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November 15 2007

Tim Minear will be on Geekerati this Friday. Tim will be interviewed in this special podcast about the fan support of the WGA strike. And the interview is now online.

And they should have a ton to talk about after all the hijinks tomorrow! I don't know if I'll be able to listen here at work, but the fact I can make it to the site itself makes me optimistic.

Maybe by that time the showrunners will have a better idea on how they want to do that sekrit thing they're planning on doing and will let Tim spill the beans. :)
While we're on the subject, here are the details for the impromptu Fan Day called by the WGA for tomorrow.
WOW, I would love to be there! You guys who go have to give us the low down of what all happened. Could we please have a thread tomorrow to just talk about Fan Day?

Oh, and yay, Tim!!! I'll be sure and listen :)
Hey guys. I linked info about tomorrow's Fan Day effort to the Herald. Hopefully, it'll be read by others in the LA area who did not know about it (or about Fans4Writers itself).

I hope y'all get a good turn-out.

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A more masculine Wonderfalls? I'm so there.

I just wish they could've gone deeper into the discussion on the strike. I think at this stage they're still trying to educate the masses and darn it I'm already edumacated! Although I did enjoy the picture of him driving up to the picket lines in his Mercedes. Silly Tim!
I've added a new link to the subject line so people can listen to it.

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