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November 16 2007

Mutant Enemy day at Fox. If you're wondering when the band gets back together, it'll be on Friday Dec 7th. Should be very cool to see all the former Mutant Enemy staffers together on the picket line.

I'd like to go, but it's just after the Browncoat Cruise, and my vacation time is limited. If there's a way to show my support from Sacramento, I certainly will do that. The ME alumni will make December 7th a date that will live in glory, instead of infamy
Don't you mean "a date that will live in Ben"?

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Hopefully there will be a few Browncoats who took their vacation through the end of the week and can maybe band together on hotel rooms. I just wish I were one of them! Perhaps if we discarded all those useless states between Michigan and California... ;-)
Well, there was about a 1/10 chance I would have flown out for this, but as it happens I can't that weekend, so I'll be participating vicariously. Please lots of pictures, video and reports from those who make it!
Guess what guys? I might actually get to go to this! Road trip, yay!
I, on the other hand, might not.
I definitely can't show up, but maybe I'll make some kind of WGA/ Mutant Enemy Day t-shirt with sharpies and wear it to work in solidarity. Who knows, I might even take a picture or something...

Edit: Or maybe I'll be making this shirt tomorrow since I can't go to impromptu fan day.

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Awesome! Of course I'll have to drive down to San Diego for the cruise now, instead of fly, so I can swing back through LA on the way home. But this sounds like a great time supporting a great cause!
Very cool, might order pizza for them, or some such similar scheme...
I was hoping the strike would be over by then :(
daylight, we're looking at the strike running for between 4-9 months, I think. I'm totally pulling that figure out of my ass, but looking at the reactions from all sides in the spectrum I can't see this getting resolved quickly. And, as somebody much wiser than me said recently, I think the studios want the strike right now.
JCapra - that is a brilliant idea of yours.

***Runs off to firm up a plan.***


For those that cannot make it to the event and want to be there more than in spirit to support them. I have an idea, over the next few weeks, go and create your own picket sign and with a red shirt of support take a photo of yourself like you are picketing. We will add the photos to the picket signs we will use at FOX and just like the Nielson rating we will remind the studio that 1 fan can represent many.

I will be back with more details soon.

Picket sign pdf

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Too bad creating life-sized cardboard cutouts of all of us would be prohibitively expensive. :)
SMACK in the middle of my last week of classes before finals :(

ETA: LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of putting our pics on posters!!! I will be sure to take one wearing my Joss Whedon is My Master Now shirt, holding a sign and send it to you guys :)

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Perhaps if we discarded all those useless states between Michigan and California... ;-)

Wait, are you saying Michigan is useful? Hey, that's not what I meant to say.
I really can't afford to change my flight after the cruise and get up to LA and find a place to stay for a couple of extra days.
so close so close so close. sigh
Awesome. Hopefully, the full three weeks notice means that more people will be able to make it out.

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This is so tempting since I'll be in San Diego for the cruise. I'm off to find out just how much it'll cost to change my ticket, get to LA and then back home.
I remember hearing something about a Train Job to San Diego, maybe there will be one from San Diego as well.
So who's setting up a live feed webcam?
Don't suppose anyone here's from Iowa and wanting to roadtrip it?
alex - ...from the street?

You know what would be fun? A Kerry style fund raiser, for either the WGA or something like the Actors Fund.

