my Serenity baseball cap) when I moved earlier this year...I mean, it's gotta be somewhere in the house, but whatever. You get me.

So I've gotta grab this...

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Anyone know of a place that has all of them listed to buy? I see variations everywhere, but I've yet to see a place where I can get a lot of them.

On a side note, there's a 'Dexter' shirt on glarkware. It's a limited edition, and it says 'Ask me about Harry's code' - if you want, you can pre-order until the end of November.
I've seen this shirt on stylin' tees. (with a 2 for $30 deal) However, thinkgeek has better discounts, (with a quick google search, you can get $10 off of cheap purchases, making shipping free and still save a few), a reward program (to get more free shirts), and better shipping rates.

Stylin' has expensive shipping, no discounts, and no reward program. But, they do have a lot of firefly/Serenity shirts.

I'm thinking I might order the shirt off of Think Geek. (although I have been planning on making a few orders there soon anyway.)
Actually, I think I might have noticed a difference. The TG one looks like a much lighter brown than the ST one.

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