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November 15 2007

Sarah Michelle Gellar on playing Buffy again. Not a definitive answer, but better than nothing.

I really can't see a movie being made anymore though, Joss has already talked about Season Eight going on for around 50 issues, and there being a Season Nine to follow, so that's at least 75 comics of storyline, the film would have to fit into the chronology, and allow new audiences to view it without being really confused (not to mention the actors).

I don't know, I don't want to say that I don't think it will happen, I think think it is very unlikely.
So...she's pretty much saying what she's always said :)

I do have to agree with her, though. You DO have a mourning period for a show you care about and then you heal and move on. I'd be just as nervous to see it being brought back and I really would not want it to be brought back at the expense of the wonderful ending we already had. Personally, I've never thought it was worth it.
the film would have to fit into the chronology

Doesn't have to. Joss could take the Angel: After The Fall approach and say the comic books are canon if you want them to be.

More than likely in 10/15 years time we'll get some sort of big screen Buffy remake with brand new faces for the Buffyverse. Will Ferrell is Giles, Dakota Fanning is Buffy. That sort of thing.
She does at least seem open to the idea. A few years ago it seemed as if she'd rather never work again than play Buffy again. Who knows, if she's open to it, maybe Joss would be open to scrapping season 9 for a movie.

I doubt a new Buffy movie will ever be made though. But one can wish.
I love Sarah, and I get her wanting to go back to the role, but the Buffy movie being a movie wasn't the reason it sucked. Pretty sure it was because it was *bad* movie.
Am I the only person who liked the Kristy Swanson Buffy movie? Paul Ruebens was hilarious!

Sure, it's not as good as the Buffy Joss had total control over, but I still enjoyed it.
I would love a Buffy movie, simply because I love SMG as Buffy and am a greedy greedy fan. With that said I totally get where she's coming from and sadly, have to agree. Pains me to say that because, damn, I miss Buffy on my screen.
Paul Ruebens was one of the best things about that movie. ;)

The original film is actually pretty funny if you relate it in no way to the TV show, or Joss's vision for the story.
I would love a Buffy movie, but a mini series of a few episodes in 2010 would be a nice way to keep it similar, a movie would make people expect too much.But a movie would only work if you had all of the original cast including ghost Anya, and there wouldn't be enough time in two hours to satisfy all the fans.
Am I the only person who liked the Kristy Swanson Buffy movie? Paul Ruebens was hilarious!

You are not alone! I saw it when it was released and loved it for the campiness. Had no idea about Joss or his vision for Buffy way back then. When I watch it now, it's purely for the cheesy :)
Simon, I'm not quite sure what I'd do if there were a Will Ferrell/Dakota Fanning Buffy movie. On the one hand, Buffy. On the Other Hand, I'm awash in confusion and conflicting emotions.
The problem with the original Buffy movie is that Joss had no creative control and the ones who did made it campy and changed stuff.If you read Joss's script for the movie,it's very much like the show in tone unlike what ended up as the movie.That is one of the things that made the film not work.

If a film happens,Joss would have the control this time.

A while back Joss said in an interview that if he did a movie it would be set pretty much after the canon comics anyway.

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A film based on Buffy at 40 years old, or even 50?
SMG was 20 in Season One, I think, so she would be 44 and 54 in either of these, and no problem with the comics time-line.
Now there's something to look forward to!
Yes, as the people age...I mean, seriously, the Buffyverse is a fictional universe, so a MOTW could ahve a compeltely different premise from either of the shows. Maybe a couple of the old regulars as guest stars or ghost stars.
I want a Buffy movie. I have no doubt Joss could write one that would be fantastic and fit with the comics (without mandating that you have read them), but I have doubts that it would ever get off the ground do to studio backing and the cast all being available.

Sarah's always been canny about it, and I think that's understandable. If she says "Sure! I'll do a Buffy movie! Just show me the script!" then it sort of commits her to it in the public eye, and could weaken her bargaining posture when it comes time to negotiate her price for it. If she says "No! I'll never do that!" then everybody thinks she's not interested, and it would make her seem weak should they make it worth her while.

The "maybe. I'll never say 'no.'" tact she's always taken keeps her open but uncommitted.
I think it's canny in the sense of "I don't really want to do it but I also don't want to alienate a large part of my fanbase" personally, maybe that's unduly cynical (note, I don't blame her in any way for that approach, in fact, I think it's quite kind - she could go down the Shatner "Get a life!" route but chooses not to).

She's probably not wanting to burn any bridges either though, lassie's a pro, she knows the score.

Other than that, "keep moving folks, nothing to see here" ;).
Funnily enough the Buffy movie was on a BBC channel last night. I watched the first hour before giving up on it. It's cheesy and silly and just about OK except that every so often there's a line that's pure Joss and you suddenly realise what it could have been and just what "they" did to it. Then it hurts.