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i really wish i could take a day off work to go to this because i'd book the flight in a heartbeat. getting to see all the ME types in one place again AND supporting the WGA would be all kinds of awesome. *sigh* stupid responsibilities.
Despite the fact that its right before finals (and these are my last finals ever as I am graduating Dec. 10th) I booked my flight all the way from Pennsylvania.....should be fun!
I guess it is time to talk to Boss/Dad and see about getting the day off. Or I might just have to call in sick or dead.
Awww! I was hoping it was after finals... damn its the same day as my english final...
OH DRAT! Why did I have to be so responsible and become a wife and mother with so many commitments that there is no way in heck that I can swing flying to California for this!!! (Or the weekend visit to my friend living in the Cayman Islands!!!) DANG, DANG, DOUBLE-DANG!!!! Who volunteers to let me live vicariously through you???? I demand lots of pictures, and who do I e-mail the photo of me, in my red shirt, with a sign to?
Ugh! What I wouldn't give to show up and support the Mutant Enemy crew! They've given me more hours of entertainment than any other group of writers ever. I'm going to be in Nevada after December 16th and had hoped I'd be able to take a day trip to LA for ME day *sigh* oh well. Good luck to the ME crew and hopefully a bunch of fans show up to show support :)
I am totally going to this. If i bring the soundtrack to Newsies do you think we could get a giant musical sequence going? I mean what says solidarity more than a musical number?

Oh and speaking of solidarity, I am willing to house if a road tripper needs it :).

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I may well get to attend this. I have an uncle and a cousin coming into town from Dallas that week - that might coulda been a problem except for the fact that last time he was visiting, my uncle asked me, "Have you heard of this show called Firefly? It is brilliant."

Time to bring the visiting family to the picket line! "And on our left, we have the writers fighting for a living wage..."
"AMPTP, they think we're nothing! Are we nothin?!"
"AMPTP, they think they got us! Do they got us?!"

Heh, sorry.
I am so very much there.
Apparently I made the wrong choice going to school in NY instead of CA. oh well.
Ha. Of course. I live in LA and never go anywhere. Except that week.
*sigh* Yes, SinterKlaas is more important, but not by much....
Rogue Slayer, just blame the Dutch.
I'm going to go! :)

Fans are making plans. You can get to the thread at about Mutant Enemy Day here:

A blank picket sign graphic which you can customize is here:

The Portland area Browncoats are making plans for a road trip and such at this thread:
For those who cannot not make it but would like to know how you can be part of it in more than spirit, go here:

The Vicarious Strike aka for those who cannot make it to ME Day.
I'll be in LA that day (for a course) the joys of IBM backup software or picketing, I know which one I'll pick.

(First time to LA, second time to America, am all excited)
Hmm. Seriously less commenting on this thread than I would have thought.
I just talked with Jonathan Logan, maker of Mal's original Firefly browncoat, to let him know about Mutant Enemy Day on the 7th. :) He was tickled to hear about it and put it on his calendar for possible attendance - if he can't come himself, he hopes to send one of his assistants down in a browncoat to the picket line.

I also let Greg Edmonson know in email about the plans - hopefully he'll be able to come down, too. :)

Yes, B!x, less commenting than I'd thought would occur, too. Hopefully they're all in the Fans4Writers and their local forums making plans for coming to the picket line that day.
Maybe everyone's speechless about Carlton Cuse' douchebaggery.
What did Carlton Cuse do?
Friends, Mutants and Enemies, lend us your feet.
Hmm. Seriously less commenting on this thread than I would have thought.

Perhaps less general fan interest in the strike than previously thought.
He broke ranks and crossed the line.

"we owe it to the fans."

Really? Because I know some fans who feel they owe it to the writers to support them. Too bad a member of the WGA's own negotiating committee, who signed "pencils down" in solidarity with showrunners (like Shawn Ryan who sacrificed his own series finale) can't seem to keep his promises to the writers.

Seriously Carlton, you don't owe me anything. And by crossing the line out of your concern for "the fans," you're saying every showrunner who agreed to pencils down doesn't give a shit about THEIR fans. So please, don't cross any lines on my account, I'm a fan of people with integrity, and you've shown that you have none.
I wish...wish...wish...I could make it down for this. Alas, I am in Ohio, on the other side of the country.

Oh, Carlton. I have to say, I'd hate to be a showrunner right now because they do face an ugly, complicated decision. But I wish he'd chosen differently.
If I could afford the trip from Nashville, I would love to be there for this.
I hope everyone who is able to go will take lots of pics and share with us.
Pretty please? With rainbows and puppies on top?

