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November 16 2007

Serenity Entry for Unshelved's Second Pimp My Bookcart Contest. Check out this Serenity-themed Book Cart entered in Unshelved's contest. Other entries can be checked out here.

Completely frivolous, yes, but I thought it was worth a chuckle.

That's a cute idea in theory, but I dunno, it lost something in the execution.
Cute but was definitely out its depth in the contest.
C'mon, he/she did the passable and that makes him/her mighty. And I love the skeletons.
Yeaaaaah, something got left out in the execution. The word that came to mind was "mish mash." I think if it was JUST the shrine, or JUST the homage to flying through reaver territory, it'd be cooler. But this is a mish mash.

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