OTOH, if it had worked as Joss wanted we'd probably never have had seven wonderful seasons on TV.
I have no doubt that if a Buffy movie was what Joss wanted to do, he would do it well. But I agree with SMG -- Buffy's story is a long, twisting exploration. A snapshot of that in movie form might be fun, but ultimately, probably not satisfying.
Well, I always thought a mini-series would be a better way to bring back our Slayer, as long as we use some material from the comic book. Also, you can feature a few Slayers and not include Buffy at all...yet. That could come later. There are many ways to fulfill our wish of seeing Buffy again on TV. Maybe someday we'll get our chance, but it should also open the door to a "next generation" type of story.
She's always said this; no clue why they keep asking her about it.

Also, my love of the Buffy movie was what got me to watch the show.
"but it should also open the door to a "next generation" type of story."

Like as in Fray?
I thought she sounded more open to the idea than she used to be, and I would like to think that at some point it might happen. But I can be patient, I want the Serenity sequel much more than I want a Buffy movie (particularly since I think the Season 8 comics are really good).

I have to say that although I really didn't like the Kristy Swanson movie, and it kept me from watching the TV show for a long time, nevertheless Paul Ruebens was a riot. From one interviews I read it sounded like Paul Ruebens was one of the few people who actually read/understood Joss' script, and had even discussed it w/Joss once when he was on set. Of course I've always been a BIG Paul Ruebens fans!
Uh huh. Here she is in 2004. Kinda familiar n'est pas ? ;)
well, Out of Objects, it would be between now and Fray's era, but put Buffy in there, too. So, I'm saying ten years later. You'd start with Faith....natch!
As for the original Buffy movie, which I have on DVD, just remember if the movie followed the original script, immortalized in the "Origin" Series, things would be much different. Also, it's true Paul Reubens was great, and we're appreciating him today as he's doing similar bits on Jimmy Kimmel and Letterman.
I want a Buffyverse movie, with the main cast of Buffy and Angel fighting an apocalypse to beat all previous apocalyses. It would be epic, involve time-travel (Fray would make an appearance), and the Shanshu Prophecy would play a role in it. And then everyone we love will die. Except Buffy, because she's been there, done that.

I also want a Tales of the Slayers mini-series. And a live-action Fray movie. And a Ripper movie. And maybe a movie about Oz traveling through Europe and India. I admit it. I still want more.

But I'll be fine if we just get Buffy comics and more than a half-season of Dollhouse.
Saje, way familiar, nearly to the letter. I say good on her for continuing to be open to the possibility but not without reservations; she's definitely a pro by not flatly rejecting the idea (should any producers/studio heads be interested in such a project) and not leading anybody on, fans included. She should be allowed to live her life, grow, expand, move on and continue to build a diverse career for herself.
I'm agree with her about opening the buffyverse again, when it had a great ending. It scares me too (sometimes, Season 8 scares me).

I would prefer sometjing new... a Fray movie, or a Faith / Ripper / Illyria movie.
Back in 2001, when FX started showing Buffy, they made the grievous error of showing the '92 flick right before "Welcome to the Hellmouth." I'd never seen Buffy and was mucho interested...until them movie almost killed all of my interest. It almost made me never watch the series. I would've been a completely different person!


A Buffy movie's a nice idea, and as much as I want anything I can get from that universe, I'm resigned to the fact that it's not going to happen and I'm okay with it. I'm more than pleased with S8 and presumably will also be the same with the eventual S9.

As someone else said, I'd rather a Serenity sequel...
gorramit wrote:
"She should be allowed to live her life, grow, expand, move on and continue to build a diverse career for herself"
Amen to that! After seven glorious seasons, she owes us nothing, whereas we owe her.......
"Buffy was a movie and it didn't work because her story was longer than that"

Nope. Buffy the movie didn't work out because they (who will not be named) put aside what Joss wanted and went on with the script on their free misguided whims.

I wouldn't mind seeing a movie or a mini-series set in the future. It won't be a big problem for Joss to stay true to the comic-canon (all he has to do is not have anything that negates it) and create a story in that mysterious way of his that encompasses the series, the comics, and create an original storyline that would please those who have only seen the T.V. series (Buffy/Angel-fans are known to be smart and can fill up a whole storyline on a mere reference placed delectably within the new storyline) It would carry on that amazing story that we fans (viewers and readers) cannot seem to get enough of!

I could so see the movie's opening scene with the gang (original living and undead cast and a couple of new fresh faces) amid a big apocalypse fight. With Buffy asking at the end of it, "How many end-of-the-worlds does this make?" And Xander replying, "32 but we're still on the fence about Willow's second one because it was in another dimension."