Or, um, something less weird and more charming sounding.
From reading the various Cuse quotes about crossing the picket lines, I get the impression he's afraid his show will move forward just fine WITHOUT him. Wouldn't look too good for him if the show was of the same quality (or better!) without the showrunner.

I was a casual fan of LOST but now intend to skip it until the strike is over.

Gossi--is a live feed from the street unheard of? I though a laptop with wi-fi could send a live video feed.
The thing is that if it were Buffy moving on without Joss, I'd be scared. But I'd like to think that I'd have more respect for Joss taking a stand. On the other hand, regardless of whether Cuse is around to oversee these episodes, his name is still on them, therefore he's responsible for what happens to them. It is a tough spot to be in.

And, um, to stay on topic...I can probably offer a seat or two for a carpool. My office happens to be down the street from Fox and within walking distance, so I can park in our structure for free. My email is in my profile.

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Simon you wee rascal, put that spoon away ;).

Thread's tripped by human nature I think. The 7th of December is three weeks away, so maybe there's just a feeling of less immediacy to the proceedings ?

Personally I hate all words and the people who use them, especially those that prostitute their dictionaries for money, filthy word-verts, so there's no way i'm going. And I live 6,000 miles away.

Hope you all have a great day though, if it raises awareness and striker morale and maybe has a wee "meet-and-greet" bonus for dedicated fans then it's prefab win I reckon.
I was afraid this would be set for a Friday, I could have gone any other day.... But I'll definitely be working on my sign for the virtual picket line (and I'll wear my bright red "bored now" T-shirt).
I'd love to be there, but distance, previous engagements, and money prevent it. Take lots of pics, everyone! And frequent reports from the scene would be lovely.
I'd really like to be there, but I have the same problems of distance, time, and money as many others. My virtual picketing will have to suffice. But I, too, request pics and reports.
I was afraid this would be set for a Friday, I could have gone any other day...

And given that they don't picket on the weekends, Friday was the only day that was even possible for me. Still not looking particularly likely, tho.
I met Douglas Petrie, Amber Benson, and Adam Busch at the Fan Day picket today at Universal, while dropping off the F4W donation to the food drive, and doing a little picketing. They all said that they plan to attend Mutant Enemy Day. Yay!

edited because the pictures are on the Fans4Writers Flikr now.

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Rogue Slayer, just blame the Dutch.

Oh, I do. I do. You people and your shoes full of candy and Spanish Santas and black men who beat and kidnap you....insane, I tells ya! :~P
Alas, I too am a victim of Browncoat Cruise timing. We get back into Port Thursday, and my flight back to Indiana is that afternoon. Sure wish I could attend. I'd like all those who Do manage to make it there to know that the BC Cruise Attendees support you. Several of us are able to change our plans, and will be there to lend their support. The rest of us? We'll be cheering from the sidelines, and there in Spirit. :)
Speaking of being there in spirit, I have a feeling I've left it too late to learn how to levitate myself on the astral plane from Australia to LA. Where's a witch when you need one?

I will certainly be supporting the ME crowd in my own small ways and wish everyone going all the best.
Hmm. Seriously less commenting on this thread than I would have thought.
theonetruebix | November 16, 22:35 CET

It may just be closet fans like me and my son - who are totally intimidated by the COOLNESS factor of all of you - scrambling over to Fans4writers forum today trying to get information on how to get to L.A. I booked a flight from Arkansas for myself and my 12-yr-old to fly out, lend our support, and get back as soon as possible. Even the quiet and average fans are deeply in support of the writers. Let's keep focused and we hope to see you on the 7th!!!
Way to go, shicks! I'm in the distance, time and money problem myself. Oh, to win a lottery right now - tonight, for instance??? I would so be there, even if it were just for the day. I will try to send a picture. I don't have a red shirt, but I do have a Mutant Enemy shirt - that should count, shouldn't it??
I suspect Lost would function as well without Carlton Cuse. I've not forgotten his continually reinventing the mystical orb in Brisco County, Jr. I've all but given up any interest in his elaboration of what is the island.
And given that they don't picket on the weekends, Friday was the only day that was even possible for me. Still not looking particularly likely, tho.

Ummm, b!X? Couldn't it be possible that you might come down with a sudden case of the "flu" late Wednesday, December 5th or early Thursday, December 6th?? ;)
Yay for shicks! This is something your 12 year old will remember forever (and might even get extra credit in school for, because of the picketing!). And fabulous photos dreamlogic (I had seen some of those, but not of Adam, Amber, and Doug). Oh man, I sure do wish I could go (I mean, I COULD go, skip class and screw up the end of the semester). sigh
Hmm. Seriously less commenting on this thread than I would have thought.
theonetruebix | November 16, 22:35 CET

I personally think it's the depressing feeling of not being able to go. Some of us would just rather hang our heads because we can't be there. (cue Debbie Downer) I'm glad some of you folks can, but there is just no way I can for many reasons. I'm just sick about it too.

But, I'm so happy that this is happening! I think it is just wonderful!!
Yeah, Debbie Downer is visiting my house, too. I have the time and lack of commitments -- but alas, cash runs thin and a roundtrip ticket across country is out of my league, not to mention transportation and room once I'm there.

Anybody wanna sponsor a girl for ME Day? lol.
I'm going. Was thinking of a holiday anyway, planing to visit a friend in New Zealand and the flights go via LAX...
I bet the way Lost polarizes so many viewers (ie, a whole lotta folks who watched that first season now hate it) makes it easier for folks to unfairly bash Carlton Cuse.

That said, I've thought Carlton Cuse had a vague air of toolishness in the past (the vapid Lost special that he interviewed in, various comments during the show's first two seasons), so I was expecting to be even more convinced of that when I read Allyson's two posts. Know what, though ? Doesn't seem all that clear cut, what decision he should've made.

By the sounds of it, post-production work might've continued without him. He wanted to be around to keep mistakes from happening in the editing room maybe ? The showrunners/producers sit in on those editing sessions. I can understand not wanting to see your creative baby butchered or even slightly altered beyond your intentions.

Saying "for the fans", to be fair, also speaks to the integrity of the showrunner. They actually give a shit about their show enough to care to give the viewers a quality product.

I guess we could argue semantics, but Cuse ain't working for the series in any writing capacity far as we know, so it may not be the betrayal it's being made out to be.

Also, the article only spends two paragraphs on the Cuse situation. News media, including what details they want, etc. Deserves the benefit of the doubt until more info comes to light, IMO.

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Ummm, b!X? Couldn't it be possible that you might come down with a sudden case of the "flu" late Wednesday, December 5th or early Thursday, December 6th?? ;)

Yeah really not. My bank account is overdrawn, I can't pay my phone bill, and my shoes have holes in the soles.
I guess we could argue semantics, but Cuse ain't working for the series in any writing capacity far as we know, so it may not be the betrayal it's being made out to be.

1) Showrunners are mostly in agreement that their producing and writing jobs are too close together to be able to do one (producing) without also inadvertantly doing the other (writing), ie. cutting for time is writing, editing is writing, etc

Cuse signed the same "Pencils Down" ad that 100 other showrunners also signed


2) Showrunners told the AMPTP they would go back to work in their producing capacities when they returned to negotiations. Negotiations have not resumed, so Cuse is going against the majority of showrunners under this circumstance as well

Cuse is a writer on "Lost" and the showrunner. It's almost impossible to know what he's doing behind closed doors. He can't be given the benefit of the doubt. No one can be at this time.
Wow you think FOX heard about the Mutants Desending on Dec 7th and thought OH SH@T! We better get back to the table and settle this before these people show up ....


The date they return to the bargaining table is November 26th. I picked up rumors about this starting about two hours ago, and I've just confirmed it from a WGA source. Now the Writers Guild of America has just issued a statement: "Leaders from the WGA and the AMPTP have mutually agreed to resume formal negotiations on November 26. No other details or press statements will be issued." The exact same statement was just issued moments later by the Alliance Of Motion Picture And Television Producers.