Anything Joss is nice enough to give us, I would be more than happy to take in and create a new shrine of obsession for.
There is probably a better chance of an Angel movie than a Buffy one. I would imagine any sort of a Buffy movie would be pretty hard for people that didn't watch the show to follow. Not to mention that I think it what be easier to get the Angel cast to do the movie than the cast of Buffy (mostly because of SMG). An Angel movie could just pick up where the series left off. The comic mini series is supposedly going to have LA being sucked into hell or something like that and if the movie pretty much followed the same lines that the comic is supposed to it should be pretty easy for people that didn't watch the show to know what is going on.

Personally, I'd rather have pretty much anything with Buffy or Angel whether it be a TV movie or big screen movie than a Serenity sequel.
I think if there was a ever a Buffy movie that it would be the end. The true end of all of their stories. Hopefully a happy one! But I would die of happiness if one was made.

I actually loved the original Buffy movie as a kid(I had the soundtrack and everything! C&C Music Factory!) and that is what made me watch Buffy when it first came on.
I love the movie. But I don't really connect it to what Buffy became. Its just fun.
It's true that there had to be a period of mourning for Buffy and Angel, but heck, I never expected it to last this long! I mean, I'm still pining after how many years....?
There would be a three good reason to have a Buffy movie....
1. Seeing her in a happy relationship... but that would be dull.. Who wants happy relationships?

2. To see her actually die...
Hold on.. I know that sounds morbid.
But it only seems fair to have her actually rest in peace.

3. Am I high.. or isn't there in Fray a reference to a battle in the 21st century where all demons are banished by a Slayer and her friends?
Wouldn't that be the movie we all want to see?

OR ... let's admit it.. we all want an R rated BTVS movie!
with naughties! or at least Willow cursing!
So, if by some miracle they do manage to ink a deal for a movie, and we gets us our Buffy back, would her name be Sarah Michelle Prinze in the titles? :)
I agree that Sarah is being very smart by choosing her words very carefully.

I for one would love to see it happen! And a Serenity sequel! Since when did we have to choose? Bring it all on!

One of these days it will happen. Maybe SMG (or SMP) won't be involved, maybe she will...I'd of course love to see her, but I know she has to be the one to make that choice.
I don't know how many ways to say "please take our money!" Take dinero, por favor? I would go see any Buffy movie eleventy billion times.

You can't tell me there's no story there. Comics prove it. If we could just get one movie with the original cast before they all get too old, that would be golden. I think everyone would be glad that they did. I mean there's bound to be another movie eventually, I'll be having nightmares about Dakota Fanning as Buffy. Why not just do it now?


Those spoiled x-filers don't know how good they have it.
While of course I would love any Buffy/Angel related movie, I'd prefer a cameo from SMG in a movie focused on another character rather than the focus be on Buffy. There are so many characters in the Universe that need exploring.
The one character who i most want to see on screen again is Illyria. Amy Acker was so good and the character had so much potential.
I would love a new Buffy movie but think that a limited series is the way to go. With all the changes being made to how media is delivered, i.e. digital, I think limited series will be more the norm in a few years.
Oddly enough - Buffy The Movie has just started on BBC3 as we speak!
I think Old Lady Buffy would be awesome!
Totally. Anybody read "The Final Solution" by Michael Chabon ? Though he's never named in it, it's about Sherlock Holmes' last bow (no, his really really last one ;) and since he's so very old (the title should give a hint as to when it's set) he's basically losing it, his memory's going, he's physically frail. BUT losing it, absent-minded, frail, he's still frikkin' Sherlock Holmes, yo - who he was can still be who he is, there's still a vital spark that can catch aflame when the world needs it to, one last time.

(there's all kinds of other stuff about the end of an era, of all our innocence, about a world moving on and those left behind, all packed into a very thin package - good book)

I'd love to see a Buffy film along those lines, made with the real cast, when they're all actually old. The meta-textual poignancy, the coolness of seeing Buffy aged but unbowed, I reckon it'd rock. And yep, I do realise i'm talking about "Dark Buffy Returns" again, or maybe "Rocky Buffboa" ;).
Rocky Buffboa? Imagine the montages!

A coupla months ago, I would have been right up there with you all in loudly demanding and defending a Buffy movie.
But what made 'Buffy' so great, as a series, was the slow unveiling of themes, and the character and plot arcs over 7 seasons. You just can't do that in a 2 hour time frame. (I mean, Serenity was fabulous, but it STILL left us wanting more!)

At least with comics, we have unlimited FX and no financial constraints. I'd still never say no to a movie, but I'll take what we're getting and be grateful for it.

Plus, WILL FERRELL as Giles? I'd poke out my eyes with a stick before I'd watch that!
missb, I know what you mean, but the slow unfoldingness that we so love would have to be sacrificed for the NOW of the story. I'm with Saje (big surprise there), in that I want to see them age. Still fighting the even gooder (!) fight - still committed, still alive.

Battle-scarred, aged Scoobies works for me on every level.

Someday... someday.

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