Is this the BEST news ever?!

Is this the BEST news ever?!

Can we have Mutant Enemy Day even if they reach a deal? ;)
When I first read upthread about Carlton Cuse, I was fuming, but after reading the article, I'm kinda bummed but not angry. First of all, the "pencils down" pledge he signed on to was about writing duties, not producing duties. It was after that, when the strike got started, that the trend was established for showrunners (led by the likes of Shawn Ryan) to stop producing as well. I was pleasantly surprised.

So yeah, I'm bummed about Cuse producing, but I wouldn't begrudge him that right. Neither is it against the WGA strike rules. (BTW, Tina Fey went back to acting after a day on the picket lines.)

p.s. Yay for talks! Let's hope AMPTP is serious about negotiating.
Great for negotiations, yes! :)

Can we have Mutant Enemy Day even if they reach a deal? ;) --theonetruebix

I certainly hope so. :) In some way, at least. Good thing I hadn't changed my flight back up from San Diego to Seattle yet.

Maybe Joss & Co. will still have some sort of gathering...
Well, them issuing the same statement is certainly new, and promising, but the idea that the bosses have already gotten the news doesn't ring true to me.

If they have, though, we could still have Mutant Enemy Day. In some vacant lot. Punk rock style.

Oh, I don't actually believe this long enough to make a good joke about it.
Thank you, Dreamlogic, for making the Fans4Writers presence felt again!

It's great news that talks are resuming, but I can just about guarantee that the issues are so complex, two weeks won't be enough to reach an agreement. So, we might not need a vacant that point in the strike, Fox might look like a vacant lot itself! (There's your joke, Dreamlogic, although I admit it's not a very good one.)

For the Browncoats cruise people: It sounds to me, and this is just my opinion, that they DID try to accommodate the cruise by scheduling Mutant Enemy Day for the day after it. I hope that many of you can make it! If the cruise is indeed using San Diego as a port of call (which I think is the case), I can definitely tell you that it is easy enough to get from San Diego to Los Angeles in about a 2-3 hour drive or a short bus or train trip. I wonder if the airlines would let you change your return flights by a day, so that you can still leave from San Diego, taking a day trip to LA in between? It's just a thought, maybe it can make it more affordable/possible for some folks.

For people seeking LA accommodations: Unfortunately, Fox is in the middle of a very expensive neighborhood, Century City. Adjacent is the famously expensive Beverly Hills. But it is not far from some more affordable areas, like Culver City, Pico-Robertson, Westwood (where UCLA is), West Hollywood and West LA. I've had the Los Angeles Cold (I could pretend I caught it from Joss or from James Gunn, but, tell the truth, my niece is the culprit), so I couldn't make it to Fan Day today. To make up for not being able to deliver food or picket, I've used my power of Free Phone Calls in LA plus native guide knowledge to get some ideas for you out-of-towners about local hotels.

First, the hotels in walking distance from Fox (and when I say "walking distance," I mean about 1-3 blocks):
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel
2025 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067
$219 plus tax for one-night stay

InterContinental Century Plaza Hotel
2151 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067
800-980-6429 national reservations
1-2 person rate 2 double beds prepaid $261 plus tax
3 adults $291 plus tax
(plus, if I do say so myself, they have a pretty snobby attitude)

Courtyard by Marriott Los Angeles
10320 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
2 double beds $209 plus tax (no discount for AAA on Dec. 6th; they’re almost booked up for that date)

Holiday Inn Express
10330 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
800-972-2576 national reservations
$189 plus tax

A short city bus ride up Santa Monica Boulevard from Century City/Fox (about 4 miles) is the Ramada Inn in West Hollywood (aka "Boys Town," a very gay-friendly neighborhood in our fair city).
Ramada Inn West Hollywood
8585 Santa Monica Boulevard,
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone: 310-652-6400
AAA rate: $150
Regular rate: $170

There are hotels in the Hollywood area that are affordable, but you would definitely need to take at least 2 city buses (original bus plus a transfer) to get to Century City, but that might be an option. I think cabs from Hollywood would be expensive.

Also, there was a question about where the Greyhound depot is in Los Angeles. The "Los Angeles" depot is downtown, far from Fox, but there is a depot in Hollywood at 1715 Cahuenga (between Hollywood Blvd. and Franklin Ave., I believe), that is much closer to Fox, but still a bus-plus-transfer-to-another-bus ride away, or a cab ride. (BTW, our Metro subway goes to Hollywood, and runs from Hollywood to Universal Studios, but doesn't go near Fox.)

Wow, that is good news. Hopefully this isn't just bollocks to get more showrunners to cross in the interim OR deliberately arranged so that the AMPTP can engineer another break-down that's all the writers' fault.

Room, as always, for cautious optimism though. Who knows, if things go well ME day could end up being a celebration ? If walking the line with your favourite writers was gonna be fun, imagine a huge piss-up, the morning after which much regret at inappropriate behaviour takes place ;-).
Indeed it is. I'm cashing in my chips and calling it a night.

Goodnight, all!
I don't want to be a downer, but: both sides going back to talks doesn't mean this is over. They're both looking at things in significantly big ways. It's quite possible they'll meet and it'll trundle on for ages still. Hopefully that doesn't happen, like.
Of course, but it wouldn't end at all without them talking so it's still an important first step, even if it's a baby one. "A journey of a thousand miles ..." and all that.

(if the women are Debbie Downer for saying that sort of thing does that make you Davey Downer gossi ?)
Too bad creating life-sized cardboard cutouts of all of us would be prohibitively expensive. :)

I like that idea. But other than it being expensive, the cut-outs would be fragile. And they'd be damaged in the snow. Oh, wait, I'm in Indy. Lots more snow than in CA. Damnit!
I can't sleep, this topic keeps me awake. So, what shall we do?
Personally, the pessemist in me sees this as a ploy by the AMPTP, to distract the WGA while they work a deal with the DGA which was just announced they had started early negosiations with earlier this week. I can see them going back to the table with the WGA and while at the table, they announce a deal has been made with the DGA putting some pressure on the WGA to make a deal. To me it's a pretty obvious tatic on the AMPTP part or maybe I am just a cynic but this to me is a signal to push harder and spread the word out more than ever before.

For anyone interested, there is an interview podcast at PRI's Fair Game with fans4writers that aired yesterday.

[ edited by RavenU on 2007-11-17 14:29 ]
I'm with you RavenU. I was wondering if it was a way to tamp the energy being funneled into this strike by the union... and by the fans. An entire week that includes Turkey Day (damn tryptophan) and the stress of relatives is distracting enough, top it off with the teaser of talks and a lot of people may truly feel they can relax and not worry about the strike anymore. Then, while momentum is down: BLAMMO! The Alliance attacks! (Haven't figured out what they'll do next, but I'm sure it'll piss me off.)

I got your cynical right here! lol
Duh, I should've caught that. Guess I'm just enjoying the talk a bit. Okay, being serious now. See, serious face.

There's actually a game between these two? Well, that didn't take long. I just lost my serious face, I'm rolling!
Hey Guys!!! Has anyone else seen this? They are totally using Pointy's pencil suggestion....well kind of! I just purchased 5 dozen pencils to help the cause. Read more. I'm hoping Joss will come on here and tell us how it all went down.
Oh Harmalicious: they found a pencil supplier that makes pencils from sustainably harvested wood, which means they don’t deforest, good for them.
I know, isn't that awesome!! OK, has all this been talked about already and I'm just late to the game?
No, I didn't know about it. Thanks for posting that, Harmalicious. Actually, I think it deserves its own thread (here & on fans4writers). They've made it very easy to participate, and truckloads of pencils would be great.
Sending pencils made of sustainably harvested wood, that will likely end up in the hands of kids who need pencils, to make a political statement is all kinds of good. Those folks who came up with this gesture: they must be kind of creative.
I'm bad at posting...always mess something up. JCS - feel free! My kid, is pulling my arm to get off the computer so we can go bye-bye to the grocery store.

This idea sparked here, so I know everyone would feel very proud and honored!

anniem - I'm with you! And it's so easy on the people purchasing the people. You don't need to worry about shipping...they all do it for you. AND you get to put in what TV show you're supporting. I put in Dollhouse :)
I've never posted a story & I've been writing since 4am & am pretty brain dead--so I'll let someone else do it. But I agree with anniem, too. Great campaign.
It is on fans4writers and has been for awhile the idea has been floating around a lot and it was good to see what it has finally morphed into.
I just posted something, but I think it is about to be deleted which is understandable since it doesn't mention Joss. Oh well.
Hey! Talks are gonna resume! Even if it is a nasty plot engineered by the AMPTP, it's something.

(And enough with the Lost bashing. Please. Regardless of Carlton Cuse's "backstabbery," anyone who watched season 3 knows that it ruled.)
(And enough with the Lost bashing...[snip]anyone who watched season 3 knows that it ruled.)

hate to tell you, but that's not at all the case for everyone. i only kept watching because i'm a masochist.

in related news, i do hope these talks lead to a deal. are they AMPTP really that scared of the Jossverse fans descending upon LA to strike with the ME people? ;)
/set personal rant on

This thread is long gone from the front page, but I'm going to put this here for the record, even though I myself can't even go to this.

This day is work. It isn't playtime. It's to go do the work of supporting the writers. This isn't about the chance to plump up your autograph book. It isn't a con.

If every person planning to attend goes into it with that mindset, there won't actually be any picketing going on. Just a mob of fans swarming ME writers and actors for autographs.

Go to carry your sign. Go to walk the line.

Otherwise, stay the Hell at home.

/set personal rant off

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I'm glad you said that, Theonetruebix! Feeling sick with a cold aside, this kind of "con mentality" was a consideration for me in staying home from last Friday's Fan Day. This strike has put many of my friends out of work, and threatens to bring my city's entire economy to a standstill for months. It's serious. We back our writers, 100%, but it's not a party for anyone.
Err, where did that come from theonetruebix, who's saying otherwise ? What "con mentality" ?

Or is it just a random personal rant like those guys that shout at traffic ? ;-)
Something in particular set me off.
I was hoping someone would say it, B!x - thank you!
Oh, and in email from Greg Edmonson today: Thanks for the ME picket line info--I may just have to join you guys on the 7th.
Something in particular set me off.

On this thread ? Missed it. Or did you just rant here because people wouldn't mind when it actually happened elsewhere ?

Now I feel guilty about hoping people have a great day etc. ...
Oh, yay.

Go to carry your sign. Go to walk the line. Otherwise, stay the Hell at home.

Celebrity presence does add a certain kind of ME-ME-ME distraction to other kinds of protests, so I imagine the risk of disruption is even higher for this strike. People who are normally well behaved and serious about the cause will go all crazy just to try to get photos of or speak to a Very Famous Person. Remembering that the day is about helping the writers, and acting accordingly, will be very important.

I hope the strike is over by the designated date as well but count me among those who are skeptical that the studios are really ready to deal, yet.

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On this thread ?

No. But since this is the most recent WHEDONesque thread on ME Day, and so likely still being read by people, I had to have my say here as well as elsewhere.
Well in future could you make it quite clear that you are not referring to posters at this site. And this isn't really the place for posting rants about what happens elsewhere.
On the other hand, B!x is absolutely correct about the con flavour of many of the discussions. We can't help ourselves perhaps. I for instance am amazingly pleased that I might get to see Jossir in person. And Jane and maybe the ultimate Drew... And while I know I am there to picket, and I am very happy that it worked out for me that I could do so, still, I squee every once in a while, with people who will understand. And that rightfully worries people like B!x.

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